Phoenix SEO – How Email Marketing Can Upgrade Your Online Ranking

There is power in using your email just because there are about half of the global population are using an email address. Remember that even your mobile phones use or access your email. So, this is a chance for you to encourage visitors in your website, prompt lead, and eventually, convert a number of people. If you have not considered email marketing to help you, then do so, now. On the other hand, if you are already using it and the result is not so good, then it is time for you to pump-up some real action in your emails. Ready?

  • Improve your social signals – There is a connection to the sites with top ranking and its activities in social media. This only shows emails do motivate interactions which eventually lead to a good ranking. And when you say, top ranking this involves the following:
    • Send out emails when you have a new posts.
    • Of course, you got to include the share buttons in all your emails.
    • Request your subscribers to share the content to their social media accounts. You can incorporate links to applicable social content to your email to make sharing easier.
  • Redirect your visitors to decrease your bounce rate. It is challenging to be able to make visitors stay in your site. If a visitor leaves your site, it is called bouncing and that is not a reaction. Remember that Google watches your bounce rate to know how important your website is to visitors. Giving an incentive is one sure way for visitors to go back to your site and check out what you have to offer.
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The power of an email.

  • Recycle and reuse your content.  If you are active in sending newsletters, you most likely saved them or you have created an archive online. So, to save time, use whatever content you already have. Be creative and think of a new way of recycling the content and reuse them as a fresh and engaging newsletter.
  • Ask for reactions. The reviews are in demand in the different search engines. Usually, people favors online reviews over whatever other people would have to say. This is the reason why reviews are very vital in boosting your visibility. When you send your newsletter to more recent customers, put a link that brings them back to your site to write a review. Graciously ask them to favor you with their reaction.
  • Segregate email lists. Make use of the data that you have so you can start segregating them to send out a more personalized email. When you do so, consider the following:
    • Their gender, age, including their education.
    • Items bought in your website.
    • Particular interests.
    • Current location.

This approach can give you the right direction, but remember that planning for future email-based effort is equally important. Optimize and test it again and again to fairly evaluate the results of your email campaigns. You can do split testing or bucket testing to know what types of subject line works. Do the testing on a regular basis like once a month. It may positively increase your rankings as quickly as possible.

What to Include in Your Email List

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Have you noticed that every website you visit with wants your email address? Have you ever wondered why they hope you would give an email that you would actually use? Undeniably, email marketing is one of the persuasive tools in terms of ecommerce. According to’s survey, more than 80% of U.S. websites agreed that email marketing was an essential mechanism in gaining and retaining customers.

In this post, you will know kow to effectively use your email list to acquire more customers.

  • Include “How To” Guides for Your Customers

    *Use this opportunity to build anticipation for their orders and increase their likelihood of availing more products from your website.

    *Provide a guide to help them with complicated purchases. You may include a blog post about the proper care for their purchased item or you redirect them to your website so they can watch video tutorial regarding the step by step guide on how to assemble it properly.

    *This may seem unimportant to some, but this is specifically helpful in expensive purchases. A simple email can make customers feel at ease and you will able to help them eliminate any doubts customer service issues.

  • Abandoned cart emails

    *A practical approach to to reconnect with customers and remind them of their visit to your website.

    *These emails should really remind them that they were interested on this item and that this is something they want in their life. If the customers feel the need of the product,  they will surely go back and restore their abandoned carts.

    *They just need a nudge.  Inform them that they forgot something on their cart and they are a step away from completing their transaction.

  • Special offers

    *Send your loyal email subscribers a little token of thanks. For example, you can thank them for being one of your loyal customers and include a discount code on the email. To use this code, they need to input the specific code on checkout.

    *Give them ideas on how to use the discount code, you may want to add a list of your bestselling products.

  • Reconnect with customers

    *Say hello to your former customers. If they have not bought anything in a while, try reaching out. Send a “we missed you” email and include details such as new products  and new features of your website that they may have missed.

    *Like your loyal customers, you can also offer a limited time offer to entice them to visit your website and buy something. Make it worth their time by offering a 30% off on selected items.

    *This is your chance to tap your audience potential. Think of creative ways to visit your new website and they might like something on your store. If you won’t offer discount coupons, offer a store credit instead and they might just put the store credit into good use.

It will take your customers something special to notice your reminders. You strategize on creating captivating subject lines. Email marketing proves to be one of the productive ways to connect with old and new customers. To stand out from the rest, you need to add a personal touch and create more offers that customers actually want.

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