3 Practical Tips in Increasing Click-Through Rate

I’ve already tips in improving the click-through rate here: 3 Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate, and also here: 3 More Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate. So, when your website does not get enough clicks, follow those tips.

Person Clicking the Apple Magic Mouse

However, it’s not yet over because I decided to share tips on how to boost the click-through rate. Are you ready? Here’s the final set of tips in order to gain organic search traffic to your website.

  1. Enhance website speed

Remember, a page click will NOT count if you website takes time to load. A web page has to appear before it contributes to the overall CTR. Hence, website speed in improving both the click-through rate and the user experience.

If your website does not load fast enough…

  1. People will abandon the page
  2. It will negatively affect the CTR

Additionally, if a page takes 6 seconds to load, there will be a 106% chance that the bounce rate will increase. Unlike click-through rates, you would not want your bounce rates to skyrocket.

To check website speed, there are many free speed test tools available on the internet. I discussed those on this post: 5 Tips and Tools to Increase Website Speed. To wrap things up, speed is important if you want to retain a high CTR and have better rankings in general.

  1. Experiment on social media

You can’t just conjure effective titles matters. It takes practice and you can test out your titles on social media.

To check whether what you made is persuasive enough, use this headline analyzer created by CoSchedule. Just make sure to not overdo your titles because adding too many power words can negatively affect CTR.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the audience reception. If people would not like it, then a page will only receive few clicks. However, if they like something, it will surely go viral on social media. So, one good place to start is on social media sites. From there, it’s easy to know what content got clicks, likes, and shares.

  1. Identify what works and what doesn’t

Once you are done testing, it’s time to segregate what gets most clicks and what should be thrown away. To do this, go to your Google Analytics account and check what queries lead your website.

All you need to do is: go to Acquisition, then Search Console, and finally Queries. In there, you will know the clicks and impressions of your published pages. It is important to check these stats often. From time to time, you should download and analyze what the different figures are telling you. Do this for all the pages on your website. Then, it will be effortless for you to determine the pages that get the most clicks.


The click-through rate is an integral part of Google Search’s top ranking pages. Problem arises when your website is not getting a lot of organic search traffic. To gain more clicks for your website, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Before anything else, always put your users’ need first.