How to Increase Your Conversion Rate with Images

A lot of marketers prefer stock photography or the images that readily available for sale online to cut down their cost. But really it is a huge mistake. The thing is, images call attention and add a lot of life in your website. It does help you boost your product or services and thus, conversion could be a lot better.

Below are some suggestions to help you to effectively use images to make your conversion rate better.

  • Use emotions.
    • People usually buy because of many reasons. One of which has something to do with emotions. Therefore, we can tap emotion by choosing an image or images that they can relate to. It could be a happy, proud, or even angry emotion that connects for the customers to respond.
    • Emotions, after all, are potent. It matters how you present it. Use your images wisely not just in the sales side, but service wise as well. Considering both factors is a great combination.
  • Use people.
    • The effective faces that can move sales are babies, women, and of course, let’s not forget the attractive people. There are various research that shows that these images work.
    • Just pause for a sec and think of your reaction will be when you see a cute baby. Whether you like it or not, we, humans, will definitely react to a baby’s face emotionally. Use this knowledge, and also know your audience to have a successful application.
    • Pictures of women can, likewise, sell any products to men especially the attractive ones as shown in a research. It’s basically how our minds think.
Seriously, how can someone say NO to a smiling baby?

Seriously, how can someone say NO to a smiling baby?

  • On the other hand, attractiveness could affect the decision of a person.
    • This is called the “Halo Effect.”
    • Research has also shown that this type is seen as more successful, smart, and fascinating.  It, likewise, asks for a certain reaction from the audience that can lead to a higher conversion.
  • What about mascot?
    • It seem like nowadays this has become popular. Many blogs and sites use them for branding. The question is, how does a mascot help you convert? For one, it strengthens your marketing design. It is also easy to remember the product or the service and lastly, it could easily get the intended emotional outcome. That is the reason why many websites uses mascots. Not only is it effective, it is not that expensive, too.
  • Out of the box.
    • Don’t limit your imagination. Scream that you are different, and use images that say so. Use the technology to your advantage. Think of a twist; something that can make people remember. For sure, the conversion rate will be amazing!
  • Validation.
    • People need a third opinion. They want to make sure that they are sure. Thinking carefully to make sure that they are not making a wrong decision. Seeing a happy woman that has smooth and beautiful skin indirectly tells the audience that they should try it, too. This is one sure way to entice people in buying beauty products.

Where to Sell your Photos Online?

polaroid pictures

Thinking of selling your photos?

If you have taken a number of photos of good quality, why not sell them online and earn good money from it? There are a lot of options online. Many companies have means to help photographers in selling their photos. If you are looking for a place to sell your art, look no further.

Here are 9 great sites you can try:

  • Shutter Stock is the leading sites for photographers. Each image cost $0.25-$2.85 but this rate can be higher for excellent images. Images here undergoes a strict scrutiny. Thousands of photos are added every day.
  • iStock Photo Be a member and then apply as a contributor. The royalty rate is 15% for every download. An exclusive contributor gets a royalty of 45%. This company which is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada offers millions of illustrations, clip art, photos, video and audio tracks. Almost half a million of works are added each month in this site.
  • Fotolia This New York based company, is a micro stock agency. It is a great platform to sell your photos. A photographer is paid based on ranking and image exclusivity. Range of payment is from 20% to 63% for each download. There is just one thing, its subscription plans are a bit complicated.
  • PhotoCrati is a website for photographers and visual artists. You can quickly sell photos with the Photocrati theme’s built-in ecommerce galleries. It integrates easily with Paypal so you do not need to worry about the collecting money.
  • Tour Photos This site is dedicated to tour companies. It features amusement parks, northern lights excursions, cruise ships and many more. It also has photos of activities like diving, paragliding, scuba diving, and rafting. If you are into these things, this is the site for you. You can choose to sell your photos, or make them available for free.
  • Smug Mug gives a photographer a storefront that comes with an e-commerce galleries with just a single click shopping experience. It is a site where you can display your photos, greeting cards, digital downloads, prints, and sell them too. You can decide on the prices and the royalty is 85%.
  • Photo Shelter offers you everything you need. You can choose from the nine website templates available and you will be able to build your own site in minutes. No coding required for this. Just upload your work to the provided online storage. You are given an unlimited file size and supports various file types if you have a Standard or Pro account. The plans starts from $9.00 per month but can go up $49.99 per month.
  • Alamy is the world’s most diverse stock photo collection according to its website. This photography agency was launched in 1999. It offers over 105 million stock images and images are from 60,000 individual photographers. You can sell any of your photos here.
  • Snapped4U features events like festivals, gigs, parties, weddings, and etc. This is a website where selling photos are really simple. Sales of the photos raises money for good causes. Should your photo sells at more than $5, this site will charge a commission of 10%.

Stock Photo Secrets also shared more about the various Photo Sharing Services for Selling Photos. So, you can check them out if you need further information about selling your photos or making them available for download.

How to Increase your Sales with Better Product Photos

camera lensGood quality product pictures is the key to increase your sales online. Amateur product shots wears down the consumers trust. Showing your product online tells people what your product is, how to use it, so user can decide if they need the product. Fortunately, you do not have to spend thousands just for the equipment alone. No need to hire a professional photographer. There are simple steps to take product pictures.


  • People think that using a good camera is enough. Remember to invest on decent lenses too. If all you have is a phone, then that will do. There are point-and-shoot cameras that are very affordable. Whatever you decide on, get a camera that can also capture video.  Remember that even the most modest equipment can give you great results as well.
  • Think of your background. Shooting products in a continuous background which is neutral in color like white or grey will look great. You can buy craft paper or poster board. Buy clamps to make sure that the end of the paper can be attached to a table or whatever you want to use for your shoot.
  • Nothing beats natural lighting. When you think of good lighting, there is Mother Nature to depend on, which can give you good results. You can set your product near a window. The down side of it is that the sun could decide to hide itself giving you poor lighting. But there are other options like using the lighting kit available in the market. Just make sure it operates in a continuous mode compared to flash only. This allows taking videos as well. On the other hand, if you are working on a smaller budget, all you need are at least two lights attached on top of a clear plastic container. Get the same right wattage and color for both your lights.
  • Shaky hands will not produce excellent photos. You need a tripod so you don’t have to hold your camera by hand. If your camera has slow shutters, when your hands moves, this will produce blurry images. Everything should be clear and sharp down to the smallest detail.
  • Aperture is a hole or opening that lets the light travels specified by an an “f-number” like “f/4” or “f/16”. To produce a narrow depth of field, use a wide aperture (small f-number). Your product photos with look richer and more professional. Set your camera in the “aperture priority” mode. Check your manual for this.
  • Be careful of the shadows. Do not use harsh backlighting or setups that can bring shadows on the product. The lights should be on the same side of the product as your camera, or even a little off to one side.
  • Make sure there are no dirt or fingerprints on your product. A dust on the lens will likewise produce poor results. Have a microfiber rags to wipe everything before shooting.

The best way to master product shots is to practice, be creative, and be patient. Keep on clicking until you get a good result. Be bold enough to experiment. Know that if you take good product shots, you are likely to increase your sale.

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