Phoenix Website Design – 2020 Edition: The Writing Not To-Dos (Part 2)

In The Writing Not To-Dos (Part 1), I wrote about 5 not to-dos in terms of online writing. It’s not the usual traditional way of writing as one needs to formulate captions for social media, create product descriptions.

open notebook and a writing pen near a MacBook Pro

Without further ado, here are more writing NOT to-dos:

6. DON’T put off your writing task on the side.

  • Most of writers, including myself, delay the tasks on hand for the reason that we are waiting for our “eureka!” moment. We procrastinate, thinking that the creative moments will eventually dawn on us. Only then we start writing. However, if you keep on waiting for creative juices, it probably cost you a lot of time.
  • So, I am telling  you now: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Instead of wasting your time waiting for the “right moment,” continue to write even when you don’t feel like it. You can always edit it later when you get new ideas. The important thing is to train yourself in writing every single day. Eventually, your system will cope up with the idea of being able to write any time of the day.
  • Once your creativity is able to adapt, you will notice that you are doing more high-quality content. Remember, with the advent of technology, you can now find different writing jobs and choose the one you really desire. If you plan to publish a book someday, guest blogging on your free time won’t make you less of writer. So, just keep on trying and keep on writing!

7. DON’T aim for perfection.

  • This is related to the previous tip. Often, we procrastinate because we are afraid of not giving our “best.” It’s not natural to hesitate if we are doing the right thing, but, remember, that’s why you keep on practicing so that your “best” will just eventually manifest. Besides, no one gets to be a “master” writer overnight. It will entail a lot of practice and a lot of mistakes on your part.
  • No one is perfect so waiting for a piece to be“perfect” is just futile. Do not wait for your blog post to be perfect for you to publish it. I’m telling you POST IT NOW!
  • If you think there are things you haven’t discussed, save it for another post. Aiming for perfection will just drain all your energy and your energy. Save some for your next post!

8. DON’T copy someone else’s work.

  • Plagiarism is a serious issue. You can’t just copy someone else’s work and claim it as your own. Remember, there are tools now, like Copyscape, that check if you plagiarized someone’s work.
  • Yes, you can use another piece as your inspiration, but do not copy it a word-for-word and publish on your website a verbatim post of the original source.
  • If I didn’t make myself clear, I will say it again: never copy and paste another person’s work. Never resort to plagiarism. Instead, do your research and write it basing on your own understanding.

Don’t worry because more tips will be discussed on The Writing Not To-Dos (Part 3)!