Phoenix SEO – 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know (Part 1)

It’s 2019 and we need to know what is in store for the SEO professionals.  Time to review your game plan and scheme to make sure you are on top of the SERPs and earn more compared to last year. So, what works and what does not?  Here are some trends you need to know:

Know your User’s Objectives and Understand Your Audience.  

  • What do you know about your audience? What do they like? Is it images, audio, video, or text? You’ve got to know that because when your audience needs to know something, they expect to get the answer in the simplest manner. Add this to the fact that your audience could change just like that. The thing is, no matter how great your work is, if you are talking to the wrong audience, it is not going to work. Remember, it is not about you, it is all about them!
  • This year, content specialist and SEOs should also look at the user’s objective on the keywords that they select when they write the content. Google has likewise shifted in the keyword intent which is a vital concept when talking about keyword research. You have to focus in meeting the user’s need and match them to your content including videos and landing pages to get the best result.
  • Think, do you want to take the risk and try to rank using a wide term or use terms that will help every level of the funnel and keep your audience closer in taking action? You just have to reconsider on the kind of keyword research you used in the past. Are they effective? If not, change.
  • This time, do not match the keyword phrases and make sure that you answer the questions of the users when they search. It is important that you also go to SERPs to know your ranking in your targeted phrase. If not, move on, think of another phrase and do it quickly.
  • Now, go further, think of the answers to any follow-up questions that may be asked after you have answered the first one. You’ve got to think in advance.
Planning 2019 in terms of SEO

Planning 2019 in terms of SEO

Do not just Rely on Google Search.

  • Can anyone beat Google’s search supremacy? Why not?
  • 2019 could be the year that we should include other search engines and not just optimizing for Google. The use of SEO is to show the result of what people are looking for and not just having the blue link. This means you should know how to drive engagement and traffic than just websites.
  • You need to rank everywhere. Make sure to rank in app stores. Now, to rank high when people search for videos or podcast you’ve got to be where people search for them. Powerful brands are multi-faceted. They don’t just rank in websites. Top SEOs should do the same.
  • A digital strategist and SEO consultant reiterated that this year, optimizing for devices is a good idea. Eventually, everything needs a great content in the best and fastest platforms you can find to meet the needs of your user regardless of where they are. And since, search experience is the concern here, you just got to give a good search experience no matter if it is app-based or web-based, it still has to be systematic and could answer the user’s needs with your site’s offerings.

Phoenix SEO – Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions (Part 2)

Video in landing page is not just an option; it is a must! That’s what we learned in part 1. So, if you missed it, you can catch up on the tips right now. This post will still be about landing pages, and I will continue sharing ways in order to help you increase landing page conversions.

Person watching a video on the landing page

Person watching a video on the landing page

Keep it Sweet and Short! The time span of a child is short so does adults when it comes to watching a video. You just got to deliver your message and keep them watching in the next 10 seconds for them to watch your 1 minute video. Surely, if you don’t catch their attention they will quickly click-away and that is the end of you.

So what happens if you need to do a 60-seconder video? Well, keep it engaging and worth watching. What you want to say should show in your thumbnail. So what makes a good one? Here are some examples:

  • An image that mirrors the content.
  • One that shows feelings.
  • Simple but great content.
  • The lead character’s close-up.
  • Consistency in your style.

Placing your logo in the video. That way, if you are most likely to be changing it now and then can create the consistency. Thumbnails can have 15% your click-through rate or CTR. So, work on it.

Production Shows Best in Quality. It just have to be the best of the best! Good script and good equipment. If you can’t afford to hire a professional but you need to be doing videos, invest on the best equipment you need. Basically, you need a camera that is steady, a good microphone, box lights, and a high quality editing software.

Video Optimization for SEO. We want to be rank in the page of Google, sure, but how? You can use again your video content in the landing page then add to YouTube and optimize for SEO. After all, a video will end up on Google’s page compared to a blog post. Its potent result became such that SEO is growing along with it. But do not overlook the following tips:

  • Just one video in a page, tag and categorize and the explorer panel will enable display of content related to the tag or category.
  • Utilize optimized metadata which appears on SERP when a site has any inquiry.
  • Do a thorough transcription of your video and put it in your HTML in your landing page so as to improve the keyword search.
  • Host the video in your domain.
  • Try the possibility of embedding your videos to others as sharing could boost your brand.
  • Observe all your videos. Keep the good ones and get rid of those that do not perform.

Compress for a Shorter Load Time. This will make sure that you can load within two seconds for people to stay. If you do not compress your file, then the loading time will be longer which will make your prospects leave. Use apps like VLC Media Player or Handbrake. It can compress your file without affecting the quality of your video. If you want to check, go to Google’s free speed test.

Phoenix SEO – Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions (Part 1)

Your landing page could garner more conversions with a video. If you fail, then there is something wrong. Perhaps, your video is too long, could be that your video is not in the right place, and chances are, there is no CTA (call-to-action). Now, let us see why video is important in your landing page and the practices to make yours a success.

Person Browsing the Web

Practices to improve landing pages!

Ten years ago, the landing page video was nothing but a novelty. Today, we are all aware that it is something you need in your landing page to increase your conversion. To be exact, it increases your conversions by 80% and that is a big deal! So, why does it work? The answer is simple. A lot of people are lazy to read, and we are talking 60% here. It also helps them make a decision after. So now, let us find out the different practices to make excellent videos for your landing page.

The first key is to educate. Surely, when someone is in your landing page, that person is interested with your brand and your product. This is now your chance to educate your visitors. But hang in there, you have to make sure the contents is not fluffy or padded to the point of being repetitious. This will cause reduction in people signing in. You just got to deliver everything in less than a minute. Below are some tips for you:

  • Say who you are.
  • What you do and why you stand-out from the rest.
  • Say that you are unique.
  • And why you can help your reader solve the problem.

So, how do you say it in an interesting and creative way in a minute or even less than that? Now, that is the real challenge. If you can do that, congratulations!

Your video should have an understandable goal. Do not put all your goals. Stick to one clear goal and from there, plan the detail of your content. But first, consider what you want to achieve.  Ask yourself, do you want your visitor click on the link? Purchase? Sign up? You’ve got to be specific.

Below are some goals:

  • Purchase on the landing page.
  • Click to another page for the form.
  • Download an app, a tool, or incentive like downloadable content or a piece of digital, etc.
  • Share to friends.

Your video should be highlighted. Put your video above the landing page that is visible even without scrolling. This is called the fold. When placed in the right place conversion will surely increase by at least 15%. To make it more inviting, why not use a lightbox? This is the type that when clicked to zoom, the product pops up larger but the page behind is dark. This has a track record of another 20% increase in the conversions.

Make a powerful CTA. Never make a good landing page with a video and not include a call-to-action because you are wasting a lot of effort. It just wouldn’t work. Write something like “Subscribe Now,” which gives the rise for immediacy. That directs them to a sale conversion.

Phoenix SEO – What Are the Reasons for NAP Inconsistency?

We all know that we need to be consistent with our business’ NAP as discussed in part 1. It is after all as vital as the listings in the directory and citations that was built for possible customers to find them. No consistency in the NAP, no conversion of potential customers.

What are the reasons for NAP inconsistency?

It could be due to human errors or changes in the business. Here are the other reasons:

  • No updates in its directory listings and citations when the business address was a changed.
  • When there are two or more listed address that are being posted online.
  • Created different phone numbers for conversion tracking.The effect of the above reasons is the non-conversion of sales. It could likewise harm your brand.

Google’s algorithm.

There is a different algorithm for Google compared to the organic SERPs. It is affected by the location of the user every time they search something online. If your NAP is consistent, your business will be shown in the local searches.

Inconsistent directory adscription.

There are businesses that give a different phone number in every directory. This is to track down marketing efforts. But there is always two sides:

  • The advantage is that there’s more accuracy in measuring the ROI of the marketing campaign.
  • The disadvantage is that you may have many published information with different NAPs.

This will of course result to several business listings with different NAP and perhaps different locations. Users will be confused in guessing which one is correct. That could be frustrating!

Red Cradle Telephone

Too many phone numbers listed.

Stop the online blinds.

There are also businesses that located in 1 area, but it shows different 3 contact numbers and varying business closing times too! Even if the user was eventually able to guess the right contact number, the user still wasted his time and effort figuring out the correct information.

Avoiding spam is also avoiding customers.

Wrong numbers on the directory listings is used to avoid the spam phone calls. But it can also drive away interested customers.

Doing the local right!

Local searches do have higher conversion rates, and because of the proximity, users would often complete their intended.

Local businesses has forgotten that there are a lot of opportunities in making good business only if they could also satisfy the intent of the local customers. So, make sure your business’ NAP is consistent.

Build a Quality Local Value Pages.

This would be easier if the business has an actual store at the right location. However, it does not mean that intangible product or service sold online has no chance.

For example, if you are in New York and you are looking for a contractor, Google breaks in down to…

  • “contractors”, user is looking for a contractor. This is the main keyword of the search.
  • “in New York” will be the supporting element. This means the user is asking for a local contractor.

In short, the main part of the website should reflect the primary product or the service, with of course the supporting elements that could surely add value in connection to the user’s location.

Phoenix SEO – 5 Important Elements to Make a Great Landing Page

To get the deal right away, make your landing page simple just like your Instagram profile. If you want it long, then, make it very interesting. You’ve got to be real smooth and easy. Check out the tips below on how to make your landing pages work:

  • Be concise!

  • Know the target market you are writing for. The graphics can be a great addition but the bottom line really is the copy. You should be able to make the reader stays. Aside from that, your writing should be personal that the user is moved to action.
  • An example is Shopify. You can check it out to see that its statement is clear, which can immediately tap the person’s desire. Users can make easily scroll down the page and that is important.
  • You see, the landing page has the largest bounce rate in your website. And we are talking about 70 to 90%. True, bounce rate is not that bad, but it is critical. What makes it harder is you are dealing mostly with the younger generation. Millennials, by the way, prefer a minimal copy and hero banners (the first visual that a user sees on the site.)
  • And we haven’t touched on microcopy yet. Think about SEO easter eggs, the stuff you see on buttons. You should be concise without sounding so generic like say “buy now” which all websites say, right? It has to be personalized.
  • Instead of just saying “BUY,” they personalized it by saying, “Shop the Look.” Don’t be just anybody, be unique! Make an awesome microcopy.
  • Someone is testifying for you.

  • You need a social proof. No one knows your credibility, but you. Sharing widgets is not enough. So, someone else should state that online. After the social proof, take it from there. Make them trust you more. Another way are reviews and testimonials.
  • The thing is, if big companies trust you, they should too. That makes a good conversion.
  • Give it some space.

  •  Your landing page does not need clutter. You shouldn’t fill your landing page with so much. It does not mean that an empty space between elements is boring or is wasted. It does make a big difference in the outcome. Actually, not putting a navigation menu can result to a 100% conversion. Why? Because it is simpler, it is clearer, and no feeling of being rushed into something. The space will surely help them to decide.
Photo of Woman Looking at the Mirror

Your business needs a face. People should not think that they’re dealing with robots.

  • Images that has the line of sight.

  • Let your user focus on something like a human face, noisy and full of things to say, just as human as the user. That is something no one can ignore, the face and the noise, especially if there is a sort of line of sight to follow. So, human face and then the content. It makes it more powerful.
  • Moving objects & videos.

  • Motion can be created by using a bit of animation or footage. Adding a video can result to something that can captivate your visitors. Its capability of conversion is 86%. So, adding that motion in your landing page is a sure winner!
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