Phoenix SEO – 10 Tips on How to Get Online Reviews

Word of mouth is good, but potential customers will still Google your business to find out the online reviews of other people. That is why online reviews is important to your success. Here are the steps that may help you get started:

  • Do a Good Job. Doing your best in every job increases the possibility of having more reviews. Ask for a review after a transaction. Add a link to your Facebook page, your website, or your Yelp profile.  Showcase these important links in your business place.
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More tips on how to gain positive reviews below.


  • Complete your online profiles and then verify them.
    • You really don’t need to sign up at every website. Choose what works for you and start working on your online profile!
    • Knowing your own industry will help you a lot. Choosing the right business partner is important. In Yelp, for example, there are over 100 million online reviews now. Aside from that, relevant results will show up when someone searches for your business or name.
    • If someone else did your business page, another person has added it for you. The next step is to take ownership of the page to have a certain control.
  • Know What You Are Asking.
    • Either you ask a person you have worked with or someone that you’ve done business with, but be selective. Ask customers that aren’t so ideal to give you a review through your email. This way, you know what to improve without going public.
  • Just the Right Timing.
    • It is hard to ask for reviews if the business has no physical location where display review stickers can be displayed. For businesses like real estate or insurance, one of the best strategy is to ask an online review after a completed transaction.
  • Ask!
    • There are many ways to do the asking for online reviews like texts, phone calls, emails,  and face-to-face. Make sure, you thank them for their effort. After all, their reputation is on the line.
  • Be Definite and Make It Easy.
    • After a job well done, you can ask your customer if he or she could help out with a review in your Facebook Business Page. If the customer agrees, send an email with a link to your Facebook page.
  • Give an Incentive.
    • You can ask customers for a review, give an incentive like a gift card or a voucher after. But be cautious, people might think you are paying people for a good review.
  • Always Follow-Up.
    • If the online review does not happen, remind them again, but be very careful in doing so.
  • Evaluate, Tweak, and Do it Again!
    • Review your approach the minute you get started. Assess everything, date, used email, text, phone, face-to-face and how successful you are in making people write your online reviews. Do it again and again until it becomes a business routine.
  • Don’t You Ever Stop!

    • You have done the short term by getting good reviews but what about the long-term? It is simple, keep in touch, and a referral might be on its way.

Reliable Product Reviews Websites

buying on your computerReview sites are often supported by advertising. Some of the sites allows businesses to pay for enhanced listings to increase their visibility. However, this will not change the reviews or the ratings of their products. Product review sites are supported by affiliate links to the websites that sells the product. Many review sites makes no attempt to put a limit on postings, neither do they try to make sure that the information in the reviews are accurate.

People rely on product reviews before purchasing online. Some people think that the positive reviews are done by the businesses or the persons being reviewed. On the other hand, negative reviews can be written by other rival businesses, angry employees, or someone that is hostile towards the business being reviewed. There are also fake positive reviews. These are the reasons why the users should chose the product review sites.

Here are the top product review sites:

  • CNet is the web division of CBS Interactive. It has been one of the most dependable and wide-ranged when it comes to product reviews. They feature products from software to electronics to web hosting. It also shows user reviews aside from the editor reviews on what products are new in the market, making CNet a popular review site.
  • ConsumerSearch is popular for its easy navigation and website design. The products are organized and categorized for easy access. There is a variety of products reviewed from kitchen, home, garden, food to computers. It is a service coming from
  • TestFreaks is a new website which showcases a collection of reviews from various countries. It also features reviews from respected websites, presenting it to the consumers in one place. The visitors can also give their own reviews.
  • Trusted Reviews has a complete categories of products and it also includes video reviews. The content is dominated by editorial reviews. This site compares prices and specifications of the various product models
  • Epinions is a product review service of and they feature millions of reviews. It categorizes products by labeling titles like “Top Reviewer.”
  • MouthShut reviews general products like electronic appliances, cars, and unique products like schools, websites and even credit cards.
  • is currently one of the long running and established review services. It follows paid-subscription mechanism and has millions of subscribers making the website the top paid-subscription website.
  • Wired Reviews is one of the Top 10 product review websites because it shows good product pictures which is mostly electronic. There are no user based reviews in this website.
  • Buzzillions shows close to 5 million reviews all over the globe. The only problem here is the pop-up that appears once a user enters the website.
  • states that their website is the most unbiased product review site. The category cloud and its features which is easy to navigate made this website in Top 10.

Before you make that purchase, check these websites. They have a wide range of reviews that will help you weigh the pros and the cons. Both positive and negative reviews will help you a product that fits you. These sites will definitely provide you with helpful reviews.

How Product Reviews Affect Online Shoppers

bank, banking, blueIn the past few years, product reviews has been increasingly powerful as consumers trust fellow consumers more than the advertisements of different products. Product reviews are underrated and online shoppers indeed rely on them. Jupiter Research showed that 77% of the consumers read product reviews even before they make an actual purchase.

Another statistic showed that 90% of consumers said that their purchase are influenced by what they read online. The traditional forms of marketing and sales are not as powerful as to the user generated content, specifically, customer reviews. Unfortunately, a great number of companies has not utilized this form of branding and marketing. The reality is, product reviews builds trust with potential consumers, which eventually translates to sale.

This is the time when businesses should let the consumers do the talking. These is free endorsement from thousands of online shoppers. Of course, this does not only mean positive reviews. Negative reviews are also good in building the trust of the online shoppers. These kind of reviews helps the consumers to confirm the credibility of the product, and in a way, adjust their expectations. Moreover, recent statistics from Reevoo showed that bad reviews improve the conversions at an amazing 67%. Reevoo learned that people who read bad reviews are the ones who convert better, as this shows that they are paying attention. This could lead to a purchase.Surveys said that 68% of the consumers trust reviews whether they are good or bad. On the other hand, 30% thinks that there are censorship or fake reviews because there are no negative opinions were seen on the page.

Types of Reviews

  • The brief overview review:
    This is the type which can be found at other affiliate sites. It is usually written in one or two paragraphs. This also includes a star rating or whatever type of rating. This includes a product image, and a link to the site. Most often, these reviews are in one page so that the consumers can immediately read which products has the highest ratings and which products are the lowest in ranking.
  • The comprehensive full-page review:
    This is the type that goes into details – all the benefits of a certain product, the features, the good and even the bad points. This may include screenshots, and product photos. Longer reviews are good compared to the one-liners for purifying the user experience. It has more weight when the reviews are more recent. CEO Matt Moog of Power Reviews also added that, “We try to focus on identifying the valuable reviews. If the product is popular and selling at a high price point, that review will have more impact.”

The product review is not just for the consumers who could buy the products. Retailers and brands can likewise use the reviews. This will enable them to get some offers, get suppliers, and develop their products. Reviews help change the products that is more valuable to the consumers. Matt Moog said, “It’s the best form of market research—real-time and specific, from people you know have used the product.”

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