6 Web Design Tips to Take Your Website to the Next Level

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Having a successful and continuously growing website is no easy task. You may want to consider things that might affect or hinder the growth of your website as well as how will your website stand out and shine bright like a diamond among the others in the same line. Having a clear idea on how you would want to appear or paint your brand on your target and engage them to keep returning to your web page is important to grow your brand.

Follow these tips to make your website flourish and gain more following:

  • Have a Clear Content for Your Website

    Knowing your main mission will help you set tone for your website. It is important to know what will be the content you are creating for you to keep tabs if your website is growing or if your website needs improvement.
    Studying your competition is also a good way to have new content ideas and improve what you are putting out. By continuously innovating and putting out more and new ideas, you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

  • Know Your Audience

    Having the ability to see how long people stay on your website, where they are coming from or what kind of audience you have allow you to create a better website and make the content of your website more suitable for desired your audience.

  • Have the Pages of Your Website Load Quickly

    Your pages need to load as fast as it could. You cannot make your visitors wait that long for your pages to load. When that happens, there is a big possibility that your website visitors will most likely just abandon your page and just go to another similar website.

  • Be Blunt

    Short yet clear headlines are essential. Nothing too fancy and long paragraphs should be avoided.
    Keep in mind that nothing will drive away your new visitors from your website than being bombarded with texts or words.
    All the information or texts on your wall should concise and direct to the point. Pithy and direct communication will help you attract more audience to your website. You can organize your pages using:

    • bullets or numbers
    • a lot of white space
    • short paragraphs
    • sections with subheadings
    • use images instead of text
  • Define the Path

    Upon arrival of a visitor to your website, what do you want them to do? Where do you want them to go? Having a clear path allows you to prevent your audience getting lost in the process.

  • Link to Social Media

    Social media is the perfect way and probably the fastest way to connect with your audience. It also a good way to strengthen and maintain your relationship toward them. Sign up to the top social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to reach new and younger audiences.

The most important thing you can do to grow and paint your website in a good light is to learn about your audience. Continuous discovering of ways to connect with potential audience will keep your website fresh, relevant and more useful. Use these tips to expand your website!

10 Tips on How to be a Successful Web Designer

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Website Design is not just about extensive knowledge of Photoshop or mastery of a programming language. It is about finding the right balance of an alluring design and providing interesting content. Web design can be a fascinating and lucrative career. The job does not end at designing and building websites that are good to look at. You need to also consider other things.

Here are some useful tips to help you become a successful web designer:

  1. Communication skills are important.

    You should be able to effectively communicate with your client, an art director, and web developer. You have to speak clearly about your design choices and give enough reasons why it is the appropriate design for a website. If there are any problems in the future, you have to know how deal with them by using effective and good communication skills.

  2. You have to know how to sell yourself.

    There are many competitors out there and only the good ones will survive the web design jungle. It is a tough and tight world to participate in. Stand out by highlighting your unique skills and what separates you from the rest. Use all possible ways to boost your presence whether it’s social media marketing, word of mouth, or through business cards.

  3. Plan and then design.

    Like in anything you do, planning always come first because that where you get ideas that can inspire you. Effective planning has 3 distinct parts: research about the company, know the client’s needs and expectations, and learn more about its competitors and the industry it is on.

  4. Constructive criticism helps.

    Evaluate your work honestly and if you may stumble upon criticisms, be open to it and implement the suggestions you see fit. Some mistakes are easily seen by others. A fresh pair of eyes will definitely help you put things in perspective and help you save time.

  5. You are a Web Designer, and not a Graphic Designer.

    It is not right to assume that graphic designers can be a great website designer and vice versa. They are two totally different jobs. Concentrate on the sector of website designing and focus on it. Graphic design is another skill set. Perhaps, you can improve it in the future, but for now, focus on web design.

  6. Update yourself with new technology.

    You have to be technologically in tune with the many changes in the industry. Set a time to learn new things in your field. Know what is new, what is out, and what is trending.

  7. Be organized.

    No matter what your field of profession you are, being organized is one of the keys for success. Begin with organizing your computer by classifying and labeling.

  8. Attain Expertise.

    The more experience you have, the faster you will move up in the world of web design. People will always look at the projects you worked on or the company you worked with. This will gain the trust that you need.

  9. Be a team player.

    Work well with other because as the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” Know how to work with others and see how your work will improve if tasks are distributed to other teammates.

  10. Have a business sense.

    A good web designer does not only design, he must also know about salesmanship, balancing costs, and making value assessments. Then you certainly have an edge.




Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Home Base Web Design Business

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It is easier to build a website from templates and website builders, but many businesses still want to hire a web designer not just to create but also manage their websites. This means that the web design jobs are still in demand  and the need continues to grow.

Before taking the plunge, ask yourself if do you have what it takes to be a web designer? Being a web designer may seem a complicated job. It’s a combination of being a computer geek and a creative artist. The truth is anyone can be a web designer. Having a diploma or certification is not a must for as long as you can do the job.

These are the important qualities you need to possess:

  • You have to have an eye for design. This includes color and layout. Design should be inviting and at the same time, it needs to serve a purpose.
  • You need to understand the usage of different colors and fonts to generate more interest to the website.
  • The skill to structure and organize things. You need to make sure that the website offers easy navigation.
  • Knowledge on programming languages like Ruby, SQL, CSS, ASP, and Python. These can enhance site value and marketability.


What are the advantages of starting a web design business?

  • There’s a high demand and web design pays well.
  • This job can be done anywhere for as long as there is an internet access.
  • You can expand in other areas like copywriting, SEO, and other website services.


Like all other business ventures, there are also disadvantages like:

  • You need to be updated on the latest on software and coding.
  • The constant update on newer and easier systems can encourage clients to do web designs on their own.
  • There are numerous competition.
  • You are glued to your computer the whole day.


Now, let us cover the things you need to start your web design business. The assumption here is that you have the knowledge and experience in the field.

Other than the ones stated above, you also need:

  • A dedicated working area where you are free from distractions.
  • Hardware includes a computer that can support editing softwares, a monitor that can display even the tiniest details, a camera , a scanner, and a printer.
  • Software for editing and enhancing photos and videos. These licensed programs may cost hundreds of dollars.
  • A high speed internet connection is important. You may also need a server space for site testing and hosting.
  • A list of services you can provide and its cost.
  • Make a contract that defines your policies on how you work.
  • Have a business plan that includes your target market, financial goals, and business goals.
  • Marketing plan shows your target market and ways to reach them.
  • Your own websites that showcases your skills and your work portfolio.
  • Material for marketing like brochures and business cards.
  • A highly strong network to access possible clients and referrals. This should incorporate the people you’ve worked with and professionals that works with businesses that may need a designer. You should have businesses you can refer to your client and other businesses can refer their clients to you.


Now, the real challenge is finding your very first client. Use your network, connect via social media and go to freelance job websites. Your efforts will be worth it.

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