Why you need to focus on the long tail

Long tail keywords are a great way to ensure that your website gets some traffic from Google. These are very specific phrases, usually containing several words, that get less traffic than broader search terms. But because they are more specific, it is often easier to rank for them and conversion rates are higher.

Here’s how your website can profit off longtail keywords.


Long tail keywords explained

Long tail keywords are both much more specific, longer, and less searched than other keywords. Because the internet is so big and used by so many people, you will almost always be able to find a few hundred people searching for the most specific of phrases. And if you can give them content related to their very specific search, they are much more likely to convert that they would if they searched a broader keyword or phrase.


It all starts with a main topic

The vast majority of websites will have one major topic or theme. This could be a type of food, a specific service, or a product. Whatever that main theme is, that will be the main keyword or phrase for your blog.


Long tail topics come off the main theme

You’ll quickly run into trouble if you try to optimize every page on your website for your main topic or theme, however. That’s where the long tail comes in. Every other page on your website should be focused on a long tail variant of your main search term.

Let’s say your main search term was “lawyers in Phoenix”. If you had a post about criminal defense, the long tail search term would be “criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix”. But you could get even more specific still. A long tail phrase might be “what does the court process look like for divorce” or “how can I sue after I’ve had a fall”.


Why the long tail is important

The simple answer is that it is much easier to rank for longtail keyword phrases than it is to rank for broader, more widely searched terms. That’s because there are fewer websites to compete with. There’s also no shortage of search terms for your business to rank for, either. It’s much better to rank for dozens of long tail keywords than it is to try and rank for one single broad topic.

The other benefit of these search terms is that searchers are much more likely to buy from you. When searchers start looking for more detailed information, it is usually a sign that they are ready to buy and are looking for the exact thing they want. If you can deliver that for them, you have a high chance of making a sale.


Make sure you are creating great content

Focusing on long tail keywords is a fantastic SEO strategy. But it only works if you are also creating great content to go with those keywords. The better the content, the more likely you are to rank and the more likely you are to convert your customers. So get writing!