3 Free FTP Clients

File Transfer Protocol (or FTP) is used when you are transferring files on a computer network. There’s an FTP client that helps you move files to and from an FTP server. I will focus on the FTP clients for this blog post.

person using laptop computers

The FTP clients I will feature here will be mostly for Windows OS, and they are available for free. So, you don’t have to worry about paying for a program before you connect to an FTP server. Also, these FTP softwares are either accessible through the command land or through its own graphical UI.

If I may add, browsers, nowadays, have included an FTP client. Check if you have an FTP program within your computer before you start to download. Wither way, the programs I will mention have additional features so getting one will also have its perks. Let’s start!

  • FileZilla
    • FileZilla Client is an easy to use FTP client. It also supports FTPS and SFTP client. One great feature about FileZilla is that it is able to crossover different platforms. Whether your computer has Windows OS, Linux OS, or Mac OS, you can still open and access FileZilla.
    • Some of its other features include:
    • FileZilla is able to transfer large files. It can support anything greater than 4GB. Plus, you are able to manage your transfers, and control the transfer speed. With its site manager, you have the liberty to resume and pause file transferring whenever you want.
    • As for its appearance, it is grouped into several categories. You won’t be confused on the location of each section. It also allows dragging and dropping files. No need to look for a file one-by-one because all you need is to drag & drop them.
  • FTP Voyager
    • Solarwinds may have produced paid apps, but FTP Voyager is not one of them. It is absolutely available for free. Just like FileZilla, FTP Voyager supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP file transfers.
    • With its own scheduler, you can set file transfers to begin at your chosen time and date. You can freely download (or upload) files across multiple connections. You can even connect to different servers simultaneously.
    • Windows users can even drag and drop their files and the folders will easily sync with ease. Remember that FTP Voyager is 100% free, but you may need to provide your name and email before you can get a copy.
  • WinSCP
    • WinSCP may seem complicated at first because of its command line UI. No wonder this is the preferred FTP client for engineers and system administrators. Just so you know, WinSCP supports 2 user interfaces: there’s the “Commander” and the other is the “Explorer.” See, it ain’t complicated after all. It still has a friendly UI!
    • You might ask, what is SCP? It stands for Session Control Protocol, and it an old standard for file transfers. But don’t you worry because WinSCP is flexible as it supports SCP (Session Control Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol.)  You can add bookmarks to your FTP folders, and have multiple connections too.