Phoenix SEO – Tips on How to Simplify Perplexing Content

Make the content simple no matter how complex the topic is. Sounds easy to do for you? Not so fast! Execution is another ball game.

We are not just talking about writing here. Aside from writing skill, you need to consider on-page SEO elements, layout of your website, and the possible usage of infographics. Keep it interesting as you don’t want your user to shut you down and click away.

Confused human

Don’t confuse your audience. Read the tips on how to simplify content below.

When you mix both awesome writing with equally awesome layout, there will be clarity. Here are some tips:

Do not use jargon. Remember the word, simplify? The writer should explain in plain and simple language the meaning of the jargon or the complex words. The lesser the jargon, the better.

Put energy into your writing and involve your audience. Make your writing more exciting by adding an anecdote. It is also very relatable and easier to understand. An example is the analogy used in Forrest Gump that says: Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get. This means life has many choices and surprises, just like a box of chocolates. Check Google Trends to research on keywords for terms when you want to make your anecdotes.

Active and passive voice. If the subject does the action, it is active voice. It gives a clearer message as compared to passive voice. Active voice is clearer and simpler.  It is also easily read when using your mobile. Here is a sample:

  • Active: Mary cooked the spaghetti.
  • Passive: The spaghetti was cooked by Mary.

Use simple images.  Complicated images and complicated words along with it, will clearly drive the audience away. Simple images even in a stick form will help deliver the message clearly. It also helps the reader to grasp its meaning especially to visual learners.

Use videos too! People loves to watch video in YouTube for hours because most of us loves video content. Adding this to your content will reach a wider audience of both aural and visual learners who counts on the images and listening. Also, there could be a cross-channel exposure if you host it in say, YouTube.

Infographics. Images with short text works! Visual learners will understand this. The combination of clear writing, video, and infographics are potent combination to educate your audience on a complicated topic. It also has the potential to go viral.

Use quotes. If the quotes come from a respectable and popular professional in the field, it can simplify your message. It will likewise trigger a strong reaction.

Use subheadlines. This works especially when your topic is complicated as it does break down bigger pieces of the content into subtopics. The reader will easily understand better if it is presented in related pieces.

Write shorter paragraphs. If you separate one very long paragraph into short sentences, it is easier to digest and it is easy on the eyes.

Break it down! When there are multiple complication, break it down into two. Write part 1 and part 2. Then, there will be anticipation and excitement waiting for part 2.

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