SEO Trends to Follow Before 2020

If you want to know the trend to gain Google and readers approval in content marketing and SEO, just remember four things: type of media, content quality, originality, and finding the right target audience.

SEO Trends for 2020

So if you want to know more, here are some trends you owe to know.


    • More and more people realize that a more exhaustive, well-searched, and long content are those that are more effective. Check out the top results, and it would tell us that content, with 2000 words or more, are the ones that gained the top 5 in ranking. So, forget about shallow content that has no value because it will give you no beneficial results.

    • According to a research, 56% of the B2C content marketers is putting their time and resources in the last year. This could include the following:
  1. Exploring subjects and keywords.
  2. Setting the groundwork of the content’s coverage.
  3.  Writing and improving the content.
  4. Developing the graphics, screen grabs, working on the finished content.
  5. Posting and advertising your content.
    • According to Google Trends, content marketing reached its popular status in the last few years so putting your finances for that purpose can lead you to your goal.

    • This is another elected trend that a lot of professionals in the field use and that reflects on one survey by Evergage. It says 93% of marketers use this strategy. This method centers on modifying the content for the various users of your site built on handily convenient personal data that includes interests, statistics, and latest browser history.
    • According to Evergage, many of the marketers agree in its results.
  1. Assist in a more wonderful shopping experience.
  2. Produces quantifiable ROI.
  3. Amplifies customer’s sense of loyalty.
    • The thing is, a certain content speaks to a specific type of person. The need of the NEW visitor compared to a visitor on her say 15th time has a different objective. If you do content personalization, it assures every visitor that there is a little bit of difference in each page; thus, having a content that will interest the users each time they visit your site.

  1. 52% will endorse the product to others.
  2. 48% would be loyal to the product.

    • Blogging is a great content marketing approach but it is not everything. You cannot just consider those who read articles and blogs because the truth is, your missing out on other types of people who loves audio and or video and probably blogging too. Just an update, people over 18 years old spend at least 11 hours a day on content that is available in the internet, TV, mobile phone, and other devices connected to the internet. So, play smart and get into podcasts, YouTube, webinars, live streaming, and of course, the ever dependable blogging. Remember, follow where your target customers go and invest on these platforms.

How to Start Updating Your Old Post? (Part 1)

Everyone says that you should update your blog entries. How do we do that exactly? This post will breakdown the key elements when you need to update your blog posts.

Man thinking about updating or not.

To update or not to update?

Let’s start with question, “What should you update?” Before you start with the actual updating, first, you need to scan all your existing posts. Start with the obvious ones. The most popular posts on your website are probably written eons ago.

If your blog does have a steady influx of traffic, then, view all your top pages, and arrange them by date. By the way, it’s a terrible idea to add dates in the URLs.

How to decide? How many blogs to update?

There’s no exact number here. It really depends on your new resources. If you think you have other posts to link, then, of course, you could add a lot of information. Roughly, here are the things you should be doing before updating:

  • Know ‘the time to update’ versus ‘the estimated value.’
    • Let’s say a post would have 1,500 monthly visitors and there would be a 20% increase of visits once the update is done. Thus, you would have an additional 300 monthly visitors for that page.
    • Is this enough for you? Only you can answer whether an additional 300 visitors would mean a lot or not.
    • Assess other means as well. If you decide to do a paid advertisement, would it be better? How much will it cost you?
    • For the most part, when companies reach over 10,000 monthly visitors, any increase of web traffic is always worth the blood, sweat, and tears.
  • Know the estimated number of views.
    • Use web traffic estimates and look at it as if you are publishing a new content. If a new post would generate 800 – 1200 monthly reads, then, use that range as your basis when you update a blog post. If you think you can get the same amount of reads when you update, then, go for it.
  • Test it first.
    • Like any project, you would test it first if it is indeed effective. Start updating a few pages, 5 – 15 posts for example, and see how it goes. Then, measure the improvements in a span of at least 90 days. If it goes well, you might want to apply the same changes to your other blog posts.

Learn the drawbacks of updating your old posts.

Now that you figured out what are the pages fit for update and revision, the next step is to know the possible dangers when you are trying to update your content:

  • You are changing the focus.
    • When you make changes, there’s a huge change that you would derail from the main focus of the original article. If you derail too much, then, it would affect the existing focus and rankings.
  • You are changing the anchor texts that are relevant to the page.
    • The original article may have internal or external links to boost link building effort. If you try to edit, you may change a particular term that are needed. Thus, there’s a chance that you may devalue previously used anchor texts. You may lose traffic along the way.
  • You want to stay fresh.
    • See, if your website focuses on well-established topics, there’s no need to stay fresh. You only need to update if topics constantly change. For example, if you talk about grammar and composition, there are NOT a lot of changes in terms of the English grammar. So, updating it is unnecessary.

Ready to start the updating? Refer to this list of tips!

How Content Marketing Boosts Your Online Presence

The digital world continues to grow and it is important for businesses to grow along with it. The key towards that goal is to build and improve your online presence with content marketing. The most important thing is to do it regularly and strategically.

And as you construct your content marketing foundation, your authority grows, people’s trust in you grows, and that leads to engagement. This will result to conversion, leads, sales, and finally loyalty to your brand. Sounds profitable, yes?  But the question is how do you promote growth? Well, let us break down the marketing trends and how to apply them.

  • The Right Way of Emailing.
    • We all know that businesses thrives in emailing to get more customers. The reason for this is that email users around the world is a whopping 3.7 billion. What’s more, studies shows that by 2020 it will rise to 4.3 billion, such a spectacular number. This only means people use and depend on the email. Therefore, email is the right platform to gain customers but you need to use it the right way.
    • This means, don’t spam. This does not only mean scams but it does include sending out too many emails than you should. If this continuous, people will just delete your messages.
Discussing emails

Discussing emails

  • Invest in Blogging.
    • It still is the kind of digital activity that is the most profitable but you have to investment. Then, think of blogs that will produce interest, develop a list of your audience, and go somewhere. Research shows that regular posting a well-written original content ensures success.
    • So, what are the important things you need to do to make blogging successful?
      • Post Regularly to develop your traffic and leads and see an average of 4.5 leads compared to those who doesn’t.
      • Quality, Regularity, and Creativeness in your blogging will be able to address whatever is being asked by your audience. Now, you will have a good fighting chance.
  • Get Experts.
    • If you want to invest in blogging and stir interest from your audience, do roundups. It starts with a gripping questions by the host blogger and asking roundup experts to share their views. An example would be Experts Share Tips to build your Online Presence. The thing is, you would want people to visit your site. The traffic will tell you that you are doing well. It will likewise tell your customer’s reaction and that will help you plan and strategize to get the top ranking. It will take time, though but you are in the right track.
    • So, why does this strategy works? Well, first, it gets a lot of backlinks. This is including the round up expert’s link you featured. It is a win-win situation. Second, it is a great way to be promoted. Obviously, when the round up post is live, it only takes you to share the link with the experts and they will surely link it to their own followers. Thus, your audience will grow in numbers.
    • Lastly, you can have a lot of connections and build your authority thereby giving you a chance to build bond, chance to network, build a useful relationship. This will also tell your audience the people you come in contact with. That will too, will gain their trust.

Phoenix Web Design – Words That Can Help You Gain Your Customers’ Trust

Without words, you won’t be able to your audience to check out your website. Words are your weapon. These words will help you convince web visitors to convert into customers. So, your word choices are important in writing product descriptions, creating blog posts, and composing marketing emails. Below are the 6 important words that will help you gain people’s trust.

  • You

  • Write in the second person POV. Always assume that you are directly talking to them. One way of doing that is using the word, you.
    • For example, The shirt suits you because it is comfortable and is built for everyday use.
  • For the most part, you are selling to your customers. Talk more about the benefits of your products, and not about your company. Every time you see yourself from talking from your perspective, always go back and try to find a way to rephrase it to the viewpoint of your customers.
  • Do

  • Instead of using the word “try”, go for “do.”  For instance, “try to change the settings by…” say, “to change the settings, do this and do that…” This makes you more skilled and authoritative. Thus, your readers will have confidence following your instructions.
  • And

  • When you use the word “but,” it implies a negative connotation. The word “and” is a solution for you when you are dealing with unfavorable comments or contradictions.
  • The word “but” signals that you are about to say an antagonistic statement. “And” is an all-embracing word that makes you seem to agree even though you are at odds.
    • Take a look at these 2 examples:
    • “We stayed at home, but we just watched The Wizard of Oz.”
    • “We stayed at home, and we watched The Wizard of Oz.”
    • The second sentence seems like they enjoyed the 1939 movie, while the first sentence says otherwise. It’s as if they weren’t excited that they were watching a classic movie. Word choices really make a difference.
Assorted Quotes Hanged on Wall

The words that motivate you.

  • Or

  • Don’t ask your customers if they would like to buy your product. Instead, give them a wide array of choices. If you only present one single option, their only choice is either to accept or to reject. However, if you provide them multiple options, you have increased your chances of receiving a yes from your customers.
  • So, don’t just tell them to check out your products. Instead, tell them that you offer it in different colors and size. Would they like it in red, blue, or yellow?
  • Should we … ?

  • Ask your readers. You don’t have to constantly tell them that “you should check this” or “you should do that.” It seems that it’s very bossy and pompous of you. Rephrasing propositions as interrogative questions encourages the customers to be open-minded. It extinguishes the idea for the conversation to go awry.
  • Support

  • According to Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson’s The Challenger Sale, sales representatives should express agreement and work as one to show “support” or “unity.” This could have an influence on your buyer’s mindset. It enhances your customers’ purchase experience because they are sure that there’s an entire team ready to help whenever they encounter trouble. It strengthens customer relationship and brand loyalty.

How to Create a Remarkable Blog

Creating a blog is easy because you have a multitude of blog hosting sites out there. However, creating a successful blog is not. When someone asked me for tips, I told her to know the scope of her blog first. Luckily for you, I finally decided to make a guide to help you start your new blog.

I will not discuss how to structure your blog post because it’s here. In this post, I will guide you in making decisions for your new blog. Here are the different factors you need to consider before you hit the publish button:

  • evergreen articles vs. news articles

  • Ask yourself first, “Should I blog about evergreen articles or shall I pick news articles?” Let’s differentiate the two type of articles first.
  • Evergreen blog posts are the kind of content that NEVER get out of style. It continue to be relevant in the coming years. In short, it will never become obsolete. For example, ‘How to Create an Extraordinary Blog?’ This article will forever offer a helping hand to whoever needs a guide.
  • Meanwhile, news articles are the exact opposite of evergreen. They are timely and they need to be constantly updated.  A perfect example would be “The Highlights of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.”
  • Either way, it’s all just a matter of preference. Whether you choose evergreen over news, it’s really up to you. There is no right or wrong way of blogging. However, personally, I prefer evergreen content because it is timeless.  It will forever cater to an audience.
  • Writing news articles is quite tricky. The blog post will become irrelevant the moment the topic  becomes unimportant. The benefit, however, is gain huge amounts of web traffic in short period of time.
  • In the example I gave, London Olympics will surely gain views over a blogging guide. However, we are not in 2012 anymore so the post about the London Olympics is considered insignificant and it will not invite potential web viewers in the future.
Analyzing the kind of blog you want.

It’s important to analyze the kind of blog you want.

  • blog frequency

  • The answer to the question, “How often should I post new articles?” is subjective. Blogging frequency is also a matter of preference honestly. It continues to be one of the commonly discussed topics online, and there seems to be no definite answer. Like in the first item, there is no right or wrong answer here.
  • Personally, I choose quality over quantity. Before I post a new blog, I make it a point that my readers will learn something important.  I believe content makers also stand by this principle. It is better to post one remarkable article than having 10 mediocre articles.
  • However, if you choose to run a news-based blog, you have to constantly blog. For example, in the London Olympics article, you can write more about the topic. You can give a comprehensive up-to-the-minute update by posting, “The Spectacular London Olympics Opening,” “The Official List of Winners during the London Olympics,” and so on. The moment it’s over, all the related articles are of no use.
  • One article a week is a pretty good strategy. If you feel like you do more, then, go ahead. Just don’t overwork yourself because taking a blog break is not recommended. You always have to put something out there in order to grow. So, it’s better to take it one step at a time. Once you find your own pace, create a blog schedule, and work around it.
  • At the end of the day, it’s important to always stay engaged and it’s not really about the number of articles you publish. Keep it steady!

Blogging 101: How to Construct Your Blog Post

Writing blog posts may seem easy until you have to try it yourself. Over time, blogging eventually becomes easy. With enough practice, you will find blogging simple as ABC. Unfortunately, there are moments that you’ll experience writer’s block. Words wouldn’t flow smoothly as you would expect them to be. If blogging is a difficult task for you, I’ll help you by listing blogging tips on how to construct your blog post.


blogging tips for beginners.

  • Your blog post structure is important.

    • You should follow a certain structure. Don’t just babble about a  topic or story. Ideally, your blog post should start with the introduction, followed by the body, and the conclusion.

    • The introduction should give your readers an idea on what to expect upon reading your blog post. Will you provide a list of useful tips? Will you provide a concrete solution to a problem? Do you need to address a controversial issue? A good blog post should be able to answer any of those questions.
    • Aside from that, you should state the reason why you chose the topic or why you think it is an important to discuss. Give them a good enough reason to stay and read your post. Provide a brief summary on what this particular blog post will be about.
    • BODY

    • This is the second part of your blog post. You should focus on discussing the main purpose on why chose to write this post. Provide detailed tips on how to help your readers. Moreover, give them a how-to guide on doing things.
    • The body should provide the solution you promised during the intro. Be useful to your readers and give them something productive. If your post covers different areas, list your main points.
    • Use bullets and numbers so that your readers can easily follow the progress of your post. Review each step and eliminate unnecessary sentences to avoid confusion. Keep your sentences short and concise as to not bore your readers.
    • If you are out of ideas, imagine you are talking to a friend. Anticipate their questions and visualize what they want to know. You are not obliged to write 1000 words to obtain that quintessential post. Usually, 300 to 500 words is enough.
    • Lastly, if you feel like you have too many things to say, you can split the ideas into different blog posts. So, you will have ample time to explain your key points in detail.

    • This is where you wrap-up your blog post. Emphasize your main ideas and stress other important details. End your blog post by providing a summary of the solution you presented. Be sure the problems listed in the introduction are given concrete answers.
    • Finally, add a call-to-action button or link your readers to another useful post. As much as possible, end the blog post on a positive note and encourage a friendly discussion.

An impressive post does not just happen in a snap. Don’t get discouraged if words don’t flow easily because even the top bloggers experience road blocks.  It important to plan ahead and research on your topic. Write an outline of what you plan to cover and what each division will contain.  Without a doubt, blogging helps in boosting your online presence. Learn more about the other ways to promote your website here.

B2B Web Design Guidelines that You Should Follow

blogging, blur, business

When designing a website, it is crucial to know who the target buyer is. Are you selling to a business, or a consumer?

B2B, if you ask investopedia, refers to a type of transaction that’s conducted between companies. Business to business is the polar opposites of business to consumer (B2C) and business to government (B2G) transactions. B2B marketing can make your business, if executed perfectly.

To do that, here is a list of procedures you should always keep in mind:


    This basically means keeping track with all of your performance analysis. Have determinants, measures, and all sorts of identifiers to gauge how your transactions, operations and overall performance are going. Don’t neglect numbers and percentages that could make or break your entire business. At the end of the day you should be able to answer questions like, “which of these activities would I gain more profit?’, “what can I do to increase revenue?”, or “how can I maintain my sales?” etc. These are only a few of the many questions you should always keep on track with.


    Being religious when it comes to blogging your contents will give you higher probability of boosting the search engine of your rank site more. This means that you can be more visible to the world in just a click of the mouse so don’t neglect blogging your contents because this could be your business saver.


    Most people have photographic memories. We tend to process information better if we comprehend and appreciate what our eyes see. Researchers have proven that marketing and other promotional activities associated with images tend to attract more customers than those you only use texts as their props. Always make sure to incorporate images and infographics to your marketing activities because this is essential to the success of your business.


    One of the things you should stop doing is promoting your business too much. While it is a great way to build your business or your business’ credibility, it can be overbearing at times. Most of the time, customers don’t really want to hear much about your business or how your business grew from its humble beginnings, they care more about how you are going to serve them. Instead of boring your customers with your endless self-promotion, use a customer-focused approach because at the end of the day your customer’s satisfaction is what really matters.


    It will be hard for new customers to commit to buying your products for the first time. It is important to pay attention to maintaining your email marketing this will bridge you to your prospective and existing clients. This can help you generate the highest return on investment.


    While it is safe to say that you need to match your business and your business style to your demographic, or to your target market, it is wrong to think that they want the same things, or they are ready for the same things. This is not something that is universal. You need to segment them, classify them and tend to their respective needs.


    Do not ever underestimate the wonders of social media. This is not just to build a social media profile; this will also open countless of doors for your business. This will help you become more visible to the market because social media is where everyone is at nowadays. This will not only help you better interact with your existing clients but will also connect you to prospective ones with just a post away.

Increase Website Sales Using These Infallible Principles

Macbook Pro

No matter how great your website is…

The reality is majority of the people who visit your website will not buy on their first go. As a matter of fact, they might not even come back to pay you another visit. Don’t take it personally; this is just how online businesses roll.  It does not really take a PHD to increase your ecommerce sales. In fact, boosting your online sales can be a piece of cake.

Here’s how:


    If you think color is just for added jazz, you are definitely incorrect. It does not only make everything look bright and pretty because the right choice and usage of color schemes can help you boost your sales on a higher level. According to a study that studied 100 brands along with 450 non-color blind participants, it has been concluded that color increases appeal and likeability toward a product. Another study also showed that color played an crucial role in marketing and decision-making. It was found out that people decide within 2 minutes of interacting with people or products, and that up to 90 percent of their decision is based on colors.


    The seller will list all the details pertaining to that particular product especially the price. Now, the tricky part is there are usually two or three prices listed for one item. It is usually its list price and actual price. The other is cheaper and the other is more expensive. This will create the impression on your customers that they are making a great deal on a particular purchase. This is not, by any means, a form of deceit but it is an effective strategy that will make them think that you are giving them a bargain.


    Your products can look like the most amazing thing that anyone has ever seen but there is a pretty big chance that people will still not bother to buy it. Why? They may question its authenticity or security. There are a bunch of fake deals going around the internet that is why it is important to give your customers the assurance that what you are selling is safe, sealed if it must be, and authentic.


    Blogging is a really great marketing strategy because people nowadays are showing more interest to blogs. People relate more to blogs because these are daily or weekly testimonies of people about a particular event, place, or product. Blogging has been a great medium for advertising products because people are now following blogs more than they follow anything else.


    You may think that providing your customers with a sea of choices is great but in actual operations, it is NOT helping. Limit their choices. Most of the time it is not about the quantity, but it is most importantly about the quality of what you put out.

The list can go on, but these are the proven methods to boost online sales. Follow these easy and foolproof ways and use them when redesigning your website. Color choice is important so make sure you know your audience well before deciding on a particular website design.

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