The Link Between SEO & On-site Search

We all know content is important in SEO, but the thing is… once you have an overwhelming number of articles, it’s going to be pretty hard to search.

It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. More superior content would mean a more useful site.

However, content won’t be easy to find. That’s pretty sure.

searching using a magnifying glass

searching using a magnifying glass

Navigation Won’t Be Enough.

Maybe, you would think enhancing the website navigation would just do the trick.

Sadly, no. You surely would not put every blog post under one menu. The sub-menus under the blog section would go on forever.

The truth is: not every web page, article, or any other published content will have its own designated section on the main menu. If the searchers need anything, they would need to scour for it. Whether they are looking for a product or a contact number, they should know where to look.

To guide these searchers to the correct page, there should be a designated search box within your website.

The Search Is On!

The search box, or internal site search functionality, is a common feature is most websites especially e-commerce sites. Just think of your website as a huge library. You won’t be able to find the right books without the librarian. You need something to help you search the website for the things you need.

The Different Search Tools

There are numerous search boxes you find online. From paid options to open source alternatives, you will surely find a search box that fits your website.

Most CMS and website builders provide a built-in search function within their system. Aside from that, you add more features by installing additional plugins. There are also websites who choose to make their own search box.

A Usable Search Box.

I won’t tell you to build your own search box, or rely on the built-in functionality. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference. So, choose what you want. Instead, I will share with you the tips in creating a search box.

  • Make the Search Box Apparent.

    • The search box should help people search, and it should NOT be the other way around. Your users should NOT search for the search box.
    • For Pete’s sake, put your search box somewhere obvious. Do not hide it under the main menus or any collapsible part of the website.
  • The Search Box Should Have a Definite Call to Action.

    • Don’t just present a blank box for your users to type their keywords. It is best to add a “search” button or magnifying glass button. This would imply that it is the search button.
    • Also, add a microcopy on the search box itself. Why? This is to guide the users on what to type. You can insert a line such as:
      • Type in your keywords
      • What are looking for?
      • What are searching for?
      • Search here…
      • Type here…
    • The actual words you will use really depends on you. To be sure, don’t skip this step.
    • Just put a text prompt inside the search box. This will be confirmation to the users. Indeed, this is the search box.

Don’t worry, this is just the beginning. I will discuss more search box tips on the next post. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2!