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Dental Website Design

There are a lot of website design companies but a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for professionals in every industry. Dental website design is a specialized field dedicated solely to the unique needs of dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons.

An important aspect of every successful dental website design is marketing. Dental marketing focuses on the development of persuasive content that encourages communications between dentist and patient. Our dental website experts also help you generate positive reviews to bolster your reputation marketing, further driving your business’s bottom line.

Our website design professionals also utilize a number of tools that help Google users find your business. By ranking your website at the top of the Google Maps listings, customers living in your vicinity will have no trouble finding you on the internet.

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We also recognize that dental professionals are in a highly competitive field. Our SEO Best Practices ensure that your website continues to rank higher than your competition.

From ensuring your dental website is highly visible, to creating compelling marketing content that drives website traffic to your practice, our approach to website design helps you maintain a successful business.

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Your success starts with an attractive dental website design

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Websites are so common, it’s almost easy to forget that the fundamentals of website design are just as important today as they ever were. While our professional website designers always use their expertise to create attractive layouts, dental websites require a highly specialized approach that focuses on unique design elements.

What design elements are particular to dental professionals? A clean page with colors that convey a sense of good health are vital. It’s also important to include photos that show off people’s smiles and healthy teeth. In other words, the goal is to convey a sense of what you offer as a skilled dental professional.

Other key design elements focus on the way users navigate a website. Your information should be clear, concise, and accessible. Navigation between pages should be simple and draw the user into the site to learn more about you, your business, and the services you offer. As the user navigates your website, it should be easy for them to contact you by filling out a form or calling your dental office.

It’s also important for your website to load quickly. Not only do users expect websites to load seamlessly but the faster a website loads, the more Google boosts the website’s ranking. The speed of your website is built into the very fabric of its design and it’s a skill our website designers know well.

Lastly, your website must be compatible with all platforms, especially smartphones. The vast majority of internet users access the web on their smartphone, so your website must be attractive and easy to use on handheld devices. Consider a situation where someone breaks a tooth and needs to find a dental professional without delay. They aren’t going to wait until they’re at home on their laptop to conduct their search.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and dental website design

Dental professionals are in a highly competitive market, so it’s essential that internet users can find your website with ease. How can you make it easier for patients to find your website instead of the websites of your fiercest competitors?

Consider how the average internet user finds a dentist. Perhaps someone just moved into your area or are no longer satisfied with their current dentist. The vast majority of people will use their smartphones to conduct a search. They may enter, “Dentist near me” or “local dentist” in the search engine toolbar and wait for the result.

The first thing they see is a listing of local dental professionals on Google Maps. Just like you, the vast majority of users will closely examine the first 2 or 3 practices and take a close look at the total number of reviews and the overall star rating. At this point, some users will select a website while others may read some of the Google reviews.

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All of which underscores the importance of ensuring your dental website ranks at the top of the Google Maps listings. Our dental website design experts know how to catapult your site to the top of the listings and keep it there.

First, we create a Google listing for your business. Next, we gather citations 9which are similar to links) that give your website credibility with Google’s algorithms. As your website climbs up the ranking list, we continue to add citations. Meanwhile, we help you gather positive reviews with our proprietary text linking tool because the more reviews you garner, the better it is for your business.

To ensure that the search phrases users type into the toolbar lead people to your site, we incorporate keyword phrases into the written content on your website. Professional writers know how to weave keyword phrases into the fabric of your content in an organic way that Google immediately rewards. If a person types, “Dentist near me” into their smartphone, your business pops up at the top of the list.

By adding inbound and outbound links, we further bolster the integrity of your website’s SEO. These proven techniques not only work, but they also drive your practice and your bottom line. Remember that your website has one purpose – to drive people to your practice. SEO is an essential part of any dental website design and may only be ignored at your peril.

Marketing that drives your dental website design

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Effective SEO drives patients to your website. Your attractive website visually draws them into the page. How do you convert this user into a new patient and get them to contact your dental office?

The answer to this question lies in your dental website marketing. Obviously, the primary goal of your website is to attract new patients to your practice. Effective marketing establishes why your practice is the one that the user should choose.

There are multiple marketing tools our website design experts use to accomplish this goal. First and foremost, it’s vital that website visitors either leave their personal information so that you can contact them or contact you directly by email or phone. Our website designers use calls-to-action for this purpose. Calls-to-action are distributed strategically throughout the website so users can easily take that crucial step.

We can even incorporate an online schedule request calendar on your website, making it even easier for new clients to make an appointment. Visitor feedback can also be incorporated onto the site so patients can express their opinions and concerns privately.

Another valuable dental website design marketing tool are custom videos. You can create videos that are educational in nature, or that feature the unique attributes of your clinic, technology, or procedures. When it comes to marketing, the sky’s the limit.

As mentioned above, Google ratings are a valuable way to help your website rank but they are also an irreplaceable marketing tool that should never be ignored. People seek out reviews because the opinions of other people carry a lot of weight in our psyche. If a large number of patients confirm the exceptional nature of your practice, trust in your ability is immediately built.

If you’ve ever tried to get reviews from patients, then you already know how difficult this can be. Once patients walk away from your office, they go about their daily routine and never make the time to leave a positive review.

To counter this problem, we designed a proprietary tool to help you get reviews from patients. This tool allows you to immediately send a short link to your patient’s smartphone. When they click the link, they are immediately taken to a page where they can leave their Google review. You can send the link while they’re standing in your dental clinic or wait until later in the day. Either way, you will quickly accumulate valuable reviews that significantly aid your marketing goals.

Ongoing website and SEO maintenance that keeps you at the top of the rankings

Dominating your competition doesn’t stop when your dental website design is done and your website goes live. It’s important to provide existing patients with frequent updates and maintain the vitality of your SEO strategy.

We offer all of our dental industry clients multiple monthly service packages designed to help you accomplish your unique business goals.

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Service packages may include:

  • Link Management

    Adding and maintaining inbound and outbound links is an essential part of every effective SEO strategy.

  • Topical blogging

    Keep your customers up-to-date on your latest news while boosting your overall ranking on Google Maps.

  • Content Updates

    It’s a good idea to keep your website fresh and interesting. If you get a new piece of dental equipment, tell your patients about it on your website. This lets them know that you’re always at the forefront of the most modern technological industry advances.

  • Citations

    Maintain your Google Maps dominance by adding citations to your Google listing every month. This process can greatly enhance the range of your local marketing efforts.

  • City Pages

    If you’re expanding your practice into nearby markets, city pages are a great way to market to new clients without the expense of building a new website.

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