What does a high-quality blog post actually look like?

Everyone tells you to write high-quality blog posts so that you can get more traffic, build trust and eventually earn more money through your website. But what does a high-quality blog post actually look like?  

It’s not, as some people believe, sitting down for half an hour, smashing out a convoluted 300-word post, grabbing a stock image and hitting post. Creating quality blog posts demands a lot more work.

Here’s exactly what you need to do to create a great blog post every single time.

Start with why

You need to have a reason behind every post that you write. Are you trying to explain a topic to your audience? Are you writing about a new feature of your product? Are you trying to educate your audience on a particular term? Whatever your reason for writing, make sure that it is at the forefront of your mind when you’re at the keyboard. This will help you keep your writing focused and on point


Have your audience in mind

As well as knowing the reason for you writing the blog post, you should also have a deep understanding of your audience — the people who will read your post. You don’t just want to write for anyone. By writing to a specific type of person you can make sure that your blog post is as relevant and as useful as possible.


Know your topic inside and out

There is simply no point writing a blog post on a topic that you aren’t an expert in or haven’t researched. It will be very obvious that you lack expertise. Instead, confine your writing to topics that you know inside out. And if you are going to broaden your topics, make sure that you research thoroughly to create a useful and engaging blog post rather than waffle that people can find elsewhere.


Be original

You shouldn’t try and copy the content that is already out there. The web is full of cookie-cutter content that doesn’t stand out. Why bother adding to it? Instead, try to be unique and take a different approach to everyone else. This could be going into more detail than anyone else, taking a different perspective than anyone else or by tackling a topic no one has done before. However you decide to play it, make sure your writing is unique.


Aim long but keep it quality

There is a tendency for people to write to a specific word limit such as 1000, 1500 or 2000 words. Yes, long blog posts do tend to rank better than shorter blog posts, but those blog posts are high quality, too. And quality is the key. Don’t waffle for 2000 words to try and reach some prescribed target word count when 800 words will do it. Keep your writing concise and high quality. It doesn’t have to be long if it doesn’t need to be.

If you keep these five tips in mind the next time you are writing a blog post, you’ll be sure to create a high-quality post that your readers will love.