Why building regional citations is very important for your service

If you’ve taken even a passing interest in Local SEO, you’ve probably found out about citations and the requirement to construct citations in order for your business to rank. But why is it crucial? And how do you build them? Today we describe all.

What is citation structure?

Citation structure is a local SEO marketing technique that sees local services get their service information listed on a variety of sites.


That’s what a citation is: it’s a recommendation of your service’ info online where people can go and look it up. Traditionally, citations include the following info:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • URL
  • Description
  • Opening Hours


The most crucial details is your service’ address, phone and name number. This is commonly called your business’ NAP.


What is the point of structure citations?

The whole point of building regional citations for your business is to rank higher in Google. For the many part, you aren’t doing it so that individuals can see your company on these websites. You’re doing it so Google can see your service on these websites, understand that the info is correct and that you have a substantial presence.


When sites like Google and Bing see this info, see that your company is noted on numerous sites and that all the info is the same, they are most likely to deem that your service is genuine and is worth ranking.


When Google sees your organisation as legitimate and ranks you extremely, clients also see you as genuine, too. In fact, lots of studies have shown that users substantially trust brands that appear on the very first page of Google. So when Google trusts your brands, consumers likewise trust your brand as a result.


But that’s not the only benefit of structure regional citations. Some citations, such as those on big platforms like Facebook, Tripadvisor and Yelp, likewise improve your brand’s online existence. Having a big active presence on websites like these which are highly visited can result in increased word-of-mouth marketing and brand name familiarity. That suggests more consumers even without the help of Google.


What are the other benefits of building regional citations?

Regional organisations that engage in citation structure gain big benefits over their rivals. The more brand awareness your company has, the more company it will get, too.


Maybe what is best about structure regional citations is that it can be a much more affordable digital marketing strategy compared to other choices available to regional companies. What makes more sense? Purchasing pay per click marketing that only ensures a certain amount of visitors fades in comparison to producing local citations that can have an enduring effect on your business, long after you’ve hang out and cash producing them.


We are here to assist if you require help producing citations. Get in touch today to discover how we can help.