Phoenix Website Design – Tips in Being an SEO Consultant (Part 3)

Tips in Being an SEO Consultant (Part 1) and Tips in Being an SEO Consultant (Part 2) may be over, but I still have more to share to you. There are more to share about being an SEO consultant, and you should apply these tips to stand out from others.

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Here are tips to continually improve your SEO and communication skills:

  1. Select the right tools for the business.
  • Each business may have different needs. Therefore, they may need different tools to achieve certain goals.
  • However, before you start suggesting tools, your clients need to understand that there are things these SEO tools will not tell them. Even the best SEO consultants will have a difficult time if the clients expect something else from you.
  • Now that’s clear, we can discuss the numerous tools one can use. The available tools can vary from keyword research, WordPress plugins, content creation, and so on. Again, let me remind you that the tools should fit the needs of the business.
  • Yes, there are too many tools available now. Whether a client opts for a free tool or a premium tool, the important aspect here is communication. What do they need the tool for? Is it for project management, digital and social media marketing, team collaboration?
  • Here are some suggestions
  • Disclaimer: I am not in any way endorsing these products. Again, choosing the right tool is important in any business. What may be important for others, may not be important for you.
  1. Know who you are dealing with.
  • Next, communication is key. Learn who your clients are dealing with on a daily basis. This way, you can give suggestions and recommendations that fit their audience.
  • Ensure that the people in the business is knowledgeable on the plans — the what, the how, and the why. Acknowledge their concerns and allow them to see the bigger picture.  Your communication on what it implies for them should be clear as crystal.
  1. Report the progress adequately.
  • To tie loose ends, you have to set expectations and communicate your points well. Both you and the client cannot move forward if you are not on the same boat. So, it is your job to inform the client on the expected performance and what are the things you plan to do in bringing in concrete results.
  • I think the most difficult part of the entire process is to report back to your client. Reporting should be done in a understandable and direct way. Thus, you should not fill everything with jargons that no one would understand. Make sure you will explain the key points well. What does this metric mean for their business? Why isn’t it working? Explain why you need to change certain things.
  • Just reminding you that your clients may feel bored and uninterested when you start to mention jargons such as bounce rate, on-page SEO, and other user engagements stats. Defining goals is an important first step as discussed in part 1, but being able to explain it clearly is the final step that completes the whole process of SEO consultation.