Six Alternatives to PayPal


Sending money online.

Paypal is popular when it comes to spending, receiving, and sending money online. It can transfer money, goods, or services and allows fund transfer from one person to another. While Paypal is the obvious choice by many, we can also look for other alternatives.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

  • Google Wallet is primarily used in the U.S. today but credits and debit cards coming from other countries. Simply tap to pay in-store with an NFC-enabled android device. There are also a handful of online businesses that accepts Google Wallet. This is strictly for merchants, which means you cannot send money but there are no chargeable fees.
  • Skrill (previously known as MoneyBookers) sends and receives money to its users with a debit or credit card. When sending and withdrawing funds from Skrill, each country is charged differently. Their focus is sending money in different currencies anywhere, which makes Skrill a close competitor to the popular Paypal.
  • If you are a seller and based in New Zealand or Australia, Paymate is a good choice to get money from buyers in other countries. The two countries can use Ebay Australia and Paymate on their website at a very minimal fee. You may not be able to send money to another user, but Paymate can be a good alternative when it comes to receiving payment.
  • Payza (also known as AlertPay) can send and receive money in 21 currencies and 190 plus countries. Although the service is mainly based in the U.S. and Canada, Payza supports certain banks and credit/debit card from countries they recognized. Additional funds can be done via credit card or bank transfer, request money by using invoices, and send money to other Payza users. To create an account with Payza is free but the other services of transferring has a minimal fee which can compete with PayPal. For online merchants, Payza has a good payment service. They will also help you in managing multiple businesses with just one account.
  • Payoneer is great when paying your online shopping. When you register you gain access to a prepaid MasterCard which will be delivered to where you are. Having an account is free and you are charged only when you activate the card. Through this, you can load money to your card that comes from other credit cards or banks. Activated card can be used in several countries using different currencies. This requires an annual fee. However, you can buy and withdraw money from a MasterCard
  • Stripe is PayPal’s biggest competitors charges a flat fee of only 2.9% and another 30c in every transaction you make. The set-up and use is easy, it has full payment integration, and bank transfers are fast. It has multiple payment options using multiple credit and debit cards. There is no other additional international fees.

There are more rising money transfer alternatives out there. It is good to check them out and try using their services. Who knows, you might end up with a much better deal!