More Google Search Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Google on iPadSometimes, when we are searching online, our hunt may end up hopeless and we cannot seem to find what we are looking for. This is a guide that will definitely make you an expert Googler. Be sure to take note of all the 8 tricks listed below, or simply bookmark this page. If you find it difficult to follow, just click on the search example and it will show you how it should be done.

  • Finding news in a particular location. If you are searching for news related to a specific place, you can use the location: command to search Google for stories coming from that location.
  • Searching for specific documents. If you are looking to find results that are of a specific file type, you can use the search filter filetype:. For example, you might want to find only Word documents related to the brief history of Japan.
  • Exclude a particular term. If you want to search the web for cake recipes, but you want to exclude recipes that contain dairy products like eggs. In order to do this, add a – (minus sign) before the term you want to exclude in the search.
  • Searching a specific website. Even if the specific website does not have a search box, you can still search a website. You can ask Google’s help to search a website for particular terms.  This is helpful when you forgot the exact page link, and only remember the website. You can use the site: modifier, and follow the format listed below.
  • Looking for the exact phrase. If you want your search results to be more specific, you just need to add quotation marks to your search. This will come in handy when your keywords are too broad and generic. When you add quotes, it will help narrow your results. You can follow the format below and enclose your search terms inside the quotation marks.
  • Similar words and synonyms. To search for similar terms, you have to use the ~ symbol before the keyword. Let’s say you want to search for books, but then, you also want books that has themes similar to love. So, you will search for books plus the tilde symbol and the keyword love.
  • Finding a particular text in a webpage. If you do not know what exactly you are searching for, but you have certain keywords, this trick is useful. The allintext: filter will help you find those keywords, and they do not have to be necessarily beside each other.
  • Searching the URL. If you want to find web pages that mentions a specific keyword in the URL, you just have to type allinurl: and add your keyword.

If you think you know everything about Google, think again. Google has features that we all thought never existed. If you think these tips and tricks are not enough, you can check tips on viewing the cached version of a website, and even some fun games.

Google Search Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Google Home Screen

Google Home Screen

You use Google everyday to search for everything that you need to know. Did you know that the popular search engine has hidden games?  Have you ever tried searching for images using a specific image? Here’s a list of useful Google search tricks, from basic tips to hidden games.

  • Searching using an image. When we search on Google, we usually type keywords. Now, you can look up an image. Searching images using another image. How cool is that? You just need to go to  and instead of typing in a keyword in the search box, you have to click on the camera button. You can either paste the URL of the photo, or you can upload the photo. If you are on your Google Chrome browser, things are easier. Just right click an image in Chrome, select the Search Google for this image option from the popup menu. Then, Google will show you results and tell you where that uploaded image can be found online. This is a great tool for finding duplicated photos. However, it is quite unreliable as Google will also display similar images. Finding the exact image would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Still, it’s a good start to get leads.
  • View the cached version of a website. Did you know that you can view the previous versions of a website? Well, now you know. Once your Google search results appear, notice the ▼ symbol beside the website links. You can click green pointing-down arrow, and choose the cached option. Then, you will be redirected to the website’s previous version. This cached version is helpful when there are network problems, and the live version of the website is unavailable. You do not have to worry when a website is offline because you can access its cached version.
  • No dictionary needed. Yes, there are various online dictionaries available, but Google will help you things faster. To look for a word’s definition, you just need to type define:  and then the word you want to search. You view its synonyms and even translate it into a different language. If you are not sure how to do it, you can view this tutorial. Google has been your research companion ever since. Now, it is also your know-it-all dictionary.
  • Fun games. There a few casual games on Google. The first one is an Atari Breakout game. To activate the hidden game, you have to go to  and type “Atari Breakout” in the search box. The image search results will then transform into a colorful game board. If you do not like it, you can play Pac-Man instead. This mini game is Google’s first-ever playable doodle. Game tip: If you click Insert Coin multiple times,  Ms. Pac-Man will join the game and you can control her with the WASD keys. The last one is Zerg Rush. You have to shoot before the zeroes attack and destroy your Google search results. To play this, go to the Google search box and type in zerg rush.
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