Four VPN Softwares You Need to Know

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How to protect your online identity?

When you use a public internet connection, it has a lot of restrictions. Most probably, you will not be able to access specific websites. When you travel to certain countries with heavy  censorship, these programs will definitely help you out. For example, in China, YouTube is not accessible. They have their own streaming sites like,, and For whatever reason, you can now access various websites with the aid of these softwares.

  • UltraSurf

Price: FREE. Download it here!

UltraSurf is a lightweight and portable software. There is no need for any installation for you to be able to use it. You just have to double click it once the download is complete. You do not have to go through complicated procedures and most importantly, no registration is required. If you are sharing a computer, whether at home or at work, UltraSurf is a convenient program that will help you bypass restrictions and censorships. Save it in your flash disk and you can easily surf the web wherever you are.

  • Cyber Ghost VPN

Price: FREE. Get it here! Paid version starts at $2.5 per month.

The free version of Cyber Ghost will still get you to surf anonymously, but it will contain ads. If it annoys, you have the option to upgrade your subscription. Plus, the upgraded version is faster and it will allow you to use 5 devices simultaneously. If you only have one device, the free version is not bad. You will still be able to access streaming websites, torrent anonymously, and access basic websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other essential websites.

  • Spotflux

Price: FREE. Get it here! Monthly subscription starts at $4.99.

Like Cyber Ghost VPN, Spotflux has a paid version. The free version has a limited access to all its features, but it is a cross-platform application. Spotflux guarantees you that it will work on every device. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Just download and install. After, you can now enjoy the internet like you always do. Installation is fast and easy. Spotflux will take care of the configurations by itself so you do not have to worry about anything.

  • Tor Browser

Price: FREE. Download it here!

Tor is a free software – yes, 100% free – that will help you protect your privacy. Tor browser prevents others to learn about your location and internet activity. It allows you to connect to various news sites, instant messaging clients, or  any websites that are blocked by your local Internet service providers. Because it is totally free, the downside of Tor is that it is slower than the paid softwares.


Now, you can browse with caution. These softwares are helpful especially when dealing with sensitive topics. You can talk to other people and also protect your online identity. Whether you are doing an e-commerce transaction, or just surfing for interesting articles, no one will know from where you are connecting, who you are, and any other personal details. Internet privacy is important. It concerns all of us. These programs cannot solve all anonymity problems. To protect yourself, be careful on what you share online. Do not share every detail of your life online.

More Awesome Web Browser Alternatives

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You would not believe these browsers exist!

When it comes to web browsers, you do not have to limit your choices among Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. They are not the only choice out there. Read this list because these browsers are  definitely worth a try. Additionally, when a browser is considered as an ‘alternative’ it is not tantamount to being  just a second rate browser. These browsers will certainly meet the user’s needs. Do you want a browser great for your Flash-based games? Are you always downloading videos and music files? Do you spend most of your time browsing the internet?

  • Coowon Browser

Price: FREE. Get it here!

If Ice Dragon is Firefox based, Coowon is a Chrome based browser.  You can still utilize your existing extensions or download a new one at the Chrome web store. This browser is great for gamers especially those Facebook games, where you need to constantly check your progress from time to time. You can automate a game task with help of a bot. You just need to download a your preferred bot in the Coowon AppCenter and keep it working in the background while you do your own thing. Coowon also has a Record & Play feature; you can easily record your game and share it with your friends. You can even control the game with a gamepad instead of a keyboard. The marvelous thing about Cowoon is that you can speed up (or slow down) the game time of any game that is running in Flash.

  • Baidu Browser

Price: FREE. Get it here!

For multimedia addicts, Baidu is the perfect browser for them. Baidu has a built-in screenshot tool. You do not have to constantly press Print Screen and paste it on MS Paint. You can easily share images with this tool. The most fascinating feature of Baidu is its online video downloader. It is not just any downloader because you can actually choose the quality of your download. If it is just for mobile devices, you can choose a low resolution video. It does not end there because you can also download MP3 audio files. Baidu will not be too difficult to use because it is a Chrome based browser. All Chrome extensions should work fine, and Baidu is available for Windows desktop, Windows phone, and Android devices.

  • Sleipnir

Price: FREE. Get it here!

Like the previous two browsers above, Sleipnir is also a Chrome based browser, and at the same time, it has a hint of Safari. The extraordinary thing about it is its unequivocal reading experience. If you are doing a lot of reading on the internet, this is the perfect browser for you. Sleipnir ensures that you be able to see easy to read texts. Your daily internet browsing will be more clearer and beautiful with the help of Sleipner. Another advantage that Sleipner can offer you is the group tabbing. When you are browsing, your open tabs are sorted by category. You can keep all your personal accounts in the social tab. You can sort your research in the work tab. It proves to be convenient when you have more than ten tabs open at the same time. It is available for Windows, iOs, Android, and Mac OS.

Four Awesome Web Browsers

browsing on laptop

What are the other great browsers out there?

When we talk about web browsers, the first thing that comes to mind is either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. No one uses Internet Explorer anymore . Moreover, no one talks about the other available browsers out there that are as impressive or even greater at times. I have compiled a list of alternative web browsers that will end your Chrome or Firefox dependence. No one wants to use a sluggish browser. Upgrade for the better. Trust me, these are way better.

  • Torch Browser

Price: FREE. Get it here!

Torch has a built-in torrent manager. You can search and download for torrents in your own browser. It also has a music section, where you can listen to unlimited free music. If that will still bore you, there is a game corner. You can play various casual games without downloading them. The greatest feature is its media grabber. You do not have to download other softwares, converters, or extensions. You can download video and audio files in a single click. With its built in player, you can watch the downloaded content right away. How cool is that?

  • Yandex.Browser

Price: Oh yes, it is FREE. Download it here!

The first thing you will notice once you install Yandex is that you can customize your background and not just any background, it is a video background. It also has a reader mode. You can read articles easier with this feature. You can also read ebooks without downloading additional softwares. With the help of Kaspersky Lab, Yandex has an embedded protection system. It protects you from possible security threats like identity theft, DNS spoofing, and annoying pop-up advertisements. It does not end there. When your internet is as slow as a snail, Yandex will automatically turn on its data compression mode to make your browsing faster.

  • Comodo’s Ice Dragon Browser

Price: Totally FREE. Try it now!

Ice Dragon browser is a Firefox based so you do not have to worry about your existing plug-ins. It assures you of a full compatibility with Firefox plug-ins and extensions. There is also a set of dedicated social media buttons that will help you to instantly share any interesting page, or video to your Facebook, or Twitter friends. Comodo boasts that Ice Dragon is the fastest and most secure version of Firefox. With its SiteInspector feature, I would not doubt that for a second. You can also utilize the SiteInspector button to scan the web page that you are currently viewing. It will scan the page and check the site’s safety. Right after, it will give you a detailed security report.

  • Browzar

Price: It is FREE (and it is just 222kb!) Download it now!

Tired of installing and registering? Browzar is a no nonsense browser. Just download and go browse anything and everything. You can choose from three different designs – Black Theme, Silver Theme, and Windows Style Theme – and it is compatible with all the different versions of Windows. It does not store any cookies, history, temp files, passwords, and cache. It will automatically clean up when you are done browsing. It is a great browser for shared computers. You can use it on a friend’s PC, internet cafe, work PC, and practically anywhere you can think of.

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