What to Look for in an SEO Writer? (Part 3)

Now, you have reached the end of the 3-part series regarding the tips in looking for an SEO writer. Catch up on the first two parts using these links: What to Look for in an SEO Writer? (Part 1) and What to Look for in an SEO Writer? (Part 2)!

It is important for the SEO writer to qualify a certain criteria because Google does not hesitate to give penalties to website. Usually, when Google decides on taking action, it’s hard to undo the damage. In case you are wondering, yes, Google can completely ban a website from showing on their search results page.

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The thing about SEO writing is that it is either great or terrible. No gray areas in between. It is two polarizing sides. Thus, a published content could either make or break your website. At the end of the day, you don’t want to ruin your hard-earned rankings. Having said that, let us discuss the last 3 tips on hiring an effective SEO writer. Read about it below:

  1. An SEO writer should be able to write plainly and simply.

The first qualification is to create high-quality content. At the same time, he or she should be able to explain things in simple terms. This is a hard combination to find because SEO is an industry filled with jargons.

The general public will definitely find it difficult to understand SEO jargons on their own. Hence, posting clear and apparent blog posts are extremely important. Because if it is understandable, people can easily read it without any problems.

If it’s too much, no one would dare to read and share your content. In this field, you have to make sure people engage with the content you content. If it does not grab their attention, people won’t bother visiting your site, and you would not want that. As much as possible, try to relay your message clearly.

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  1. The goal here is for content to be read and shared.

Again, you are hiring an SEO writer for your audience to consume your content. You would want these people to read, interact, and share the content you put out there. The SEO writer should understand this goal. He or she needs to find ways to lure people in your website.

Strategies that grab their attention and pique their interest are necessary to acquire loyal followers. Your readers are instrumental in boosting your website’s traffic. To be honest, it’s not easy to sustain that hold. You need to always bring something new and fresh to the table.

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  1. A great SEO writer needs to know how to tell a story.

SEO writing is not only publishing promotional posts. For the most, it is not about advertising the products or services. It is about reaching the audience and feeding them relevant information.

You will publish content that is useful to your target audience. Brand loyalty is not easy to achieve, and a good writer know that. There should be a guide that helps the audience on their journey to becoming consumer. An effective writing should be able to alleviate concerns and doubts felt by your audience.

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