Phoenix Website Design – 2020 Edition: The Writing To-Dos (Part 2)

After The Writing To-Dos (Part 2), I bring you another set of to-dos.

Person Writing on Paper Using Yellow and Black Pen

Read them carefully below:

5. DO study SEO

  • In the digital realm, SEO is a must. All websites strive to improve their search engine rankings. Whether a business has an SEO team or not, you should try to apply on-page SEO techniques.
  • On-page SEO optimizations include page title, meta descriptions, headings, and others. Aside from that, learn also the internal linking practices to link related articles together. Both readers and search engines will appreciate linked pages. Here are the some of the other tips you can :
    • Break down content using heading tags
    • Use bullets and numbers to emphasize important points.
    • Add  bold or italics to further emphasize words and diapers.
    • Meta descriptions should be within the ideal 160-character limit.
  • If you work for a marketing agency, then, when you apply these tips, they will surely love your work more!

6. DO work to improve your reputation

  • If Google checks for E-A -T, as writers, you should work for A-R-T. This means Authority, Reputation and Trust.
  • Create an article that exudes your reputable character. If you write something inferior, readers can definitely notice this mediocrity. Once you establish A-R-T, the returns are continuous.

7. DO utilize your creative time well

  • Let’s face it, as writers, we don’t have all day to write. There’s only a limited time to be creative, which may be 2 hours for some or 5 hours for others. You get the point; just find your exact amount of creative time.
  • If you find yourself distracted, then, take a writing break. It’s only natural that you creativity wanes so train yourself to extend your creative. For sure, like any skill, you can further develop this skill.

8. DO read and write on a daily basis

  • In order to improve your creative time, read and write regularly. Moreover, schedule this writing exercise and strictly follow the schedule you chose.
  • It really depends on you; if you think allocating 3 straight hours, then, go ahead. Use this time to improve your reading and writing, and to focus on your tasks at hand.

9. DO appreciate your downtime

  • In this fast-paced society, we always equate being busy as being productive. Nope, it’s not. You don’t need to work nonstop, drown yourself on energy drinks, and ignoring the outside world.
  • When nothing works, take a break and use this for your “creative” time. What I meant was to do more of what sparks your creativity. If you like to draw, then, pause your writing work and spend some time doing what you love!
  • Learn to walk away if you don’t get any inspiration to write. Writing is NOT working like there’s no tomorrow! If you think your work is bad, then, come back tomorrow and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes!



True, you can still write effectively without SEO, but this won’t make you standout as an online writing. Without trust and confidence from your readers, you cannot create such a strong brand loyalty. As long as you continue to write this 2020, you need to improve your writing skills… AND following these tips will help you take your articles to a higher level!