Phoenix SEO – 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know (Part 2)

It’s time for SEO trends part 2! If you missed part, don’t fret because you can read them all here. Be sure to read the additional tips below because these will surely be the “IN” thing this 2019:

The Key is the Structured Data Markup.

  • AI is vital to Google, but structured data is fast becoming more vital, too. Even if your Al is great if it spends a lot of time to ‘crawl’ the needed information, it isn’t that great. It needs swift processing of the contents as well as its connection to each other. So, whenever possible, use structured data.
  • Finally, the contextual relationships of behaviors and topics that is backed-up with structured markup is another trend that needs a lot of testing, mastery, and implementation. Furthermore, allocate helpful vocabulary pages for different products, events, and offers.

Produce Extraordinary Content.

  • Google is increasing its focus on the quality content and exceptional depth of the websites. This is because when checked, the SEO performance in the different websites that had extraordinary content escalated its ranking the whole year. So, if you are doing your content just to be there, you will fail. Do a content that can solve a problem. Research and create something that could encourage, one that is moving, one which could tie people together.
  • Go on and guide the user to the next level – action! This year could just be it, a rise on the quality of the content. And the results could be very interesting.
People Planning on a Table

Know the SEO trends this 2019 and plan carefully!

 Enlarge your E-A-T.

  • This stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in Google’s search quality rating guidelines. Watch out, this is another trend that you have to cope with this 2019. This means you should hire experts to write for you. That should answer the questions how. That is the kind of level that Google is searching for to power their results.
  • Quality comes with context. Context is vital because this will help connect and generate a relationship with your audience. Keep on producing contents and until you become credible enough to garner a top rating. That means, you are becoming an authority in a particular subject.
  • Being trustworthy is the result of hiring experts and being an authority. And this means hard work and consistency. Both Google and Bing reward E-A-T.

Devoting time in Technical SEO.

  • The continuous growth in complication in the different websites makes it apparent that this year; an investment in technical SEO is needed.
  • The following are the key areas needed to be considered in SEO’s technical side:
    • Google rewards more than just once sites that are faster and simpler.
    • The use of JavaScript. This means you need to know, understand, and how major search engines do good with this.
    • Developing Progressive Web Apps. You should think how you could make PWA work for your users and how they would use it regularly.

Succeed using On-Page Optimization.

  • On-Page will still be around this year because it gives good results. This is not the “hit it and quit it” type of tactic.
  • Here are a few important website optimizations:
    • Content that can answer the common questions of users.
    • Providing internal site search should give pertinent results.
    • Reduce the conversion process.