3 Linking Strategies that You Should Not Believe (Part 1)

SEO practitioners and online businesses know that links are one of the important ranking factors. Google would look into the quality of links a website has. If you want your website to be on top of the game, skipping the links would be a terrible idea. You should formulate a link building scheme.

Venn Diagram on Different Strategies

However, the problem is not a lot people know how to build the proper links. There are tell tales on how to do it and people just follow it without knowing the truth.

No, you shouldn’t jump into the bandwagon. To know whether a link building plan is a myth or not, you need to carefully research. That’s why I decided to make this article. I want to shed light and warn you about the myths that has been lingering on the internet. Here are the link building strategies you should not follow this 2019:

Myth #1: Guest blogging is no longer effective.

  • In 2014, there were rumors that guest blogging won’t help boost a website. People misinterpreted Matt Cutt when he said, “Guest blogging is done.” Everyone thought that guest blogging is a useless effort and it wouldn’t get you anywhere.
  • The truth is, people took it literally. They didn’t care to understand the whole content of Matt Cutt’s statement. Matt further clarified that what he was trying to say is that guest blogging is a dead if you just post useless things and upload consecutive spammy articles.
  • Up to this day, guest blogging is still an effective way to build links. One should consider writing sensible and relevant posts. Don’t post just because you need to do a guest post on someone else’s website.

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Myth #2: Links not related to your field are shabby links

  • Whether links are relevant to your field or not, it does not matter just as long as they are from top sites. The main point here is that one authoritative website will link back to your site.
  • Of course, for other websites to mention your website, you need to publish a content that is worth sharing. It starts with you!
  • Just make sure your content is helpful to your audience then you will surely get links. Google will not penalize you for having links from sites on a different niche. Furthermore, Google is not the type to discriminate links just as long as they are not of suspicious origins.

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Myth #3: Putting links into just one content are not advisable

  • Generally, people think that adding multiple links to just one article could have negative effects. No, there is no such thing as “too many links.” Again, as long as these links are from authoritative websites then they are good.
  • If you are adding links because these topics are related, that’s fine. You have a purpose for adding these links. However, if your plan is to add the same link over and over, that’s already spamming. It’s a wrong move to do. Remember, if links are low-quality and spammy, Google will penalize your website or give a demerit to your backlink profile.
  • At the end of the day, Google is concerned on the quality of links, and not the quantity of links. Try to build organic links, and don’t try to add one just because you need to put a link.

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