Five YouTube Features You Should Be Using Right Now

Youtube app

Browsing videos on YouTube.

YouTube can keep you entertained while you are on the go. It is a great way to kill a couple minutes. Here is a list of features you probably are not using, but totally should.

  • Double tap to skip ahead. You do not need to scroll through the video’s progress bar to find that particular scene you are looking for. Plus, it can be difficult to get to the right spot in a video with the innate error of touchscreen devices. You want to move to 1:15, but you kept landing on 1:25. There is NO need to worry now because you can just double tap on the video to move forward by 10 seconds. This little-known feature can help get to a specific time frame and spend less time scrolling through the video. If you find that 10 seconds is not working for you, just go to the settings and change the skip time.
  • Background play. For the most part, we just use YouTube to search for a song that is stuck in our heads. We do not bother with the video part because we just need to listen to the audio. YouTube users had always wanted to get a background playback option. Finally, Google listened and it exists now. The downside is that it is part of the YouTube Red subscription. (For those who do not know, it is a paid streaming subscription service exclusively for YouTube in selected countries like the US, Australia, NZ, Mexico, and South Korea.)
    If you have Red, you can take advantage of this feature. When you are logged in to your Red account, simply minimize the app by hitting the home button of your device when watching a video and the audio will continue playing in the background.
  • Limit mobile date usage. Watching YouTube videos can be fun, but it won’t be fun if you are already over the monthly mobile data capacity. Fortunately, you can now play videos and at the same time, consume less data. You just have to open the YouTube app settings and go to the General tab. At the top portion is a toggle to Limit mobile data usage. Turn that setting on, and YouTube will only stream in standard definition, and not HD.
  • View in Cardboard. If you are into Virtual Reality (VR), this feature is for you. YouTube already has a lot of 360-degree videos that are viewable on both desktop and mobile devices. All you need is a Google Cardboard. You just have to search for a 360-degree video and tap the cardboard icon in the lower right corner. This works too with other virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive, Samsung VR, LG Steam VR, and many more.
  • Download videos. Like the background playback option, downloading YouTube videos is only available on YouTube Red. If you have Red, you can now download videos for offline viewing. In order to download a video, tap the download button , which is under the video title. Then, the application will ask what quality level of the video you wish to download. Beside it, the total size of the video is displayed.

The Different Social Media Platforms

social media appsThere are so many social media websites out there that you can choose from. The question is, what social media websites are best suited for your brand?

If you are ready for the experience on social media, here are social media sites you can choose from.

  • FACEBOOK has 1.65 billion very active users and it is one of the most well-known platforms for personal and business use. This is a good venue to post updates, photos, news with the users who follow or “like” you. Your business fans visit the site to know what the latest in your company is and see photos or explore your events. Facebook is now using activities to qualify the market that needs your brand. It uses social graph and their ads are effective too.
  • TWITTER is a concise and easy way to communicate with your audience. It has 310 million users and still growing in number. This micro-blogging service, permit short messages that can be sent and received from consumers and potential clients.

    Use hashtags (#) as your key tool. These will surely reach a broad audience than just followers. This is when users involve themselves in a conversation. You can read more about it in this Twitter guide.

  • GOOGLE + is Google’s version of a social networking site. It is like Facebook but it has an additional feature of being able to create “circles”. This separates your followers in many different groups. This is a good system to know which group you would want your announcement to be shared. No other social media can do this.
  • YOUTUBE is another social media that can also widen your outreach. This can be done through Google search results. A grand total of 6 billion hours of video are being watched every month. You must make a good video, otherwise, you will get many negative comments. YouTube also offers marketers the chance to promote their products or clients through its target group. You can also post videos speaking on a topic or webinars where you can educate your audience.
  • PINTEREST is a distinctive platform for marketing. You will post clickable pictures with just a short caption. Every image must be good in quality and should pop-out in your feeds. Link back your images to your page or a related blog. Your caption should be keyword optimized as your caption is exactly how your pin will show when visitors browse.
  • Linkedln shows job experience and professional thoughts that is why it is an important site to those in B2B. Linkedln is not just a tool to drive traffic but establishing though leadership, recruiting, and prospecting. There are less conversation in this site, but you can meet people from the same industry. Ask and others will answer. This can lead to a conversation. It will show that you are an expert in your field.

These websites were in list the list because these sites are where the people are. The more people using it, the more you can convince to give your products a chance. There are other sites you can utilize like blog sites, online photo-sharing services, coupon sites, customer review sites, location-based marketing sites, and the list goes on. Choose the website that fits your brand.

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