Phoenix SEO – 5 Important Elements to Make a Great Landing Page

To get the deal right away, make your landing page simple just like your Instagram profile. If you want it long, then, make it very interesting. You’ve got to be real smooth and easy. Check out the tips below on how to make your landing pages work:

  • Be concise!

  • Know the target market you are writing for. The graphics can be a great addition but the bottom line really is the copy. You should be able to make the reader stays. Aside from that, your writing should be personal that the user is moved to action.
  • An example is Shopify. You can check it out to see that its statement is clear, which can immediately tap the person’s desire. Users can make easily scroll down the page and that is important.
  • You see, the landing page has the largest bounce rate in your website. And we are talking about 70 to 90%. True, bounce rate is not that bad, but it is critical. What makes it harder is you are dealing mostly with the younger generation. Millennials, by the way, prefer a minimal copy and hero banners (the first visual that a user sees on the site.)
  • And we haven’t touched on microcopy yet. Think about SEO easter eggs, the stuff you see on buttons. You should be concise without sounding so generic like say “buy now” which all websites say, right? It has to be personalized.
  • Instead of just saying “BUY,” they personalized it by saying, “Shop the Look.” Don’t be just anybody, be unique! Make an awesome microcopy.
  • Someone is testifying for you.

  • You need a social proof. No one knows your credibility, but you. Sharing widgets is not enough. So, someone else should state that online. After the social proof, take it from there. Make them trust you more. Another way are reviews and testimonials.
  • The thing is, if big companies trust you, they should too. That makes a good conversion.
  • Give it some space.

  •  Your landing page does not need clutter. You shouldn’t fill your landing page with so much. It does not mean that an empty space between elements is boring or is wasted. It does make a big difference in the outcome. Actually, not putting a navigation menu can result to a 100% conversion. Why? Because it is simpler, it is clearer, and no feeling of being rushed into something. The space will surely help them to decide.
Photo of Woman Looking at the Mirror

Your business needs a face. People should not think that they’re dealing with robots.

  • Images that has the line of sight.

  • Let your user focus on something like a human face, noisy and full of things to say, just as human as the user. That is something no one can ignore, the face and the noise, especially if there is a sort of line of sight to follow. So, human face and then the content. It makes it more powerful.
  • Moving objects & videos.

  • Motion can be created by using a bit of animation or footage. Adding a video can result to something that can captivate your visitors. Its capability of conversion is 86%. So, adding that motion in your landing page is a sure winner!