Phoenix SEO – 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know (Part 2)

It’s time for SEO trends part 2! If you missed part, don’t fret because you can read them all here. Be sure to read the additional tips below because these will surely be the “IN” thing this 2019:

The Key is the Structured Data Markup.

  • AI is vital to Google, but structured data is fast becoming more vital, too. Even if your Al is great if it spends a lot of time to ‘crawl’ the needed information, it isn’t that great. It needs swift processing of the contents as well as its connection to each other. So, whenever possible, use structured data.
  • Finally, the contextual relationships of behaviors and topics that is backed-up with structured markup is another trend that needs a lot of testing, mastery, and implementation. Furthermore, allocate helpful vocabulary pages for different products, events, and offers.

Produce Extraordinary Content.

  • Google is increasing its focus on the quality content and exceptional depth of the websites. This is because when checked, the SEO performance in the different websites that had extraordinary content escalated its ranking the whole year. So, if you are doing your content just to be there, you will fail. Do a content that can solve a problem. Research and create something that could encourage, one that is moving, one which could tie people together.
  • Go on and guide the user to the next level – action! This year could just be it, a rise on the quality of the content. And the results could be very interesting.
People Planning on a Table

Know the SEO trends this 2019 and plan carefully!

 Enlarge your E-A-T.

  • This stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in Google’s search quality rating guidelines. Watch out, this is another trend that you have to cope with this 2019. This means you should hire experts to write for you. That should answer the questions how. That is the kind of level that Google is searching for to power their results.
  • Quality comes with context. Context is vital because this will help connect and generate a relationship with your audience. Keep on producing contents and until you become credible enough to garner a top rating. That means, you are becoming an authority in a particular subject.
  • Being trustworthy is the result of hiring experts and being an authority. And this means hard work and consistency. Both Google and Bing reward E-A-T.

Devoting time in Technical SEO.

  • The continuous growth in complication in the different websites makes it apparent that this year; an investment in technical SEO is needed.
  • The following are the key areas needed to be considered in SEO’s technical side:
    • Google rewards more than just once sites that are faster and simpler.
    • The use of JavaScript. This means you need to know, understand, and how major search engines do good with this.
    • Developing Progressive Web Apps. You should think how you could make PWA work for your users and how they would use it regularly.

Succeed using On-Page Optimization.

  • On-Page will still be around this year because it gives good results. This is not the “hit it and quit it” type of tactic.
  • Here are a few important website optimizations:
    • Content that can answer the common questions of users.
    • Providing internal site search should give pertinent results.
    • Reduce the conversion process.

Phoenix SEO – 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know (Part 1)

It’s 2019 and we need to know what is in store for the SEO professionals.  Time to review your game plan and scheme to make sure you are on top of the SERPs and earn more compared to last year. So, what works and what does not?  Here are some trends you need to know:

Know your User’s Objectives and Understand Your Audience.  

  • What do you know about your audience? What do they like? Is it images, audio, video, or text? You’ve got to know that because when your audience needs to know something, they expect to get the answer in the simplest manner. Add this to the fact that your audience could change just like that. The thing is, no matter how great your work is, if you are talking to the wrong audience, it is not going to work. Remember, it is not about you, it is all about them!
  • This year, content specialist and SEOs should also look at the user’s objective on the keywords that they select when they write the content. Google has likewise shifted in the keyword intent which is a vital concept when talking about keyword research. You have to focus in meeting the user’s need and match them to your content including videos and landing pages to get the best result.
  • Think, do you want to take the risk and try to rank using a wide term or use terms that will help every level of the funnel and keep your audience closer in taking action? You just have to reconsider on the kind of keyword research you used in the past. Are they effective? If not, change.
  • This time, do not match the keyword phrases and make sure that you answer the questions of the users when they search. It is important that you also go to SERPs to know your ranking in your targeted phrase. If not, move on, think of another phrase and do it quickly.
  • Now, go further, think of the answers to any follow-up questions that may be asked after you have answered the first one. You’ve got to think in advance.
Planning 2019 in terms of SEO

Planning 2019 in terms of SEO

Do not just Rely on Google Search.

  • Can anyone beat Google’s search supremacy? Why not?
  • 2019 could be the year that we should include other search engines and not just optimizing for Google. The use of SEO is to show the result of what people are looking for and not just having the blue link. This means you should know how to drive engagement and traffic than just websites.
  • You need to rank everywhere. Make sure to rank in app stores. Now, to rank high when people search for videos or podcast you’ve got to be where people search for them. Powerful brands are multi-faceted. They don’t just rank in websites. Top SEOs should do the same.
  • A digital strategist and SEO consultant reiterated that this year, optimizing for devices is a good idea. Eventually, everything needs a great content in the best and fastest platforms you can find to meet the needs of your user regardless of where they are. And since, search experience is the concern here, you just got to give a good search experience no matter if it is app-based or web-based, it still has to be systematic and could answer the user’s needs with your site’s offerings.

Phoenix SEO – What Are the Reasons for NAP Inconsistency?

We all know that we need to be consistent with our business’ NAP as discussed in part 1. It is after all as vital as the listings in the directory and citations that was built for possible customers to find them. No consistency in the NAP, no conversion of potential customers.

What are the reasons for NAP inconsistency?

It could be due to human errors or changes in the business. Here are the other reasons:

  • No updates in its directory listings and citations when the business address was a changed.
  • When there are two or more listed address that are being posted online.
  • Created different phone numbers for conversion tracking.The effect of the above reasons is the non-conversion of sales. It could likewise harm your brand.

Google’s algorithm.

There is a different algorithm for Google compared to the organic SERPs. It is affected by the location of the user every time they search something online. If your NAP is consistent, your business will be shown in the local searches.

Inconsistent directory adscription.

There are businesses that give a different phone number in every directory. This is to track down marketing efforts. But there is always two sides:

  • The advantage is that there’s more accuracy in measuring the ROI of the marketing campaign.
  • The disadvantage is that you may have many published information with different NAPs.

This will of course result to several business listings with different NAP and perhaps different locations. Users will be confused in guessing which one is correct. That could be frustrating!

Red Cradle Telephone

Too many phone numbers listed.

Stop the online blinds.

There are also businesses that located in 1 area, but it shows different 3 contact numbers and varying business closing times too! Even if the user was eventually able to guess the right contact number, the user still wasted his time and effort figuring out the correct information.

Avoiding spam is also avoiding customers.

Wrong numbers on the directory listings is used to avoid the spam phone calls. But it can also drive away interested customers.

Doing the local right!

Local searches do have higher conversion rates, and because of the proximity, users would often complete their intended.

Local businesses has forgotten that there are a lot of opportunities in making good business only if they could also satisfy the intent of the local customers. So, make sure your business’ NAP is consistent.

Build a Quality Local Value Pages.

This would be easier if the business has an actual store at the right location. However, it does not mean that intangible product or service sold online has no chance.

For example, if you are in New York and you are looking for a contractor, Google breaks in down to…

  • “contractors”, user is looking for a contractor. This is the main keyword of the search.
  • “in New York” will be the supporting element. This means the user is asking for a local contractor.

In short, the main part of the website should reflect the primary product or the service, with of course the supporting elements that could surely add value in connection to the user’s location.

Phoenix SEO – Importance of NAP to Your Local SEO

The mobile usage has exceeded the desktop usage in the year 2015. Not only that, there are a number of people using multiple devices. In fact, there was a decrease of 32% on people using only a single device. In 2017, the numbers even dropped to 14% meaning more and more people having multiple devices.

Smartphone, Computer, and Newspaper

Name, Address, Phone.

Now this becomes a problem to the local businesses mainly because when a user move from say desktop to mobile phones, their search results will be different. This is the reason why NAP the acronym for your businesses Name, Address, and Phone should be consistently be placed across the web. Having a uniform NAP is vital your local rankings because humans use online directories and social media websites.

The Start of a Journey.

  • People say that the beginning of a user journey and brand experience actually starts when the user asks its first question; if not, when the user spends a lot of time on the website. But the truth is, it started much sooner than that.
  • Google data says that there are 5 points that often leads to a conversion, purchase, or any positive reaction from a user:
    • Made use of any search engine.
    • Paid a visit to a physical store
    • Browsed the retailer’s website or mobile application.
    • Browsed a similar website or app.
    • Utilized of a map.
  • Finding your business on their search results online, on a map, or having stumbled upon a physical store is the start of a user’s journey. Likewise, local search is an important especially because 78% of mobile searches yield a visit to a business’ physical store.
  • This is why having an updated NAP is so vital to allow the user to continue. Often, we think that users our business or any pertinent information through the official website, the several posts on social media, but the truth is, users find business through different ways like online portals and directories.

Be a part of the User’s Journey at the Search Stage.

  • Your chance to impress the user is during their first attempt in searching. If your business appears in the notable places like search engine results, you would invite them to click on the given content.

Lazy Local Pages or Doorways.

  • When users search for your business, surely, there are tons of search results that offer help. However, not all results are relevant. There’s what you call a “lazy local page.” It is a web page that offers no value or importance to the one searching.
  • The purpose of these pages is to boost or rank that particular website. Users end up wasting their time because these lazy pages are as not useful as they seem to be.
  • Google’s officially defines these pages as:
    • “Doorways are sites or pages created to rank highly for specific search queries. They are bad for users because they can lead to multiple similar pages in user search results, where each result ends up taking the user to essentially the same destination. They can also lead users to intermediate pages that are not as useful as the final destination.”

In 2016 of September, the Google Possum update greatly influenced the results of these futile searches. It offered a solution in handling poor quality searches. Now, many businesses that located in main cities or hubs have a greater chance of appearing in search reaches than they did before the said update.

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