Phoenix Website Design – 2020 Edition: The Writing To-Dos (Part 1)

Now that the list of NOT to-dos are done, let’s go over some important to-dos. However, if you want to recap all the previous tips, here they are:

Today, more than ever, online writers are essential to formulate creative product descriptions, meta descriptions, blog posts, and many others.

Person Writing on a Notebook near a Be Happy Painted Mug

Before I begin, I would like to stress that this list won’t focus on content strategy. Instead, this will be about marketing writers in order to cater to the SEO side and the creative side of online writing.

1. DO practice patience

  • Writing is not not something you can do in a snap. As I stated previous, you should not skip making the outline. You need to draft what needs to be in the intro, body, and conclusion.
  • Yes, a great article may longer than usual. Like the other important things in life, you can’t rush writing. Most of the time, you will allocate time in editing. So, practice the art of being patient in writing, editing, revising your work. (But remember, don’t try to procrastinate in order to attain perfection!)

2. DO try to improve your craft

  • Just like singing and dancing, writing is a skill that you can polish. Though complete mastery is not something one can achieve, it doesn’t mean that one should just sit and relax. We should all strive to be better writers.
  • When you strive to write better, you keep aiming for the best you can be. Whatever your skill may be, instill discipline.
  • Think of the most influential people in history and study how they don’t settle for mediocrity. They honed their craft for as long as they lived! Their written stories are timeless and will be enjoyed by the future generations. How about your work?

3. DO revise your work

  • Writing is an endless cycle of drafting, editing, and revising. After you have written one article, you edit and revise it again. During these repetitive tasks, make sure to improve your work. If you see something unnecessary, don’t hesitate to cut it out. In the end, you would want to simplify the complicated topics.
  • But first, you need your outline. Write your outline without worrying of the grammar, spelling, and word choices.  Once it’s done, then, rewrite your work with the changes you want to apply. As I always point out, you should aim to make things better and NOT to “perfect” your article. No one is perfect; you will just go crazy perfecting every little detail!

4. DO study the subject matter and show authority

  • Lastly, I believe that in order to be a good writer, you should also be a writer. You can’t write well if you don’t read.
  • Whether you feel like reading a book, listening to audiobooks, or streaming, you do what improves your passion. Never stop studying and pursuing your passion. The more you know, the easier the words will come to you. More knowledge means more words! So, keep learning until you are revered as an expert in your niche!


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