3 More Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate

On my post regarding “What is Organic Click-Through Rate and Why it Matters?,” I talked about the CTR’s importance in the SERP rankings. If a web page has high click-through rate, it would mean that it would higher ranking in Google.

woman browsing on the internet

What will make a person click?

With that being said, it is important to maintain a high CTR. However, the question now is… HOW? I already shared tips here: 3 Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate. If you need more, read the suggestions below:

  1. Make your titles perfectly clear

If there’s one thing the users see first upon searching in Google, it would be the TITLE. The page title is your first opportunity to convince them to click.

The 2 obvious things displayed on the search results would be: the title and the meta description. So, as much as possible, keep it simple. If the title is too elaborate, it will get cut off. Moreover, if it appears over-the-top, people assume the title is a clickbait tactic.

If you are using WordPress, it’s easy to know what displayed on the search result. YoastSEO will give an overview of how your title and meta description will look like. So, install it and YoastSEO will tell you if the length is good or not.

  1. Start localizing your content

Without a doubt, people has shifted to mobile. From using desktops, people now prefer to be on-the-go at all times. Since 2011 until today, mobile has been taking an upward direction. It has altered how we do search now.

When we are on our mobile devices, the search results will heavily depend on where we currently are. Proximity has been an important factor when it comes to search. So, if you want boost your CTR, then it’s time to localize your content.

How to do it? List your business on Google My Business.

Once you are registered, Google will literally put you on the map. For instance, if people will search for car repair in Boston, your business location will show up. When people type anything related to your scope of business, Google will surely include your business on their list of suggestions. Your map location will appear in the Google results, guiding the users to the exact location of business via the Google Maps.

Thus, once you have a Google My Business account, it is extremely important to add valuable information such as your official website, operating hours, exact location, and contact number.

  1. Create more list posts

Why do you think sites like BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Mashable, CollegeHumor, Cracked are very popular nowadays? Yes, that’s right. They create listicles (or list posts.) They cut out a huge chunk of text and decide to simplify things.

Usually, list posts are filled with images, memes, and/or GIFs. People on the internet love them because…

  1. They are entertaining,
  2. Easy to read,
  3. Usually contents are brief and concise,
  4. And they are not boring!

So, don’t be afraid to break out from the usual form of writing. If you need a guide, read Why List Posts Work Better and 8 Tips in Writing the Quintessential List Post.