How to Assess Your SEO Strategy (Part 2)

So, I’m back for part 2 on tips on how to assess and enhance your SEO strategy. For this post, I will specifically discuss the importance of better content, user engagement, eye catching headlines, and more. Read more about it below:

Boosting Your SEO Strategy

  • Target for Finer Standard in Your Content

  • The 500-word blog post with quality has long been gone. Today, the longer your content, the more immerse you can dwell on your topic to give your audience more in terms of value. If you want Google to love you, provide the searchers with what they are searching for.
  • Study shows that long-form kind of content does rank higher on Google, and the average word count of a top search results is 1,890 words.
  • The more you give connected keywords, by way of keyword and topic modeling, ensures you that you are not doing keyword stuffing. And your chances of boosting your ranking are great by using the core keywords.
    • Besides creating a longer content, you can still enhance the general quality of your content by suggesting different types of content that includes:
      • Quizzes.
      • Infographics.
      • Polls.
      • Assessments.
      • Surveys.
      • Videos.
  • These connection essentials can assist to keep people reading and staying longer on your page. It plays a great part in your ranking. Your content team will likewise be interested.

Amazon SEO strategies on Paper

Formulate an idea for Link Building Efforts

  • To make link building lighter, make solid content your very foundation in your strategy. You need high-quality links from the different domains. You would likewise want links to deeper pages on your website and not solely your homepage.
  • Next step should be, to do a spreadsheet to trail your progress in your link building.

Enhance Titles to Develop Click-Through Rate

  • People get their first reaction through the headline of your content as it does play a crucial role when they click or even if they don’t. That is the reason why spending time to come-up with a gripping headline is very important.
  • You can use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help you. It is free and could very well do the job of grading your headline built on certain elements like how many words it has, type of headline, and type of words that were utilized. It suggests to you ways to develop it like deleting or adding words.

Motivate Engagement

  • To improve your rankings ask for a call to actions from your readers like interacting or commenting on what you have posted.
  • Gary Illyes of Google, a webmaster trends analyst, said that nurturing community can assist improve your rankings because people are not just reading, they also took the time to interact with it. This means, people stays longer in your site because they have found what they have been searching for.
  • Another important thing is beside call to action, ask open-ended question so you can start a conversation with people.

The bottom line is daily analysis of your SEO strategy. That will assist to make things new, and keep on looking for algorithm updates to prepare you to what is to come. Catch up on part 1 by clicking this link.

Exceptional and Free Keyword Research Tools You Need

When we talk about SEO, keyword research is a vital fundamental step. It is easy to set it aside because we think that generalizing it to “create awesome content” is a better strategy.  Laptop on Grey Wooden TableWhen people think of keyword research, surely they will directly go to Google Ads Keywords since it is by far, the biggest search engine. Nevertheless, Google has only limited useful keyword data that it gives. There are exceptional and free keyword research tools out there. So if you are interested, let us begin with the first one.

  • Tagcrowd

    • One of the most vital part of creating the proper keyword research includes studying your competitor’s content. Sure there are available tools make this easier for you, but these will cost you. Well, here is another free alternative, TagCrowd.
    • The assumption behind TagCrowd is that it permits you to envision word frequency by making word/text/tag clouds. To be able to see a competitor’s most often used keywords for a certain page this can help you to know their keyword strategy with no expense on your end.
    • TagCrowd after all is straightforward to use. There are different ways to increase and analyze content: you can paste the page text, paste the webpage URL, and upload a file. That is real cool, don’t you think so?
  • Keywords Everywhere

    • It is a free browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome that gathers data from more than 15 most known keyword tools which includes Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Search Console to mention a few. So, when you search in Google, Keywords Everywhere will show you fundamental but practical data.
    • What is great about Keywords Everywhere is that even if they got information from many sources, they still made it easy for you to get the data you are looking for. Just download it in Excel, PDF, or CSV file format. Keywords Everywhere was made possible by the team who is also behind Keyword Keg.
  • Merchant Words

    • This is a great keyword research tool if you are an Amazon store owner. Merchant Words assemble data from more than 1 billion verified Amazon searches all over the world. All of the keyword data comes straight from the shopper searches in the Amazon search bar.
    • Try Merchant Words for free with minimal number of keywords. The paid version of this is $30.00 monthly, for U.S. data, and $60.00 if you want a wider audience. The price covers the unlimited searches and CSV downloads, and there is a 24/7 customer service whenever you need assistance.
  • PinterestKeywordTool

    • While everybody is waiting for Linkedln keyword tool, there’s another keyword research solution coming from a known social media platform which is Pinterest.
    • At first, it might look spammy. Just to make it known to you, PinterestKeywordTool does not give many useful keyword data when it comes to search volume or difficulty in ranking. But what it can give you is what keyword is popular in Pinterest and if there are other keywords you could use.
  • Keyword.Guru

    • It gathers results from the best search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo even ecommerce sites like eBay and Amazon. The minute you type, it gives results which is based on real-time. Although, Keyword.Guru does not show details about keyword search volume, it instead shows you the most average searches. Should you use the real search results, you will know which keyword phrases are always used.

SEO Factors to Closely Track This 2019

Last year, Google brought in exciting changes to how it ranks sites. Before, the page with the largest links ranks at the top, but not anymore. To guide you, here are the SEO components that are important this year, 2019:

  • Know Structured Data

Structured Data could be frightening at first, but really it is easy to learn how it works. The easiest way of doing so is to copy and then paste and start using it.

  • Stay away from structured data error
    • There are many sites that have been penalized due to wrong execution of structured data. True there are times that we do not mean it but we get penalized just the same. So be cautious.
    • Having said that, here are the usual structured data mistakes you just have to watch out:
      • Improper use of structured data.
      • The on-page content does not match with the structured data.
      • Infringes Google’s Guidelines for a definite data type.
      • Infringes Google’s Structured Data Customary Specifications. Using shortcuts and taking prerogatives otherwise known as manipulative behavior.
Woman in Purple Sleeveless Dress Sitting in Front of Pop Filter

Woman recording her podcast.

  • Learn About Podcasts

Podcasts have progressively become a popular technique to consume content. It is a good idea to find out if your prospective customers are listening to podcasts that has something to do with your niche. If they are, think of ways to reach them.

Examples of how to reach your prospective customers could be through sponsorship, taking part on the podcast, you could also encourage a certain content that may be interesting. Podcasts are digital audio file that are in the internet ready to be downloaded to any mobile device or a computer which a subscriber can receive automatically. Having said that, podcast can also be an addition to content marketing.

  • Boost Content Focus

Possibly, this is the most vital part of Internet marketing this year. When people do not focus in their content, there is a big price to pay. There have been many sites last year that lost heavily in their ranking. This goes as saying, produce better if not awesome content.

The bottom line is that pages get good ranking because websites are link to the pages. The reason is that those pages managed to resolve a problem. No one links to a web page because of its keyword pertinence.

  • Boost SEO Image

You should treat your images the same way as you do with your title and heading elements as every single one of them assist to make the page rank better. Images also improve your ranking by being in the enhanced listings.

  • Everybody loves the step by step guidelines. Illustrations and screenshots help a lot and Google gravitates to use these images in enhanced listings. One image that shows something can give you an awesome ranking.
  • If your images are measured by megabytes, this will slow down your sales and your rankings as well. Heavy images will come up with higher bandwidth on your server, and this will give you extra charges by your web host. Aside from that, it will be one of the reason why your server will slow down and this happens when visitors in your site comes all at the same time.

SEO Habits That Are Still Relevant

There are new SEO practices that are very useful, but let us not forget the old school SEO habits that are still very useful today. These helped the website rank better, and earn cash. Pretty cool, huh? So, let us go over these old SEO habits that you can still use.


    • This is such a vital habit of the old school SEO. Its mindset is no discussion about your websites in public. Being boastful about the gigantic success you have earned will not bring you anywhere, so don’t!
    • This will just make you an easy target of envious businesses that will strongly compete with you and will challenge your wit. They can also wreck your business just to get you out of the field. It pays to be cautious at all times.

    • The idea is to make it difficult for your competitors to find your search engines and to have access on all the websites you own. Again, rule no. 1, conceal and do not announce to the public how your scheme is linked to it from a social media or public blog. That is courting danger, for sure.
    • Sadly, a lot of people do not believe in the safety of concealing. A famous search expert made the mistake and linked one of his sites that came from a blog post just to show how well it will rank using this method. After just a few days, Google banned his site.

Photo of Woman Using Her Laptop


    • If you are playing by the SEO rules or use combative SEO, it is still advisable that you do not share links connecting websites or connecting your websites. Keep your links unattached. That way, if one of the website goes off, it does not pull down your other sites or network.
    • The thing is, even if you follow all the SEO rules, another person might use deceitful SEO and if for any reason, your site gets involved, that in itself will jeopardize other sites that are connected with the hazardous site.

    • It has been proven that a speedy download speed brings more ad impressions and of course more sales. Your site will go on running if it undergoes an odd amount of traffic. What is terrifying is to have such gigantic traffic see the server crash because of the its weight. In this scenario, you should keep the template code light.
    • Should you want to reduce your speed in the maximum level make sure that:
      • Use the simplest template possible.
      • Do not use external fonts, buttons, and icons.
      • Reduce using fancy effects.

    • Keep your file names short and surely it will look awesome on social media. Aside from that, it will be easier to remember and that is exactly what you want.
    • Allowing hot-linking and sharing images is a good way to tell people out there that you are in existence.

    • It was discovered that you just can’t make your buy buttons huge enough. Having some intricate stuff could boomerang on you. The idea here is to make your site element so easy to find, and that should give you more sales. Carelessness is the major reason why a lot of websites suffer the loss of rankings.

SEO Guide for Small Businesses (Part 2)

When you own a small business you know that it is something you love doing but that should not stop there. There could be situations like one day you might find yourself drowning in so many things that has nothing to do with SEO. You were caught in a situation where you just do everything like paying the bills, minding the receipts, and to top it all, you have become your own customer service rep, and guess what? You find yourself cleaning up, too. The thing is that you have to find the time to be on top of everything.

These are some basic SEO principles you need to know:

  • Links

  • Here are a few things you need to know that will keep you on the right path.
  • Why links have weight?
  • When a site mentions you, that link is called PageRank. The firmer the linking page, and if the link is noticeable, then, it counts. Primarily, when the link is more likely to be clicked, that means it has more weight.
  • What are the things to look for in a link?
  • Let us not go to a lot of things because it really depends on each scenario. Although, there are a few rules that you should follow.
    • Are there other reasons apart from link building for the link to be existent?

    • First of all, if the answer is “no” then it does not have the weight. There are other schemes that can be used to produce traffic and value but not adequate to affirm its cost without weight to be reviewed or studied. So, if there is no ground to place it on a site, then, you shouldn’t.
    • Will you be pleased if you clicked a link and know where it went?

    • Well, there are instances when the links jammed and get into the strangest place in content or it landed on an unusual part of a website. If the link does not satisfy the reason to a visitor on a page, then it has very little weight.
    • Does your rival have the link?

    • It is not really good if your rival has a link from a particular site. But if we are talking about 3 or even 4 of your rivals that links from a particular site, and ranks well, it maybe be good. In this case, use your better judgment but just remember that it is a very firm sign or weight. It is also, easy to obtain.

Your concern, of course, would be that the anchor text used is equal to what the user is expecting when they clicked the link.Person Typing on Macbook Pro

  • Technical aspect

  • The technical SEO inclines to denote to the back end of the website. The aftermath of technical SEO will be seen in the following:
    • Website speed
    • Duplicate content
    • Internal linking design
    • The scripts used
  • If you don’t know what to do on this side of things, then, don’t do anything because it could be damaging on your part. The bottomline is that SEO is technical and it is for those who are technical SEO professionals. Catch up on part 1 right here.

SEO Guide for Small Businesses (Part 1)

It’s important to learn the basics of SEO. To guide you, here are the top principles of SEO that owners of small businesses have to know. You don’t really have to be an expert; just make sure you grasp everything:

  • What are the guidelines?
  • How can they influence search?
  • Learn the schemes or get someone who does.

Person Holding Business Newspaper

It is good to know the simple terms and use them. But more than the terms, you should know the principles.

  • User Intent
    • People would say, content is king but it isn’t. It is the user intent that is the king. This does not mean that you shouldn’t do content. But before anything else, you need to ask yourself, what kind of content will boost the edge to accomplish the search engine user’s intent?
    • Simple, users just have to search for ‘adidas shoes’ so it is clear that they want to buy or probably they would. So, think, how many sites can people buy Adidas shoes? For sure there are thousands out there.
    • Now, let us talk about your intent. So you are selling Adidas shoes and the user just searched for Adidas shoes in the search engine and you don’t know its intent and we have discussed that the intent is to buy shoes. There are countless of sites that Google can pick that can fulfill that intent. Although, a study showed that users are not just interested in buying shoes.
    • Google does not focus on your intent but the searcher’s intent. A site that does that has a bigger chance of ranking and Google has a higher assurance that their user’s intent will be most likely to be fulfilled. So, you need content just so you can fulfill the user’s intent.
  • Local Seo
    • If you are putting your hand on the local market, you might have known about the SEO strategies. But that is not the same kind of SEO. You have to know that there are SEO elements that are just for local. It is all about areas and parts and basis that you should look at. Know that your SEO should be looking beyond local applicability than the complete site’s solidness.
    • You may interpret this as: you will have to give more importance to the local nature of links compared to volume and that you will have to be certain that your on-site presence strengthens your location. This does not mean that you stuff your city into the content more than you should.
    • What you really need to pay attention to are:
      • Finding an organizational layout that works for you and putting it to the different pages.
      • Adding a Google Map of your business listing on your contact page.
      • Knowing your businesses on Bing Places.
      • Learning your other business listing aside from Google and Bing.

In terms of your link efforts, focus on the smaller local papers rather than the bigger sites. This does not mean though that you will not look at bigger chances, but it will take more of your time and might result to the decline of returns for local. By the way, if you want to learn more, part 2 of this series is posted here.

Things to Think About Before Making Vital Changes in Your Website (Part 2)

Before you start on redesigning your website, you might wanna pause and think about it. Consider the pros and the cons if your decision. Try to identify your website’s strength and weakness because you will know what should remain and what should be removed. On top of this, you would also want to preserve your online rankings. Here are 7 things to consider:

  • Examine if there are broken internal links.

    • This only shows you that there is a major error with the changes you made in your website. It is after all a diagnostic test; but, remember it cannot tell you what is wrong.
  • Look for 404 Page Not Found Responses.

    • A lot of people thinks that 404 response codes “error codes” which they are not. They are actually server responses and it is normal but the lack of it is not.
    • So, when you crawl into a website and sees the 404 response codes, it may mean that something went wrong. It is, after all a tool that helps discover errors.
  • Use Original Site Map to Crawl New Site

    • To find problems in the new site, examine 301 redirects and make it sure that there is a 1 to 1 redirect. Google only reward ranking signals that are not alike between pages.
  • Spot thin pages.

    • Change to a more current SMS because if you don’t, you might have thin pages and Google consider this type the kind that has little or no content at all.
    • There are many good content management systems out there and you can select one that gives you the means to improve and control your site even if your technical knowledge is average. Scan every page with an SEO audit tool and find pages that has a little amount of content.
Discuss each web page with detail.

Discuss each web page with detail.

  • Duplicate Content.

    • Google categorizes by picking one page to rank and granting the link signals coming from the copied page to the selected page.
    • To make this activity easier, use canonicals to give search engines a clue as to which of the pages is the main page for the content. This will help improve your site’s SEO.
  • Stage your Site.

    • This means making an exact copy of its new site but in a different folder or server. This should be blocked to search engines and you should protect it by using a password. When you are done, try it out to find the mistakes before doing the changes.
  • Try and Diagnose Your New Site.

    • The suggestions above are the vital factors you should think about when you want to make major changes in your website. It may not be complete because in actuality, there are many tweaky things you should be aware of.
    • A few examples like creating two or three backups to be added to the list. Make sure that the images and files will be downloaded by means of correct procedure. This will ensure that your files will not be corrupt.

Of course there are many possible errors, but the list above will help you improve your rankings despite the changes. You can catch up on part 1 right here.

Things to Think About Before Making Vital Changes in Your Website (Part 1)

Before you apply major changes to your website, you need to review the present status of your website. Consider its flaws, strengths, possibilities, and opportunities. You should identify what should remain and what should be migrated. Despite the changes, you will be able to preserve your rankings. Here are 2 things before you make changes:

Site Architecture.

  • Check on how the pages are arranged. There are two things to consider:
    • Continue the present site architecture and do not lose rankings.
      • If you don’t want to lose your good rankings, keep the present site architecture. This means using the same URLS and the categories. Of course that is, if you are not changing the web pages.
      • If you want to integrate web pages, then select the most popular URL and then redirect the past URLS to the current URL.
      • Be careful now; know that 301 redirects are only done when the pages whose content has close equal to each other. If you do not match the redirect content, it will surely affect unfavorable ranking.
    • Revamp the old structure to improve rankings.
Discuss how to improve site architecture.

Discuss how to improve site architecture.

Improve the Site Architecture.

  • Others think that a“flat site architecture” has an edge in ranking. A flat site architecture is when the web pages can be reachable in one, two or three links. Know that the web pages with not be classified. The idea here is to crawl all pages and index them to have an equal ranking chance.
  • A flat site structure may not be a great idea as a website ranks for many phrases.
  • Contrasting pages are most likely good for different phrases. What makes sense though, is arranging the website in different categories. Therefore, if you are improving your website, it is good to review your site architecture. If what you had is disorganized then, upgrading your site with a great category structure will surely work better.
  • It is, likewise, a great idea to have organized content because it has a greater chance of ranking well. When it is arranged well within the categories, they will all interlinked resulting to a significant context to each other.
  • A well-thought-of category page is a great page to showcase the general questions.
    • An example would be a general search for “tv,” which is greatly gratified by using a general category page regarding “flat screen TVs”. That is what Google is inclined to rank. Now, when you search for “flat screen TV,” it will show the general pages about flat screen TVs. Observe how Google ranks the common type product searches. Search with common two word phrases and see how Google ranks it.
    • This, of course, is against the usual SEO misconception that category pages have identical content and no indexed followed. This is the wrong way of approaching it.

During a Google Webmaster office-hours hangout, John Mueller shared the importance of NOT using a noindex,follow tag:

 “So it’s kind of tricky with noindex. Which I think is somewhat of a misconception in general with the SEO community, in that, with a noindex and follow, it’s still the case that we see the noindex.

And in a first step we say ok we don’t want this page shown in the search results. We’ll still keep it in our index. We just won’t show it. And then we can follow those links.

But if we see the noindex there for longer then we think, this page really doesn’t want to be used in search. So we will remove it completely. And that we won’t follow the links, either.”

…noindex and follow is essentially kind of the same as a noindex, nofollow.”

Reasons Why Accessibility Important for SEO

Accessibility hasn’t been given enough attention when it comes to SEO and web development. You should not overlook this aspect merely because it can result to sales and SEO.

Why accessibility should be a major concern.

Why accessibility should be a major concern.

How WordPress Addresses This Issue

Sadly, WordPress seems to take this issue as just an afterthought and not the core requirement. They created a plug-in that they thought would be better than accessibility in their platform. Although they have accepted that they their approach is wrong, they still have to construct accessibility in their platform. There are many reasons why you should make accessibility your priority aside from the fact that readers do not act the way you thought they would.

Here are the reasons why you should focus on accessibility:

  • This should be reviewed by those who does digital advertising and web development.
  • It intensifies your SEO by lessening the bounce rate.
  • Accessibility improves your traffic.
  • It likewise improves your sale.
  • Disabled persons are still consumers.
  • If others in web development or digital marketing fail to notice this, you have the upper hand. You can choose not to follow them.
  • You can also service a section that your competitors do not pay attention to.
  • It can lower jump quotes.

What is the Perspective of the SEO Community?

People are aware of the fact that they should not neglect accessibility, but they are still wary about the additional expenses that will be incurred in their website. There are a few website where accessibility is their main focus even if SEO is not in their consideration. Hopefully, Google will start putting this in their algorithms and you should prepare before it actually happens. If you don’t believe this, then, take a look at the many voice searches to know that it is, in fact, real.

Succeeding Online by Accessibility.

If you are a search marketer you know that you will truly do everything possible just to get an extra 1% conversion rate. This intensifies the bounce rate for a bit of the percentage points. This will give you a lesser file length, and every little thing still counts. Although there are other things to consider too like alt tags and other features that can assist your website to rank even better. All that you do as a marketer has a sensible reason; you should accept that such reasons live. Then, it is time for you to start planning for your website. If you have so many things in your hand, you might want to consider in contacting Phoenix Website Design who can do the job for you. Their years of experience will tell you that this is something they could handle.

When you expand your business online, everything that you do should have a practical reason. Do not venture into something just because it is popular choice among the competing brands. Do it because it works for you and your business.  If the results are good, then, go for it. When you focus on accessibility, you make it easy for your customers to conveniently browse and buy your products.

Phoenix SEO – 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know (Part 2)

It’s time for SEO trends part 2! If you missed part, don’t fret because you can read them all here. Be sure to read the additional tips below because these will surely be the “IN” thing this 2019:

The Key is the Structured Data Markup.

  • AI is vital to Google, but structured data is fast becoming more vital, too. Even if your Al is great if it spends a lot of time to ‘crawl’ the needed information, it isn’t that great. It needs swift processing of the contents as well as its connection to each other. So, whenever possible, use structured data.
  • Finally, the contextual relationships of behaviors and topics that is backed-up with structured markup is another trend that needs a lot of testing, mastery, and implementation. Furthermore, allocate helpful vocabulary pages for different products, events, and offers.

Produce Extraordinary Content.

  • Google is increasing its focus on the quality content and exceptional depth of the websites. This is because when checked, the SEO performance in the different websites that had extraordinary content escalated its ranking the whole year. So, if you are doing your content just to be there, you will fail. Do a content that can solve a problem. Research and create something that could encourage, one that is moving, one which could tie people together.
  • Go on and guide the user to the next level – action! This year could just be it, a rise on the quality of the content. And the results could be very interesting.
People Planning on a Table

Know the SEO trends this 2019 and plan carefully!

 Enlarge your E-A-T.

  • This stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in Google’s search quality rating guidelines. Watch out, this is another trend that you have to cope with this 2019. This means you should hire experts to write for you. That should answer the questions how. That is the kind of level that Google is searching for to power their results.
  • Quality comes with context. Context is vital because this will help connect and generate a relationship with your audience. Keep on producing contents and until you become credible enough to garner a top rating. That means, you are becoming an authority in a particular subject.
  • Being trustworthy is the result of hiring experts and being an authority. And this means hard work and consistency. Both Google and Bing reward E-A-T.

Devoting time in Technical SEO.

  • The continuous growth in complication in the different websites makes it apparent that this year; an investment in technical SEO is needed.
  • The following are the key areas needed to be considered in SEO’s technical side:
    • Google rewards more than just once sites that are faster and simpler.
    • The use of JavaScript. This means you need to know, understand, and how major search engines do good with this.
    • Developing Progressive Web Apps. You should think how you could make PWA work for your users and how they would use it regularly.

Succeed using On-Page Optimization.

  • On-Page will still be around this year because it gives good results. This is not the “hit it and quit it” type of tactic.
  • Here are a few important website optimizations:
    • Content that can answer the common questions of users.
    • Providing internal site search should give pertinent results.
    • Reduce the conversion process.
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