Guide on How to Password Protect and to Disable Comments on a Post

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Do you want to password protect? We can help you with that. For whatever reason you have – whether you wish to create a exclusive page for your viewers, to post company related links for your new trainees, or to share personal photos of your family to selected friends – this easy guide will surely help you.

If you have your website in WordPress, the first you need to do is to add a new post or page. Make the necessary edit and before you publish it, be sure to check the dashboard on your right. You have there indicated: STATUS, VISIBILITY, PUBLISHED, and so on. Focus on VISIBILITY. The default option is PUBLIC. Click on edit to select a different option. Choose now the PASSWORD PROTECTED option instead of public. Set the password you would like for that post or page on the textbox. Do not forget to click OK to save the changes you have made. Once it is published, any viewer of that post or page will be required to enter the password you designated.

You can change the password if desired. In fact, you can create password protected posts as many as you want. Be sure not over share your password. It defeats its purpose if you give everyone the code. Like any password protected information, constantly change your passwords and make sure it is alphanumeric.


Next is the tutorial to disable or enable comments. Sometimes, comments are annoying and some posts do not need comments especially if the purpose of the post is just to inform. Bots give unwanted comments and most of the time, they leave copies of the same spam comment. You will not have that problem of managing the comments section again, you can now disable the comments for a particular post.

If you have your website in WordPress, you have to open the post you wish to edit. Like the previous tutorial, check the dashboard on your right. On the upper right, you have the options: Screen Options, and Help. Focus on SCREEN OPTIONS and left click on that to access more options. There will be several checkboxes shown. Look for the DISCUSSION checkbox and do not mind the others. Make sure there is a check mark on its corresponding box. Now, you have to scroll down the page. Just below your post editor, you will see more options for the discussion option you recently checked. To disable comments on that post, uncheck ALLOW comments. You will no longer receive comments for that specific post you are editing. If there are comments prior to disabling hide, comments will be hidden until you allow them again. To reverse the changes you have made, you just have to undo the step and check ALLOW COMMENTS. Do not forget to click on update to save the recent changes you have made.

The two tutorials are easy peasy, right? They may seem mundane for now, but when your blog gets a huge following, these features will help you a lot. You can now set aside a private space and disable comments when necessary.

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