Phoenix Website Design – 3 Things to Focus on If You Are Still an SEO Beginner

In order to hone your SEO skills, it will need some time and constant practice. You can’t just strategize an SEO tactic and never update it. Of course, you have to consider the different algorithm updates. Remember, Google updates their algorithms from time to time.

It doesn’t that because a strategy worked to your advantage, it will be forever stay that way. No, these rules can change a lot over time. Hence, it would mean continual learning. You really have to make a conscious effort to learn what’s new. Developing an effective SEO strategy takes time.

woman rock climbing

Climbing the top of the SEO ladder won’t be easy!

For SEO beginners, these things can be overwhelming. Let’s face it SEO is NOT only exclusive to 5 ranking factors. There are over 200+ ranking factors! If you are still starting, it’s better to focus your attention on these 3 things.

  1. RankBrain Analyzes User Intent.
  • In 2015, Google revealed the newest addition to its growing family: RankBrain. According to the Bloomberg article, RankBrain uses artificial intelligence. This would mean that RankBrain will take into consideration how the users will search.
  • Users don’t really cite their intention each time they do a Google search. So, there is where RankBrain will use its magic and identify the undisclosed intent. Then, it will give relevant search results basing from the unexpressed searcher’s intent.
  • In other words, Google is stepping up its game and tries to understand the inferred user intent. It’s deeply understanding what the searchers are looking for and fulfilling these intents.
  • For example, someone searches for “ice cream.” This could mean searching for ice cream flavors, buying an ice cream, looking for the nearest ice cream shop.
  • You did not indicate the word “buy,” but somehow Google thought of recommending you stores where to buy ice cream. RankBrain connected the dots and probably thought that you needed ice cream. So, it showed you results you will most probably want. Yes, it thinks like a human!
  1. Find Your Tribe.
  • So, you know by now that Google strives to interpret the user intent. Same goes for your website. Know what people are actually searching and provide an answer to their search.
  • If you consider the millions of searchers and their intents, then gaining better ranking on the SERPs won’t be that difficult. Make sure to edit the meta tags and write it in a way that it will appeal to actual people.
  • At the end of the day, it’s really about you finding the people who are looking for your website. You should be able to find the right customers for your business and vice versa. Start with the meta tags and title tags because they will inform both Google and the users what your web page is all about.
  1. Strive to Build Authority.
  • Lastly, you need to think about authority. When you have authority, it means that you are capable to influence other people. If you don’t have this power, how can you convince people to buy your products?
  • In the same way, websites need to have authority. Your website must have credibility that people will believe whatever you publish online. If people trust you, they will click your website more often. Your website will have higher rankings over other sites.