Buying Guide: Laptop Cooling Pads



Silver Macbook Pro Beside Black IphoneWhen your laptop has serious things to do, it tends to overheat quickly. Heat buildup can damage your laptop and heat can even cause your laptop to become volatile. This may lead to permanent damage. Using a cooling pad will be a good idea in order to prevent weakened performance.  What should you look for in a cooling pad? Does buying a cooling pad with multiple fans ideal? Follow this guide to get that suitable cooling pad for your laptop.

  • Portability vs. Durability.

Getting a cooling pad depends on your lifestyle. Because this brand is famous, you will probably buy it immediately. No, what is your laptop’s activity? Is it a desktop replacement? If it is a yes, you might want a more durable one. Metal or aluminum cooling pads would be better than the plastic ones. If you are travelling a lot, then, the plastic cooling pad is perfect. Choose a cooling pad that is lightweight and portable. If your laptop is always on-the-go, consider a slim cooling pad that you can easily carry with you.

  • Performance.

You should NOT get the cooling pad with the most fans. The number of fans does not matter. What does matter? The cubic feet per minute (or the CFM) of a cooling pad is a significant component that you should look for. The amount of air a cooling pad can disseminate is calculated in CFM. A cooling pad with a high CFM is better choice to cool your laptop compared to a cooling pad with multiple fans that has a lower CFM. When deciding which cooling pad to get, do not go for the pad with multiple fans. Always choose the one with the higher CFM.

  • Power Source.

Some cooling pads are powered independently and some are powered via USB port. Attaching a USB-powered cooling pad means you are losing a port. Find a cooling pad with an extra USB port so that you do not have to worry about the bargain. Well, there are other cooling pads that have optional adapters for dedicated power, but it would be a hassle for you. It will be another bulky accessory that you need to carry around.

  • Heat Spots.

Every laptop is different. You have to know the areas that heat up quickly and find an adequate cooling pad for it. No matter how expensive your cooling pad is, if it does not address the heat spot, your cooling pad is useless. It is important to get the suitable cooling pad for your laptop and not because it is a popular choice.


Protect your laptop from more potential damage. Other habits you should avoid are: using your laptop in the sun, leaving your laptop in the car, and placing your laptop on your lap. Do not leave your laptop behind especially if you are going to be away for a long period and you will let it sit in a hot car. If it is in direct sunlight, move it. Laptops may shut down and refuse to function if they arrive at a dangerous level of heat.

Five Ways to Cool Your Computer

Woman in Swimming Pool It is time for summer. Is your desktop computer suffering from the rising temperature? I am sure your computer has fans that can remove the hot air. Electronic devices produce heat when they are working, and your computer is no exception. If the temperature gets intolerable, it can deal a lot of serious damage to your computer. Follow these tips to keep your computer cool. Most of the tips are very easy to do, and definitely cost-effective so you do not have to worry about your PC overheating ever again.

  • Clean your computer.

Believe it or not, cleaning actually helps. Simply take care of it. Keep it away from dust and dirt because those two are your number one enemy. Constantly clean your computer  especially the fans. If the fan is dirty, it will not be able to eradicate the heat. Get rid of the dust, dirt, and any other debris that is congesting your vents. It will slow down your fan and when the fan slow, your computer will suffer. Set a time once a week perhaps. Turn off your computer, unplug, open your case, and do some actual cleaning. It will not cost you a penny!

  • Clean your area.

It is not enough to clean your computer. I know you are probably busy and there are all sorts of papers, notes, and clutter surrounding your computer. You need to clean those up and keep them away from your computer’s exhaust ports. Nothing should be near your ports. Your clutter can block the air vents .

  • Move your computer.

Give your computer some space. If it is situated in a place near a wall, it is better to give it some breathing room. Sufficient air flow is important. If you put your computer in an attic, it will be prone to damage than a computer in the living room. It is in a scorching hot environment and in a closed space. There should be some space between your computer and the wall. Please do not put your computer in a place where it will be exposed to the blazing sun. Keep it away from the window too.

  • Do not open your computer.

Some people say that it would be better if you open your computer’s case. No, do not follow that advice. Yes, it may sound logical to do that, but you are endangering your computer more. It is susceptible to more dust and dirt. We all know that is the number one cause why your computer is overheating. Moreover, the computer cases are made to handle situations like increase in temperature. You are not helping your computer when you open the case.

  • Upgrade your computer’s fan.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the most important part of your computer. It is probably the most expensive, too! If you have the money, it might be better if you do consider upgrading your CPU’s fan. If you have more extra money, you can also get a case fan. Most case fans are in the front and back of your computer. These can help in keeping the other components – graphic cards, memory – in your computer cool.

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