The Impact of Fonts on Your Website

Much of the world today undeniably relies on visuals. This is especially true in the online world. And it is probably one of the things that attracts and entices us to remain on an account, or, as the purpose of this article, a website. One of the best tools that influence in that aspect is the font.


Fonts are one of the most overlooked design elements there is when crafting a website. However, unbeknownst to many, they can actually work to improve a website in a lot of ways. Statistically, the average Internet users only read 28% of the web page. This really says a lot about how fonts can affect that. And if you want more convincing, then allow us to tell you the impact of fonts on your website.


Fonts Affect Site Speed

Often, people blame pictures and other content like videos in terms of the loading speed of a website. But actually, one of the things that also contribute to that are the fonts used.

Fonts or the typefaces you use on your website usually requires you to download them. Therefore, if you use more typefaces, then there are more for you to download. However, this may cause your website to slow down since there is just too much downloadable content.


To prevent this, it helps to remain consistent and just use at least two to three different fonts. Not only will this cut down on load time, but it will also make your website look cleaner and polished.


Fonts Give Character to Your Website

Through written content, fonts are probably the most visible component that is all over your website. they are unmissable. So it plays a lot in how your website will look. This is one of its main purpose: to convey the character or purpose of your website and content. That is why it is important for you to choose the right fonts to use. Make sure that it speaks a lot about your website.


Fonts Improve Dwell Time

When used correctly, the fonts for your text can guide your readers towards the end of the article. We all know that not everyone gets through and complete reading the article. People have become too impatient for that. And if they leave immediately just because your fonts are unreadable and all over the place, then your dwell time will suffer. This could be bad for you in the search rankings. So to overcome this, use the proper fonts and align and arrange your text.


Fonts Place Emphasis

You want people to visit your website for a number of reasons. But sometimes, they just fail to notice that. With the right fonts, you can actually lead them to what you want to achieve by emphasis.


If you want your visitors to actually buy a product, you definitely won’t use a font that is unremarkable and small. Instead, you would use one that grabs their attention. Fonts emphasize the things you want most to be noticed. So be cautious about the fonts you choose.