Must-Have Modern Web Design Elements (Part 1)

What’s trendy 5 years ago may not be what is popular now. Since it’s already 2019 is, I will share with you 3 timely and relevant web design elements. So, let’s cut the long intro. Shall we start revamping your website into something stylish and contemporary? Here we go!

  • Card Based Design

    • The card layout is becoming a worldwide trend. If you are not familiar with it, the concept is that a given information is presented in a shape of a card. A series of rectangular shaped cards are showed on your screen. It is up to you to choose on what information you would like to read/see.
    • Popular examples that use this card design are websites like Google, Pinterest, Youtube, and many others.
    • Why is it a popular choice?
      • Web designers prefer the card design because it is able to give a quick look (glance) on the content without actually clicking it. This saves a lot of time. Web visitors don’t have to click on every blog post or every link to see if interests them. There’s already a short preview for people to read.
    • It is useful when:
      • you are presenting multiple products on one page. Users can roughly compare the products basing on the given display image.
      • you are designing a mobile-centric website. It’s almost the exact shape of a phone screen.
An example of card based design.

This is an example of a card based design. Each card shows a short preview of the content if you choose to view it.

  • Enormous Product Images

    • Instead of words doing all the talking, some prefer pictures. Some websites, especially B2B, feature gigantic product images on their websites to emphasize the different features of their products.
    • Take, for example, Apple’s iPad. On the product page, you will notice that there aren’t much words. It’s the pictures talking to you. Instead of describing the features, it is showing you that the device is slim, magical, and it’s like a computer.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want your products to stand out from the rest. The product images are visual representation (proof) that you are serious with your game.
      • you want your customers to get a grasp (a better understanding) about your products.
  • Product Videos

    • Aside from product images, product videos are also getting popular these days. Websites are starting to add a short snippet of their products. With videos, things are explained clearly. Moreover, customers can easily decide if the product is for them or not.
    • According to an article by Inc. Magazine, the secret to B2B marketing is through these product videos. In fact, nearly half of the B2B customers interviewed shared that they watch videos when researching for products and services. Moreover, they rely on video sharing platforms like YouTube to look for product videos.
    • So, this is a wake-up call to all the B2B companies! You need to create videos explaining your products in detail because 92% of B2B customers search for videos online.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want to give your clients a quick understanding about your product or service.
      • you want to demonstrate how a product is to very easy use.

So, that’s it for now! We have only touched the surface so watch for more web design trends!

Update: here’s the link for the second part of the series.

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