Top SEO Predictions for 2018

This digital age has made advancements and changes even more constant and fast. What this means in the world of SEO is that strategies and techniques may not work as much as it used to.

With the coming of the New Year comes a whole range of predictions about SEO. These things may come true or not. Either way, if you don’t want to find yourself losing and missing out, then it helps to prepare by first getting yourself familiar with these predictions.

So without further ado, here are the top SEO predictions for 2018:

There will be a Huge Improvement in Video and Image Search

As the world becomes more visual, an expected twist to SEO is an improvement in how people use video and image search. The advancements in technology, most especially in the increase of Internet speed, have led searchers to engage and interact more with videos and images.

Therefore, it won’t be long before Google makes some changes in their algorithms to improve the involvement of images and videos in online searches.

More Companies will Employ Video as an SEO Technique

As you may have known, one of the factors Google considers in their search results ranking is the dwell time. And now, one of the most effective ways websites get their visitors to stay longer on their site is by placing videos.

Videos have increasingly become one of the preferred ways people consume content. So it is not hard to imagine the impact of using videos for a longer interaction time from an SEO standpoint.

Voice Search will Increase

The rise of smartphones with AI personal assistants like Siri as well as smart speakers will greatly impact the increase of voice searches. Through these devices, people will now rely on spoken queries online.

Even in 2008 to 2016, a study has found out that the use of voice search queries has increased by 35 times. Take that to the times now where word accuracy is rapidly improving, we can just expect a more sophisticated use of voice search; leading to more and more people using this function.

That is why in the coming months, we can just expect increasing use of voice search. As a marketer, it is now necessary to change and optimize your SEO strategy for voice.

Other Search Engines Beyond Google and Bing will Flourish

For years, Google and Bing have been the main search engines SEOs focus. However, we can expect to see a shift from this. There will be an increase in trend of companies competing for ranking space from other search engines.

While Google may still remain to be the top place for people to look for information, other search engines will still play a great part in improving a business or websites’ scope.

If you want to increase your chances and reach more people, then it doesn’t hurt to give other search engines ago; most especially since the amount of Apple users has made Siri a relevant search engine.