In today’s ever-changing world of marketing

As the online marketing world becomes more competitive, it is important now that you make use of tools that will make you stand out from the crowd. A good one for that is by adding videos to your website. Videos are a great way to make your site be more convenient to use. Aside from that are a number more benefits. We have listed them down below:


Fast Way to Deliver Your Site’s Content

In this fast-paced environment, it helps that your website keeps up. This means making the meaning of your content and business be delivered quickly. People now rarely read an entire article. So get to them first by relaying your message through a video.


Videos are a great way for users to digest the information coming from your website without having to read through everything. This way, they get to learn more about the product or services you offer much more conveniently. They won’t even have the time to leave your site as they will be engrossed watching. This also points to how your videos should be well-made also.


Visitors Get Engaged

As people spend more time on your website with the video, they then get to be exposed to a number of features on your website at the same time. They can see your CTAs, value proposition, and many more. By the time the video ends, they become more easily led to engage with your website. This is far better than passive.


Improves SEO

Studies actually show that having videos on your website can improve your chances of being featured on Google’s first page by 53 times. This means an increase in visibility for you, which will later lead to more visitors and conversion rates. Overall, a very good strategy to improve your business.


And once users click on your website, the video will do its work by holding their attention for 2 minutes or even longer. This would then increase their dwell time, which is also a factor Google uses for the page ranking.


Adds Personality to Your Website

You want your website to be memorable. And that won’t happen if it lacks personality. With videos, however, you can create that and show it to people in just a minute or so. Video messaging can create an emotional response to your customers. This would help you influence them and convince them to relate to your business persona. So if you want to be hip, fun, sophisticated, cool, professional, and more, then make use of videos and be remembered.


Foster Customer Relationship

Once your video captured your users, it will then help foster customer relationship. People prefer using products and services that are in line with their own personalities. And with videos, you can make your website be more relatable. Doing this will then make your website seem much more comfortable for them to engage, thus fostering a healthy customer relationship. After you have satisfied that, they will most likely return to your website.