How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business (Part 2)

Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, social media, in general, can be rewarding for businesses. The more you tweet out to the world, the more chances for your business to grow. So, I will continue my discussion on Twitter tips for business.

Twitter for Web displayed on the laptop screen

Check out the tips below in order to use Twitter effectively as a promotional tool:

5) Offer a helping hand.

You aren’t on social media JUST to promote. Yes, that’s one of your business goals. However, it won’t harm the business if you start helping people. Take time to reply to those mentioning you. Even if they don’t, help anyone who asked for assistance. Share your thoughts and suggestions that could help them.

Who knows they might want to follow you, or better yet, patronize your brand? Your efforts of helping other people can go a long way! Most importantly, you aren’t just boosting your business, but you are also building relationships.

6) Get help from the FREE Twitter assistant.

Did you know Twitter collaborated with Union Metric to provide better tools? Presenting the free Twitter Assistant! With this tool, you can create better tweets for your followers. There will be recommendations that is personally crafted for  your business. Plus, you get a report, wherein you will have an idea on the following:

  1. When should you Tweet?
  2. What kinds of content get the most engagement?
  3. Which hashtags increase your impressions?
  4. Who are the most influential people in your audience?

Just so you know, Union Metrics is Twitter’s Official Partner in helping businesses develop more strategies online. With over 350,000 marketers using Union Metrics’ Twitter Assistant, you will surely never go wrong.

7) Analyze your tweets.

The great thing about Twitter is its FREE Analytics. You can use it to…

  • learn details about your followers,
  • and learn if your tweets are doing well (or not!)

On every tweet, you can view its “tweet activity.” Then, you will have an idea on how many Twitter users have seen the tweet, how many retweeted, how many liked it, and so on. Basically, you will know how many interacted with each tweet. You get to realize the impact of a single tweet. To know more about this unique feature, read Twitter’s guide on How to Use Twitter Analytics.

8) Use Direct Messages.

Not everything on Twitter should be broadcasted to all. Twitter knows this fact well! That’s why, they have Direct Messages. Essentially, it is the private side of the noisy Twitterverse. With DMs, you can start having private conversations with your customers. Of course, other people won’t like to read about other people’s orders or tracking details. These things won’t spark the interest of your followers. Better settle this with only the concerned parties. Start a group chat using Direct Messages and help resolve your client’s concerns. For more info about Direct Messages and its uses, check the Twitter’s help guide right here.


Undoubtedly, Twitter is a great tool for business whether you want to promote your business, to research on the latest trends, or to reach out to a wider audience. Don’t forget to also advertise your Twitter account on your website. How to add a follow button for Twitter? Follow this step-by-step guide.