Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 2)

If you have read Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 1), you will realize that SEO isn’t as difficult as one might think. Of course, if you want to be an SEO expert, it requires a lifetime of studying. Learning never stops because SEO is always evolving.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is quite easy.

Just follow the rules, and you are safe. If you want to know the complete guidelines, Google posted the Webmaster Guidelines right here. As long as you pay close attention to what Google mentioned in the Webmaster Guidelines, your website won’t be penalized for shady practices, or safe from being removed in the Google universe.

Like anything that you do, whether you are training for a sport or SEO, you need to constantly practice it and follow a strict schedule. If you do so, everything seems organized and manageable. It’s easy to know what is effective and what isn’t help you. Here’s 3 MORE things you need to add on your SEO task list:

  1. Write for other websites too.
  • Well, you can’t just write, write, and write for your own blog. You need to expose yourself too! One way of reaching out to other websites and other people is through guest blogging. Want to know the benefits? They are:
    • Gain links for your website,
    • Creates awareness for your brand,
    • Acquire more website traffic and more potential customers,
    • Receive more social media exposure.
  • Doing 1 guest blog per week will help you a lot! In fact, it will expose your website to a wider audience. You just won’t reach your audience, but also another set of demographic. Other than that, you will gain backlinks from all the websites that you written for.

three people laughing together

  1. Interact with digital influencers.
  • Take time to talk and interact with people. Your relationships won’t grow if you constantly talk about work. Lighten up and share your thoughts on social media. Follow people on social media and chat with them. It doesn’t have to about SEO.
  • Say hi and comment how the influencer inspired you, or it could be simply sharing his blog post. As you try to talk with them, they will know you. Thus, your relationships will be better. You will be exposed to a new network of friend. So, don’t be afraid to be the first one to initiate a conversation. Who knows? They will start to follow you and share your posts. Lucky, right?
  1. Do little tweaks on your website.
  • If you notice a broken link, then update the page and provide the correct link. To be honest, little things like updating an old post or fixing a broken link are something your users will appreciate.
  • So, you don’t have to worry about your edits not being obvious. A simple speed boost is already helpful enough!
  • Hence, you always have to find ways to make something new and refreshing. You can write about an old content and giving it a new flare.


Following part 1 and part 2 will give you a rough idea on how SEO should be done. At the end of the day, it is better to keep things simple rather than complicate it. SEO just really requires a lot of your time. You can freely add your own touch just as long as you follow Google. If you forget, you can always brush up on your SEO knowledge by reading the Webmaster Guidelines right here.

Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 1)

For many business owners, they dread the word SEO. It seems to be tantamount to computer jargons, technical aspects of the business, and complicated procedures. SEO would mean confusion and difficulty for most people. However, SEO doesn’t have to be that way!

woman doing a business transaction and swiping her card

Small business owners won’t have to fear SEO!

SEO isn’t as mind-boggling as you think.

Of course, becoming an SEO expert, that requires tremendous effort. However, if you abide by the rules, I don’t think life will be difficult. Just follow Google, and all the Webmaster Guidelines right here. Here’s 3 things you need to add on your SEO task list:

  1. Write, write, and write.
    • Content is an important factor in SEO. As much as possible, you should blog, at least, 2 times a week. I know, you are probably giving me the side eye! Who reads blogs nowadays?
    • Blogging is not mere texts. You can add customized, and you can even attach videos. Now, you can beautify your website all you want, but without the right content, it is nothing. A website should be able to address the users concerns. If you don’t blog, how can you provide solutions and answers to everyday problems?
    • You might ask, why not make blogging an everyday task? At first, it seems pretty easy, but it can be paralyzing. You wouldn’t want to post something shallow or something that’s filled with errors. That’s absolutely a no-no!
    • So, posting twice a week ain’t so bad. That way, you can focus on every blog post you will create. Before you know it, you will have thousands of blog posts that are ready to help, educate, and inform various users.
  1. Check your Google Analytics account.
    • Always find time to check your stats. Don’t just do it each month. Instead, do it on a weekly basis.
    • In Google Analytics, you can monitor performance metrics such as the bounce rates, click-through rates, session time, and many more.
    • If you spend an hour or so, you will learn a lot. What pages got the most clicks? What did not perform as expected? Remember, you can only know these things if you spend time looking through your Google Analytics report. So, allot a particular time to download them, and analyze the given numbers.
  1. Take time to read about SEO.
    • Lastly, know what other are doing. You might get tips and tricks if you spend an hour browsing the web. Every week, take time to read what’s currently happening in the SEO industry. Keep visiting our blog and make it part of your online habit. Bookmark Phoenix Website Design and I will keep you on the loop at all times!

Wrapping up

At any given moment, Google can change the game. It’s important to always be updated on the latest algorithm changes. To know what’s in and what’s not, always read the Google blog, the Google Developers blog, and the Webmasters blog.

Whenever you feel confused, always go back to the basics and read the Webmaster Guidelines right here. Always listen to the SEO rules given by Google. Need more tips? check out Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 2)

Why You Need Your Place on Your Site

When creating a website, many company owner wonder if they ought to add their area or not. Others suggest it others do not. As much as it’s a matter of preference, adding your area on your website in fact brings in numerous benefits.

Your place impacts your rankings, advertisement placements, and more. If you’re questioning why you need to add your location on the website, here’s what you require to understand:

It’s crucial for local ranking

For local companies, adding your area on your site is an additional method to be found by your clients. Remember that most customers will search for local companies closest to them. If your site does not have any hint of its area, you’ll miss a great opportunity to be seen.


Utilizing your place on your organisation website also complements with area-specific keywords. It’s a simple addition that will make a huge distinction in terms of ranking.

It’s a brownie point from search engines

When you supply as much information as possible, search engines love it. It makes indexing simpler, plus it increases the trustworthiness of your business page.


Using your area really makes your site more geo-friendly. You can utilize your postal address or a Google Map widget aside from location-specific keywords on your headers.


Although it’s not one of the leading ranking aspects, a verifiable address enhances your trustworthiness which will trickle down to your rankings.

It adds consumer trust

Your business area provides customers the understanding that you’re really genuine. This will be a lot easier if you put yourself on your potential customers’ shoes.


You’re searching for a particular organisation on Google. With that, you came upon this online store that also has a brick-and-mortar shop.


With this, your area likewise represents consumer trust, much so if you have a physical shop or workplace.

It helps your customers

Another advantage of including your place on your site is it assists customers get more precise search results page. Aside from increasing your organisation’ visibility, you’re likewise giving prospective clients more alternatives.


Likewise, it will help down evaluate the service nearby to their area. This is very much important if you have numerous branches.

It’s perfect for businesses with multiple locations

For companies with more than one place, adding the particular areas of your branches is a huge plus. It will help consumers recognize if you’re servicing their area.


You can’t put individual Google Map widget for each, you can utilize the place to upgrade your business citations, GMB pages, and other service listings.

Last words

Including your company area on your site is more vital than what you believe it is. It’s just basic details that will increase your ranking, customer trust, and searchability.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimizing Your GMB Page

Google My Business (GMB) is an online listing that enables businesses to publish their contact details, posts, evaluations, and more. These pages make it much easier for consumers to look for a specific company and reach out to the company of their option.

As any pages on the internet, Google indexes GMB pages across its online search engine, Google+, and Google Maps. The end-product is the ideal sidebar outcome on SERPs containing business’ complete information.


How can you optimize this to increase your company’ presence? Here’s what you can do:

Claim your GMB short name

After validating your Google Business account, it’s time to declare your GMB short name. It’s a customized name designated to make it much easier for searchers to discover your company. Google actually requires this part so they can easily crawl and rank your pages.


For organisations with multiple areas, you have the option to claim a brief name for each but with the place added on it.

Keep your information up-to-date

To ensure that your GMB has a good standing, ensure that you keep your NAP accurate. NAP means Name, Address, and Phone Number. It ought to also follow all the organisation citations in location for your business.


If your NAP doesn’t represent business citations, your GMB ranking will be jeopardized. The spiders will discover the mismatching information as a warning.

Compose a service description

Google enables you to write up to 750 characters on your GMB page. It’s an essential part of optimization, so ensure that you utilize easy-to-search keywords.


It enables users to understand more about your brand’s story, what you provide, and who you deal with. Bear in mind that Google doesn’t permit any marketing content or links on this portion.

Utilize your best business pictures

About 60% of local consumers state that they choose organisation listings with excellent photos. Everything come down to the fact that people are visual beings. If you can show them your service in the very best way, they’re likely to be converted into customers.


Aside from the common JPEG files, you can likewise utilize 360 images. This is ideal for occasion locations, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Constantly set the best categories

There are countless companies noted on Google. If you don’t categorize yours well, it will be drifting in uncertainty. Always set the right categories and sub-categories that match your company.


According to Moz, these classifications are really strong ranking signals on regional places. Always keep the classifications specific and appropriate to your service.

Produce a Google Q&A

Google’s Q&A portion enables consumers to get instantaneous answers from typical questions. It will allow them to drop a question on this feature and the business owner will send a reaction.

Keep in mind that when utilizing this feature, you’re expected to reply to any client who sends an inquiry. If not, you’re just losing an extremely powerful engagement tool.


When creating questions, always focus on your services, what you offer, how customers can avail it, typical costs, and more. It must always be useful, useful, and concise.

Blogging for a Local Business

A blog? For my local business? Although blogging may sound impractical for small companies, it’s actually more rewarding than what it looks like. If you’re investing in SEO or just wants to capture more leads on your site, blogging is indispensable.

A business blog is like a salt lick on a farm. It’s the salt deposit that the animals love to lick to boost their digestion. In this metaphor, your blog is the salt lick and the farm animals are your leads. You want them to keep coming back. It’s either to digest new information or to acquire your product or service.


Also, blogging imbibes the simple notion of the need to give in order to get. So should you start a blog? Here’s what you need to know.

Why start a business blog

Your blog pages are the perfect place to give tips, discuss problems, and answer the queries of your customers through comprehensive content.


Aside from writing for your customers, blogs also appeal to Google crawlers if written and structured well. If optimized with keywords, blogging will actually help you rank better on search engine results.


When you appear higher on SERPs, you’ll enjoy better visibility, higher conversion, and brand recognition. It’s everything that a business wants.


Also, a good spot in SERPs establishes your credibility among your readers. It’s a big plus point that will trickle down to your revenue big time.

How often should you blog

Most businesses fret too much about publishing lots of articles at a time. Take note that when it comes to blogging, quality matters the same way as quantity does.


Once a month should be fine, but you’ll definitely enjoy more returns if you do it weekly. The key here is to write the blogs well and make sure that you talk to your leads. Also, don’t just write for the search crawlers.


Take note that spending too much time writing blog posts means you’re losing time for your business. If you don’t have the knack for words, you can tap the help of a copywriter to help you out.

What should you write about?

Most businesses that are new to blogging would dive straight to writing salesy articles. As much as this might work, your readers will get tired of it soon. Worse, they will have a negative perception of your website.


It’s best that you also write about useful tips, trends, and other information that your readers can digest without being too salesy. In fact, you can be not too salesy but still convert your readers. This is where a well-structured sales funnel comes in.


You can integrate your blog into your sales funnel to attract leads and increase their conversion rates.


Aim to educate your readers and to show them that you have the expertise on the field you’re operating in. From there, credibility works for you.

Final words

As many SEO experts say, content is king. This is the reason why local businesses should consider blogging. It will help you reach out to your audience and generate more leads.

How Can I Get Clients to Change Their Unfavorable Reviews

Negative reviews are every service’ nightmare. This is why a lot of organisation owners wonder how they can get an irritated client to modify their bad review.


Brands live in a world where their track record lies solely on what their clients’ state. Prospective consumers would only trust a fellow client, no matter how much a business attempts to sell their offers.


Also, it’s a reality that clients would only handle an organisation that has at least four stars. Clients are more likely to continue patronizing an organisation if it gets to fix grievances.


In this note, here’s what you can do: Reach. Remedy. Restore.


This stage occurs when the consumer puts out an unfavorable review and reaches out to you. And as an entrepreneur, the only method to increase the opportunities of the review being edited is to reach back to your client.


Reaching out to the consumer is your method of fixing the problem. The finest method here is proactive outreach. Here’s an excellent example:


You’re offering HR services, but a customer was dissatisfied due to the absence of client support and glitches on the system. He then left a scathing review online.


In this circumstance, the customer would likely alter the review (or at least his or her perception about your organisation) if you tire all suggests to make it up to them.


For big clients, the head of the consumer department ought to reach out through email, text, and call. Make sure that you supply the solution in the most polite method.


Most clients will yield if they get to get what they desire and more. This is where the upgraded evaluation is available in:


” Business X has actually made it up to us by tiring all suggests to reach out and repair the problem. The supervisor increased and beyond to ensure that our system is up and running. They even gave us a restricted offer to make up for the hassle.”


From being a dissatisfied client, you get to bring back the individual into a pleased client.

Secret statistics that you ought to know.


The above-mentioned ideas are general thoughts which might or may not apply to all industries. To help you out, here are some stats about negative evaluations and how it can be brought back:


  • 70% of bad reviews due to rude service can be brought back through second experiences, this time with a caring and polite staff.
  • 64% of bad evaluations get brought back if the manager, manager, or anybody in the position reaches out to them with the remedy.
  • 32% of bad evaluations will be restored if the customer received a replacement product or if the service is re-done totally free of charge.

Last words.

Negative reviews can be challenging, however it’s all part of running a service. The secret here is to be proactive and to use practical treatments that will restore the trust of your client.

How to Get Clients to Review Your Business

Consumer evaluations are a double-edged sword. It can both be an effective tool to improve a company’ earnings and a debilitating element if clients leave unfavorable remarks. With prospective consumers utilizing validated evaluations as the basis for their buying choice, organisations need to tire all methods to acquire the most desirable favorable evaluation.

It might be challenging to motivate a client to examine your company, however you can constantly do the following pointers:

Make it simple for your consumers

Every client desires benefit, particularly if you’re running an online shop. It’s the reason you ought to constantly make submissions of evaluations simple in every element.


In brick-and-mortar shops, you can establish an evaluation kiosk where clients can compose evaluations in personal. For online shops, e-mails will do a great task. Ensure that it connects towards the evaluation page of your website or shop.

Constantly follow up

When it comes to client evaluations is to ask than wait. The majority of clients will forget about evaluating the item or service they bought.


When sending out follow-ups for evaluations, constantly be amusing and pick the ideal timing. If the client raised a problem, resolve it initially prior to requesting an evaluation. By doing this, the evaluation will likely be favorable than unfavorable.


Use surveys

Not all clients will require time to type their ideas about your service. To make it simple for consumers to offer their feedback, you can utilize a study format.


You must keep in mind that online users have a brief attention period. It’s unusual for a user to complete a 20-question study without getting sidetracked.

Provide rewards

Clients like it when they get something totally free. You can really do this by incentivizing the individual when she or he leaves an evaluation. Virtual coins or a discount rate on the next purchase are really appealing.


The concept of acquiring something out of the easy way of composing an evaluation constantly works its magic. Aside from getting evaluations, you’re likewise motivating the user to buy another service or product.

Mobile-first is the secret

Keep in mind: your evaluation page need to constantly be mobile-responsive. If your pages aren’t mobile supported, the user will close and move on with their lives.

Constantly state thank you

Constantly respond to the consumers who left evaluations with individual 2 to 3 sentences. Make it individual so your consumers will feel that you’re linking with them.


Do the very same for unfavorable evaluations. It’s really your method of repairing the problem and restoring their rely on your organisation.


You can set up these replies in the early morning. It’s finest to make it practice so you can likewise monitor your company evaluations.

How to Rank Beyond Your Location

Regional company owner who purchase SEO generally ask this concern: how can I rank beyond my place? It’s one of the most typical concerns we get from customers and services alike who wish to reach a larger audience. It’s typical amongst organisations with several branches or places around the nation or abroad.

Should you make a listing for every place? Should you develop specific sites for every location?

Increase the geo-signals of your site

Geo-tagging videos, images, and other material to particular locations you wish to rank at is an excellent start. This will let Google understand that your site is in some way associated to that place, hence crawling your pages to appear on SERPs on that particular location.


It will assist to include reviews or case research studies on the particular location that you desire to rank on aside from your physical area.


It will likewise be terrific if you can protect evaluations on different websites pointing out the place you wish to rank in.

Use Google+ Local

You need to likewise think about using Google+ Local. It’s an effective method to get your organisation seen on the place where you prepare to rank much better.


On this platform, you can produce a listing utilizing a working telephone number. For several service branches, you ‘d require a special telephone number for each one you prepare to list.

Remember that you must fulfill the Google listing standards for your company to be indexed. When you got this set, anticipate much better exposure on other areas.


Develop location-specific pages

For services with numerous branches or virtual places, developing private pages for each one will in fact assist a lot. Every one need to have a special URL along with a classification arranged per state or location.


Do not forget to include these pages on your sitemap to make certain that it will be indexed properly. Aside from that, pack these pages with geo-related material. You can utilize this on the title tags, page names, description location, outgoing links, and more.

Simply utilize a single domain

As much as we stated that you’re expected to make a private page for each place you wish to rank it, that does not indicate you’re producing a site for each. Standalone domains for each area would just make things puzzling and disordered.


What you require to do is to produce subdomains under your single domain. That method, Google will associate these pages to your primary site. The ranking of your single domain will drip down to the subdomains.

Carry out an extensive SEO audit

If you currently have these pages and tags in location, a detailed SEO audit will assist recognize the powerlessness. This will notify you where you’re doing not have and what locations you require to concentrate on.


From there, you might require to produce a geo-targeted list of keywords to deal with later on. This is to enhance the geo-signals on your pages while keeping it pertinent to your primary domain’s material.

How to Track Your Business’ Local Rankings

With Google’s constant updates on ranking algorithms, it can be challenging for regional organisations to monitor their SERPs’ rank. Recently, the greatest online search engine on earth launched an upgrade making sure that the search results page will be more regional and pertinent to the questions of the searchers. This is another reason regional organisations ought to watch on their rankings.

How would a little and regional service do this? Here are a few of the beneficial tools that you can incorporate on your system:

Nightwatch Rank Tracker

This tool permits you to track your organisation or site ranking in any place you choose. It has extensive functions that accommodate little and big organisations.


Another thing is that Nightwatch Rank Tracker has an extremely inexpensive entry-level strategy. And if you wish to scale up your tracking, you can get the enterprise-level functions for an included cost. No requirement to worry due to the fact that this tool will work well, even on start-ups and micro-businesses.

Pocket Insights

If you desire a basic yet extremely reliable tracking tool, Pocket Insights might be the ideal option. Here, you can track 10 keywords at a time and the tool will produce your ranking on Google. This will send you ranking reports for mobile and desktop on a month-to-month or weekly basis.


The very best thing here is that the tool likewise features numerous metrics. It keeps an eye on the questions utilized to look for your site or organisation page.


For those who are searching for an all-in-one tool, the UpCity will not dissatisfy. It’s loaded with functions like competitors citations, keyword rankings, and more SEO tools that you’ll discover beneficial.


UpCity likewise provides an extensive analysis of your most competitive searches. Regardless if you’re still dealing with your on-page SEO or attempting to rank beyond your physical place, this tool will serve you well.

Rank Trackr.

Rank Trackr is a terrific tool to compare your rankings in between areas. It offers a customized report based upon the geographical location of your option. The reports can be personalized according to the metrics you’ll set.


You’re totally free to pick a place based upon postal code or country-based analysis. It’s a terrific tool to inspect your traffic and comprehend where you’re lagging.

Authority Labs.

Authority Labs permits you to automate your ranking tracking so you can concentrate on more things that matter on your service. You can set weekly, month-to-month, or annual updates about your ranking. Aside from that, you can likewise set keywords, competitors level, and keyword strength that you wish to track.


It’s a hassle-free tool that gets the job done while you sleep.


It’s more pricey than other tools, SerpSuite provides all the things you require to track your rankings. Like Authority Labs, SerpSuite can likewise produce automatic reports for your ranking and SEO projects.


This tool can immediately use your finest keywords so your service can rank much better both in your area and worldwide. If you do not wish to babysit your rankings, this is the best tool for you.

Why Small Businesses Must Think About Email Marketing

Small companies that desire to reach a wider audience as possible will thrive on email marketing. This may sound like a pricey project, however it can be cost-efficient and worth it if done properly. Aside from social media, email is a great method to connect to possible customers.

In truth, companies that avoid email marketing are missing out on an effective lead generator. Here’s why you must consider e-mail marketing for your little business:

Email marketing is affordable

For organisations with hardly any budget plan for advertisements and marketing, e-mail campaigns are the very best choice. It requires really little to no monetary investment. Aside from that, an email marketing campaign is undemanding to maintain.


You can enjoy the exact same marketing exposure without having to spend thousands of dollars on charges and subscriptions.

It builds reliability

Email content sends a strong and credible message to your target leads. This platform lets you share helpful and useful content, aside from your sales pitch and deals.


This is the very same reason brand names use newsletter memberships for their customers. Aside from giving out info, you’re also recording their e-mails for future usage.

It constructs your brand

There’s no doubt that email marketing is a fantastic way to develop your brand name. It lets you come up with your identity and customized content based upon the demographics and searching behavior of your leads.


Aside from other marketing strategies, email is an important tool that even small companies ought to use. It allows your business to be seen.

It reaches leads through their gadgets

In this mobile era, e-mail marketing never fails to keep up. In reality, about 48% of e-mails are opened using mobile phones. Likewise, 64% of decision-makers will read their e-mails using a mobile gadget.


Just remember that optimization should likewise come hand in hand on your e-mails. If not, there’s a 69% possibility that the receiver will erase it.

It drives more traffic to your website

Aside from putting out your product and services out there, email projects permit you to direct traffic to your site. Various combinations will let you link your social networks pages and site link to every e-mail. With this, it opens up to much better connectivity and range for your leads.

It boosts sales conversion

Email is an exceptional method to push your leads into your sales funnel. Once they land on your website, your sales funnel is at work. If structured well, these email-generated leads will actually witness conversion.

You can incorporate e-mail with other tools

Like what’s mentioned above, you can incorporate e-mail with social media, scheduling tools, AI software application, and more. With this, you can launch campaigns and monitor it 24/7 without having to gaze on your screen the whole time.

Your competitors are doing it

You may be amazed, but the majority of your rivals are actually making use of email projects. It’s an attempted and tested method, plus it’s really simple on the pocket.

All you require is a little understanding of the process and how it works. If you can’t manage the project, you can tap the aid of a lead specialist to do it for you.