A List of FREE Spam Checkers

If you followed the tips I wrote on this post, you will know the different ways to prevent emails from being mistakenly identified as spam. Another way to fight against spam is using spam checkers. Many internet service providers grant a free spam protection to their users as a standard practice. Just make sure to switch it on.

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However, if you are still worried about the fact that your emails will go straight to spam, I will discuss a list of spam checkers you can use to inspect your emails for issues.

  1. Spam Check by Postmark

  • For starters, you can check the spam score of all your email messages. Made by Postmark, this lightweight app is available for free.  Just visit Spam Check by Postmark and scan any incoming or outgoing email messages.
  • So, how does this work? Just go to Postmark’s website to paste a message along with its header and its content. It will automatically give you the spam score of that email. You don’t need to install anything on your computer.
  1. isNOTspam

  • Yes, the name is really isNOTspam, and I assure you that it is NOT spam. If you are on a tight budget, isNOTspam is another free alternative in order to check your emails for any issues.
  • How do you use it? All you need to do is write a test email and send it to the address listed on their website. After that, you will receive an online report if there are any problems. To ensure your emails will not go to spam, isNOTspam do an SPF Check, Sender-ID Check, DomainKeys Check, DKIM Check, and SpamAssassin Check.
  1. SpamScoreChecker

  • Another platform similar to isNOTspam is SpamScoreChecker. This tool check for the email’s SpamAssassin score. Yes, like the first 2 tools, it is still free. Just send your email message to the address provided on the website. If you are interested in availing premium services, check them out right here.
  1. Mail-Tester

  • If you want to “Test the Spammyness of your Emails” as the website suggests, Mail-Tester is an easy to use website that will do that for free. First, you need to send an email and they will do their magic to test the spammyness.
  1. Blacklist Check

  • Spam filters tag legit emails as spam for many reasons, and one reason could be because your IP address is blacklisted. Aside from checking your email service, you should also check your IP address if it’s blacklisted or not.
  • One of the popular websites that verify this info is Blacklist Check. If your mail server has been blacklisted, emails may not be 100% delivered to the intended recipients.  Blacklist Check will check if your IP address is listed in more than 100 DNS based list.
  1. Litmus

  • If you want a paid option, then, Litmus is the answer. Litmus offers a wide variety of products that works well your existing email software. With its set of email optimization, Litmus ensures that emails will not go to spam. It can also identify pressing issues that forbids your emails from being successfully delivered to the primary inbox.

What Can You Do to Avoid Emails Going to Spam?

Spending hours of writing the email is utterly useless if that email will just end up in the spam folder. No one would want their efforts to go to waste. The aim here is to reach the inbox and not the spam. An extremely important email could be on the line here.

It can be disappointing for both the sender and receiver of the email. With that being said, what can we do to avoid emails landing in spam? If you see an email labeled as spam when it’s a legit email, there could be many reasons behind it as what I discussed here. For now, let’s go through the list of things you can do to make sure emails go to the primary inbox.

Scan for legit emails.
  • The first thing you can do is to look through all the contents of the spam folder and start searching for legitimate emails filtered as spam. Then, go ahead and mark these emails as “not spam.”
    • Note: every email service provider may use slightly different words, but you get the point. Click anything that’s equivalent to “not spam,” or “mark as not spam.” The point is that by doing this action, the spam filter will not send future emails to spam. So, make sure to regularly check your spam folder and mark emails as not spam.
Virus scanners may affect sending and receiving.
  • The second tip is that some security programs or antivirus applications may interfere in sending and receiving emails. Turn it off when necessary.
Move important emails.
  • The next tip is to check the desktop version of your email program. I use Gmail on my mobile to respond to emails, but I still make it a point to visit the web interface. I would suggest that you do the same.
  • Not only that, once you are on desktop mode, move important emails to the primary inbox. Emails that need urgent attention may end up going to other tabs such as the social tab or the promotions tab.
  • You may follow these instructions, and you can even tell your subscribers to do the same so that all your emails will surely end up in the main inbox.
    1. Look for emails in the promotions tab. Click and drag them to the primary tab.
    2. Gmail will then notify you if you want to do this for all the future emails from the sender. Choose YES, and all the future emails will surely land on the primary inbox.
Add the sender to your contacts.
  • The 3rd tip is to add the sender to your address book. If the sender is not on your list of email addresses, then, there’s a higher chance that the spam filters will mark it as spam.
  • Moreover, if your email service provider has an additional feature to “whitelist” emails, please use this because it will greatly help in avoiding emails to be mistakenly tagged as spam.
  • You can tell your subscribers to whitelist all your future emails. It can be done in just 1 easy step:
    1. Tell your subscribers to whitelist your emails upon sending your welcome emails.
    2. This way, your subscribers will keep receiving your emails. Also, this establishes that your sender reputation is high enough. Thus, ensuring a greater inbox delivery rate for your emails.

3 Free SEO Plugins

I’m done discussing with the browser extensions. Now, let’s go to the list of free SEO plugins. For this post, I will elaborate on Chrome and WordPress. I will individually discuss its functionality. I know what you are asking next, “Is available for free?” Yes, they are.

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Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Show Title Tag

  • You might this plugin ain’t pivotal. However, this plugin is helpful when you are editing the title tags of your website. We all know that adding the correct title, URL, and meta descriptions are important on-page SEO factors.
  • So, if you want a handy plugin that’s just embedded in your browser, Show Title Tag will help you check the titles faster. It even notifies if the title is too long, and highlight other areas that needs improvement. The remarks are shown at the bottom of the web page. It will display the full title as what you assigned it.
  • It is also a helpful companion when you are research how other websites do their titles. Browse through your opponents’ website and you immediately see how what titles they give their web pages.
  • This is made by Martin Dalgaard, and it’s great for people using Google Chrome.
  1. Yoast SEO

  • Yoast SEO is probably the most downloaded plugin I’ve ever known. With over 5 million downloads, it proves to be the quintessential plugin your website needs.
  • It started out in 2008, and now, it has added to countless popular websites. Why wouldn’t they? Yoast SEO helps websites to earn the top spot in SERPs.
  • The plugin considers both the web visitors and the search engine crawlers. It will help you with your title tags and meta tags. To market your posts better, Yoast SEO will aid in have better page titles and excerpts. It will show you how your post will look in the search engine results page.
  • Your content is also being checked. With Yoast SEO, the blog posts on your website are being evaluated in terms of readability, keyword density, and SEO-friendliness. Furthermore, it notifies you for duplicate pages so you won’t get reprimanded by Google.
  • The basic Yoast SEO is downloadable for free. However the premium version offers a broader scale of features.
  1. SEO Framework

  • SEO Framework offers a wide array of tools. You can avail the bundle and download all of it in one go. However, these are part of their premium services.
  • The basic and free set includes AMP, Incognito, Origin, and Title. The AMP plugin is made to your web pages load quickly. You can intergrate AMP into your WordPress website. If you find annotations confusing and vague, the Incognito plugin can help you. It uses filter to render annotations void.
  • Meanwhile, the Origin plugin is responsible guiding back the visitors to the best page available. After they accessed an attachment page, the plugin will help them take a step back and move to the parent page. Lastly, the Title plugin is similar to the Show Title Tag. It ensures that there is an appropriate tile. The title output is what you configured to be and not a truncated version provided by WordPress.
  • So, that’s the rundown of the free SEO Framework tools.  I hope you this list helpful to your search of light yet impressive plugins.

Noteworthy SEO Web Browsers & Add-ons (Part 2)

I’m back with another list of web browser extensions. The last time, I only got to discuss a few. So, this time around, I am compelled to discuss other helpful tools. Are you ready? Let’s start with a new set of list.

person using laptop on lap

  • SEO Quake

    • Among the entire lists I saw and read, SEO Quake has to be the one staple add-on.  So, I went ahead and researched about its feature. It’s a free Chrome extension, but it also supports other platforms such Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
    • How does it help in terms of SEO? For starters, it analyzes websites, and it can also run an SEO audit. The extension can check for on-page SEO factors like URL, title, and meta description.
    • Other features include link tools, compare URL tools, and keyword density tools. Let’s start with the link tools as it can make a detailed report of a website’s internal and external links. If links are redundant, you will get a warning. You will also know the number of external links.
    • You can customize the data and add parameters if you want. You can even export your report into a .CSV file. Next is the compare URL This is really useful when you are trying to compare different websites. You will the Google index, Bing index, and Alex rank of every website listed. So, in terms of ranking, you would know where you stand against your direct competitors.
    • Lastly, the keyword density tool allows you to see the most used keywords in your website. You will know how many times each keyword is repeated. It even groups the keywords in 2-word phrases, 3-word phrases, and so on.
    • SEOQuake is not here to replace paid apps and tools. However, it gives a pretty good head start. Considfering it is a free tool, SEOQuake can still give a rundown of the essentials such as indexes, backlinks, tags, keywords, and many others. If you want to install it on Chrome, follow this link.
  • MozBar

    • Moz is known to produce premium SEO products. Not all of their products and services are paid. As a matter of fact, if you browse their website, there’s a “Free SEO Tools” section. One of the free tools listed is the MozBar.
    • The MozBar analyzes on-page SEO metrics with MozBar. It’s a little yet powerful tool in examining essential SEO factors without having to install or pay for it. Of course, you get more when you upgrade to premium, but the basic version still will help you in terms of research and analysis.
    • So, if you want to view a web page’s metric, you can instantly do it with MozBar. You can do intensive research basing from your location and compare it to your website’s metrics. Lastly, you can make a report and export your data into a .CSV file. Want to install it? Add it to your Chrome Browser now.
  • Tag Assistant

    • It’s a helpful tool that checks if you have added Google tags on your web pages. You just need to go to any web page and Tag Assistant will let you know the existing tags that are present, and give suggestions if needed.
    • If you use Google Tag Manager, Tag Assistant is the perfect partner. When you site has duplicate tags, the web browser extension will give you a heads up. not configured properly. Ultimately, Tag Assistant is a useful tool that aids in repair and troubleshooting. Tag Assistant is on the Chrome Web Store.

Important SEO Web Browsers & Add-ons (Part 1)

The internet is not only full of keywords tools and other metric tools, but there are also helpful tools in the form of web browser extensions.

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Why do I emphasize these add-ons? It’s because everyone uses web browsers. It’s impossible not to. Thus, having tools that can be added on browsers are really handy and advantageous for us all. Here are list of browser extensions and how it can help us in terms of SEO:

  • Ghost Browser
    • The Ghost Browser is not a browser extension per se, but this is a Chrome-based browser. This means that whatever you have on Chrome – bookmarks and web browser extensions – is compatible to this productivity tool.
    • Why do you need this? It’s because handling multiple social media accounts can be a bit overwhelming. With Ghost Browser, you don’t need to constantly switch browsers. You can login to different accounts in one browser.
    • For example, you all have to maintain the social media accounts of 3 businesses. You don’t need to open multiple browsers to open their respective accounts. You can do it all in just one browser. Open up 3 different Twitter accounts, and you won’t have a problem with Ghost Browser.
    • In less than 2 minutes, you can import your settings Chrome and install Ghost Browser. The free account allows you a maximum of 3 sessions, and 3 workspaces. If you wish to have features like incognito mode, then, you can opt to upgrade.
  • Ghost Proxy Control
    • Along with the Ghost Browser, there’s also a handy browser extension. The Ghost Proxy Control enables to have a unique proxy on each tab, session, and workplace. Like I said, earlier this will help you to open multiple accounts in one 1 browser. No need to shift from one browser to another in order to switch to another account.
    • Just like the browser, Ghost Proxy Control has a free version, and it has a paid version. Know more about the details on how to obtain a full free trial version of Ghost Proxy Control here.
    • Both support Windows and Mac OS. Take advantage of the free version because it will still allow you of having 3 independent sessions or tabs. Juggling with different business accounts won’t be much of a hassle now.
  • Chrome DevTools
    • This is an add-on for Google Chrome. Chrome DevTools is an assortment of tools added to Google Chrome and all Chrome-based browsers. This allows you to edit web pages and investigate website errors instantly.
    • You can test your website, and at the same time, you can analyze browsing problem without having to move to another tool. The Chrome DevTools can access through the hamburger menu on the upper right corner. Then, select more tools. After, choose developer tools. The keyboard shortcut is pressing Ctrl + Shift + I.
    • Once you are in the DevTools interface, you can easily search for a line of code and investigate certain errors. Troubleshooting is made easy because one you click a specific web element, the code will be highlighted.
    • You can even edit the source code right there, and see the changes in real-time. You can immediately see the effects on your live site. Yes, this tool is not the topnotch option. However, like I said earlier, it’s convenient because when you are testing a website, it’s easy to tweak and see the actual results.
    • I suggest you explore the Chrome DevTools to unleash its full potential, and you can start by reading their DevTools for Beginners section.

How to Optimize SEO During the Holidays? (Part 2)

If you have read part 1, you would know that I already discussed the planning part. Now, I will continue discussing the topic, and I will explain in detail 4 things:

  1. Publicity Scheme
  2. The Technical Side
  3. Internal Links
  4. Metric Plan

brown gift box


Now that you have your content plan, go and work with both your paid and social team. You need these so you can be seen by people. Reinforce your content with paid social media like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

It is a good idea if you could put links in your social media postings. That way, many people will be able to learn about your content, and then, they can share your content in their own social media channels. This works well with events, giveaways, promotions, and newsletters as well.


There are many technical errors that happen during the holiday season, and one common problem is that business owners are not prepared to meet the increase of the holiday traffic. To avoid this, long before the holiday, have a very fast and powerful server ready to accommodate the rise of the traffic and to avoid the website to crash.


Let us now pay attention to the mobile phone users. Have a landing page that can load less that 2 seconds. If you do it with 1 second, that’s even better! If your customer does not have a good shopping experience, this will surely affect your holiday sales. So, never neglect this important factor in order to make most of the gift giving season.

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Study tells us that there is about 70% of abandoned carts during the holiday season. So, make sure that you optimize your check out process.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Decrease the checkout pages.
  • Lessen the information to be filled up.
  • Have another option, the guest checkout.
  • Testing the changes.

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Internal linking is an underused scheme that can be used to fortify vital landing pages. So if you have pages that are interconnected, you should make sure that you have an internal link that goes to the main menu.

Make it a habit to look for the chance to benefit from the internal link opportunities. You should also create link in your website coming from the other websites. Bloggers commenting about your products are vital as well. So, make sure you have that in your site. These things could very well get you excellent links to your site, which boosts your web traffic and website functionality.

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To do this, you need to know what changes had a tremendous effect on your website. Set up the metrics so that you can easily differentiate how your site performed during important events especially the Christmas holidays. Know the relevant keywords, and all the website activities that contributed to your booming website. Basically, that’s pretty much it. These 4 crucial additions will give you an idea where you stand.

How to Optimize SEO During the Holidays? (Part 1)

The holiday season means sale, discounts, and other freebies. This is when most people consistently use search engines to find right gifts, right clothes, perfect menus, awesome idea for holiday parties, and a whole lot more.

This is also the time of the year when you have to make your presence felt to your client and would be clients. So, optimize your site and use keywords that will get the people’s attention.

person showing brown gift box

The question is, do you know how to do it? Read on and see if you have a great holiday SEO and marketing approach that will gain more web traffic and sales.


Businesses earn up to 50% of their yearly income during the holiday season. That is the reason why a good planning for the upcoming holiday season is important. The first thing to do is to start an audit. You need to analyze and pinpoint the prospects to build content, or revise the content, that you already have. This process should be done months before the actual event.

How can you rank for Christmas gifts when you did not prepare for a Christmas content? Perhaps, you should have considered a landing page that has Christmas gifts in it or create new content that has to do with Christmas gift intent. So, how do you expect to rank with regards to Christmas gifts when your website offers no relevant keywords?

Creating a calendar having various content ideas that can fulfill numerous intents is one way. Another is to have an FAQ page; it’s a great strategy to answer certain questions early on. For sure, a lot of people are scouting for gift ideas. When you publish content months prior, you get their attention and their money first.

Before zeroing on any pages or products, first try to study your past performances during the holiday season.

Find out:

  • What are the products that had the most response?
  • How did people learned the landing pages of your website?
  • What are the kind of search queries that prompted the traffic to the landing pages?
  • How did this affected your website sales?

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  1. To boost your sales and get more traffic, you need to experiment on paid and organic ads. This is to ensure that your website will surely govern the result pages of the search engines. This will make your brand visible to your customers.
  2. You must include social listening, too. This will give you an idea on what’s popular and what’s making move. Keep up with the latest trends. It can definitely give your brand an advantage.
  3. Don’t leave out Pinterest. Build your own holiday boards that will show your top products for the holiday season, and then, add it to specific web pages.
  4. Another smart move is using your past content because all you have to do is to make it current and include your latest products. Use the list of your past clients, or those who are on your email list, and give these people a heads up. Use this time to reconnect with them, and show them your products way ahead of the holiday season so they have enough time to prepare.

3 Things I Learned About Websites and SEO

With so many articles I read and blog posts I have published, I thought of sharing some important SEO wisdom. I got to learn valuable lessons from many SEO experts.

man holding black smartphone with flat screen monitor in frontFor this blog post, I decided to compile the greatest lessons that I gained throughout the years. Below are my top 3:

  1. Use Metric Tools that Indicate Actual Performance

  • Technology is ever-changing. It’s important to be able to catch up with the rapidly evolving tools. You need to know the latest changes and updates.
  • You should use a tool that will actually help you determining the real value. Do a test if such metric tools demonstrate performance that is significant in the real world.
  • For example, you would only focus specifically on the page load time. This would not suffice. You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
  • Look at Hulu and Netflix. Both are popular streaming website, but why do you think people prefer Netflix more? It’s because Netflix considers the First Meaningful Paint. You see, the lower the First Meaningful Paint score, the quicker the web page displays its main content.
  • The takeaway here is that focus on the real world results. Hulu and Netflix may have reported an identical page load time, but Netflix is the clear winner here because it went beyond studying the page load time alone.

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  1. Don’t Just Focus on Websites.

  • The goal of Google is just to be become the best search engines. It tries to dominate all fields. They have a myriad of web-based services. There’s Gmail for a free email service, Google Calendar for your scheduling needs, Google Maps for direction and navigation, Google Drive for a free 15 GB cloud storage, and Google Translate for a free multilingual translation.
  • That’s just the tip of the iceberg because Google even develops both software and hardware products. The point here is that Google is trying to conquer more than websites. They also try to govern other areas such as businesses, photos, videos, podcasts, and games.
  • These tools do not require websites to function correctly. Moving forward, think about how you can comply with the changes that Google will bring in the future. For sure, they will not only concentrate on websites. So, you should do the same!
  1. Web Visitors Will Leave Your Website They Cannot See What They Want.

  • Often times, we focus on how people will find our website. We forget to organize the website itself. Thus, the website ends up forgotten, and insufficient in many ways.
  • A study revealed that only 18% of businesses allot ample time to improve internal linking and onsite searching. Furthermore, 55% of web visitors will certainly leave the page if they can’t find any relevant information.
  • So, this proves that website should make time to help their users to locate the information they actually need. Make the browsing experience a happy one. Do not let them endure a long and tedious process just to view a single piece of information.
  • If you don’t enhance the internal website search feature, then, expect that the website revenue will also move downwards. Some ways to improve internal search:
    • auto-complete and auto-suggest features.
    • alternative pages and suggestions.
    • information integration.

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Easy SEO Techniques That Promise Great Results (Part 2)

SEO entails long and arduous process. It’s no wonder why people choose to look for easy alternatives. Luckily, there are timesaving methods that people can readily utilize. Link building, for example, are uncomplicated yet produce conclusive results.


Everybody loves winning, and one way to hit the jackpot is to apply efficient techniques that ensure a return of investment. This post will be a continuation of the regarding Easy SEO Techniques. Hopefully, the tips I will share can also deliver the same powerful results to your website.

Enhance the Quality

  • After trimming your overflowing number of articles, next step is to enhance the content basing from the needs of your audience.
  • The good thing is that the content is already there. You don’t need an extensive sweep. All you need to do is improve on the current content instead of starting from absolutely nothing. Here’s what you can do:
  1. edit to enhance readability, to make it far-reaching, and to raise user engagements.
  2. deepen the use of multimedia files such as images, audios videos, and various file formats.
  3. add intensive research, statistical data, and other records.

Here are things to examine when improving content:

Word Count

  • The number of words definitely matter. It’s not a metric that search engines recognize. However, the length is one of the factors the users look into when reading an article.


  • What do top ranking web pages have in common? They all contain important information. The data listed in all-inclusive and complete.
  • This does not mean that the longer it is, the better the content. It’s all about the ability of the published content.
  • It should be helpful to the customers, and something that would aid them in their journey to search for answers. The content should be able to:
    1. clarify and define terms.
    2. answer common questions.
    3. provide a summary of rules.
    4. explain the buying process.
    5. state the tech specs.
    6. present relevant figures and evidences.

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  • How well did you segregate your content? Is it easily readable and scannable by users? Is there a way to measure the readability
    • Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that can give you an idea of your readability score. It indicate whether an article is “Good,” “OK,” or “Needs Improvement.” This is just a free tool you can download anytime.
    • While is a SEMrush paid alternative that tests readability in other platforms. It provides a wider reach. With so many options to choose from, it’s really up to you on what apps and plugins you prefer to use.
  • Just as long as you get to achieve your goal, which is to make your content easy to understand and to read. Then, you are safe. When your published content should have clarity and structure, then, it’s all fine.

Multimedia Files

  • Do you include images in your articles? Videos? Infographic? Audio files?
  • Word aren’t enough. Images and videos can definitely shed some light to confusing topics. User experience greatly improves when there are visual aids that clearly explain how things work.
  • Check if you can further improve existing posts by adding multimedia files.
  • Once you decide to add images, videos, or both, don’t forget to add a watermark so that other people can’t take them without your permission.

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Easy SEO Techniques That Promise Great Results (Part 1)

SEO is not an easy task to be honest. There are a lot of factors to consider. Thus, we are constantly looking for efficient techniques that would make the tasks easier, and something that would ultimately allow us to get our money’s worth.

group of men standing in podium holding flowers

Of course, we would want to apply the tactics that are worth our time and effort. In this blog post, I shall talk about the different SEO techniques that are easy to do yet generate impressive results.


  1. Shorten Content
  • I’m sure we all want the best content for our website. However, in reality, not everything we publish is of good quality. Initially, we write with the best intentions, but it would end up being a junk content.
  • Do not despair because it really happens to everyone. The only solution to this issue is to trim content. Generally, there’s reluctance in removing any form of content. We all say that these posts are harmless, and it doesn’t pose any danger to the website.
  • However, the truth is that average and shabby content can have negative implications to the website’s ranking and incoming traffic.

It’s important to determine what content to eliminate.

  • The process of elimination may seem trivial, but it is really a crucial process. Once you decide to cut back on the content, the next is to decide on what to retain and what to remove.
  • One of the quickest solutions to this is to get apps such as Screaming Frog to help you identify the list of pages that needs to improvements.
  • Since this is a paid tool, you can do this manually by reviewing all your list of web pages. One by one, you need to go through all the URLs of your website. Be sure to not skip a page, and thoroughly asses what is currently a “forgettable” content.
  • Continue to review every piece of content, and evaluate the pages that generate NO web traffic. Once you delete, set up another high-quality web page. If not, you can also opt to leave it to your 404 error page.

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  1. Upgrade the Loading Speed
  • You will get lesser marketing leads and product sales if your website takes a long time to load. Ensure that the web pages are quick to load and contents appear immediately.
  • Aside from that, slow websites also tend to have low rankings. Thus, it is utmost important to prioritize and speed up the page load process.
  • There are still websites that are painfully slow, but luckily, speed is a feature that’s very easy to tweak. Because once you make the necessary improvements, the effects are immediate and all-encompassing.
  • Some quick tips are posted right here. I wrote a blog post about improving page speed.

Allocate more resources on web hosting.

  • The thing about cheap web host is that your website is along a list of thousand other websites. This is the price you have to pay because there isn’t enough space for each website to breathe.
  • The shared servers do not possess the necessary power, and sadly, first thing that gets affected is the website speed.