SEO Trends to Follow Before 2020

If you want to know the trend to gain Google and readers approval in content marketing and SEO, just remember four things: type of media, content quality, originality, and finding the right target audience.

SEO Trends for 2020

So if you want to know more, here are some trends you owe to know.


    • More and more people realize that a more exhaustive, well-searched, and long content are those that are more effective. Check out the top results, and it would tell us that content, with 2000 words or more, are the ones that gained the top 5 in ranking. So, forget about shallow content that has no value because it will give you no beneficial results.

    • According to a research, 56% of the B2C content marketers is putting their time and resources in the last year. This could include the following:
  1. Exploring subjects and keywords.
  2. Setting the groundwork of the content’s coverage.
  3.  Writing and improving the content.
  4. Developing the graphics, screen grabs, working on the finished content.
  5. Posting and advertising your content.
    • According to Google Trends, content marketing reached its popular status in the last few years so putting your finances for that purpose can lead you to your goal.

    • This is another elected trend that a lot of professionals in the field use and that reflects on one survey by Evergage. It says 93% of marketers use this strategy. This method centers on modifying the content for the various users of your site built on handily convenient personal data that includes interests, statistics, and latest browser history.
    • According to Evergage, many of the marketers agree in its results.
  1. Assist in a more wonderful shopping experience.
  2. Produces quantifiable ROI.
  3. Amplifies customer’s sense of loyalty.
    • The thing is, a certain content speaks to a specific type of person. The need of the NEW visitor compared to a visitor on her say 15th time has a different objective. If you do content personalization, it assures every visitor that there is a little bit of difference in each page; thus, having a content that will interest the users each time they visit your site.

  1. 52% will endorse the product to others.
  2. 48% would be loyal to the product.

    • Blogging is a great content marketing approach but it is not everything. You cannot just consider those who read articles and blogs because the truth is, your missing out on other types of people who loves audio and or video and probably blogging too. Just an update, people over 18 years old spend at least 11 hours a day on content that is available in the internet, TV, mobile phone, and other devices connected to the internet. So, play smart and get into podcasts, YouTube, webinars, live streaming, and of course, the ever dependable blogging. Remember, follow where your target customers go and invest on these platforms.

How Content Marketing Boosts Your Online Presence

The digital world continues to grow and it is important for businesses to grow along with it. The key towards that goal is to build and improve your online presence with content marketing. The most important thing is to do it regularly and strategically.

And as you construct your content marketing foundation, your authority grows, people’s trust in you grows, and that leads to engagement. This will result to conversion, leads, sales, and finally loyalty to your brand. Sounds profitable, yes?  But the question is how do you promote growth? Well, let us break down the marketing trends and how to apply them.

  • The Right Way of Emailing.
    • We all know that businesses thrives in emailing to get more customers. The reason for this is that email users around the world is a whopping 3.7 billion. What’s more, studies shows that by 2020 it will rise to 4.3 billion, such a spectacular number. This only means people use and depend on the email. Therefore, email is the right platform to gain customers but you need to use it the right way.
    • This means, don’t spam. This does not only mean scams but it does include sending out too many emails than you should. If this continuous, people will just delete your messages.
Discussing emails

Discussing emails

  • Invest in Blogging.
    • It still is the kind of digital activity that is the most profitable but you have to investment. Then, think of blogs that will produce interest, develop a list of your audience, and go somewhere. Research shows that regular posting a well-written original content ensures success.
    • So, what are the important things you need to do to make blogging successful?
      • Post Regularly to develop your traffic and leads and see an average of 4.5 leads compared to those who doesn’t.
      • Quality, Regularity, and Creativeness in your blogging will be able to address whatever is being asked by your audience. Now, you will have a good fighting chance.
  • Get Experts.
    • If you want to invest in blogging and stir interest from your audience, do roundups. It starts with a gripping questions by the host blogger and asking roundup experts to share their views. An example would be Experts Share Tips to build your Online Presence. The thing is, you would want people to visit your site. The traffic will tell you that you are doing well. It will likewise tell your customer’s reaction and that will help you plan and strategize to get the top ranking. It will take time, though but you are in the right track.
    • So, why does this strategy works? Well, first, it gets a lot of backlinks. This is including the round up expert’s link you featured. It is a win-win situation. Second, it is a great way to be promoted. Obviously, when the round up post is live, it only takes you to share the link with the experts and they will surely link it to their own followers. Thus, your audience will grow in numbers.
    • Lastly, you can have a lot of connections and build your authority thereby giving you a chance to build bond, chance to network, build a useful relationship. This will also tell your audience the people you come in contact with. That will too, will gain their trust.
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