3 Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate

Yes, you have a website… but is viewed by many? Do users swarm your website?

If not, then the problem could be: your site is not getting enough search traffic. According to Ignite Visibility, their research showed that there is an apparent connection between SERP rankings and click-through rates.

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In a previous blog post, I wrote about “What is Organic Click-Through Rate and Why it Matters?” So, this time around, I will share tips to gain more page clicks. You will need to apply the 3 tips below to attract more clicks in Google:

  1. Create enticing meta descriptions

  • These descriptions are very much visible on the search results page. Whatever you indicate here will be read by potential customers. So, if you want them to click, be sure to be descriptive and creative.
  • Basically, you should put in the descriptions the general overview of this web page. What will the users expect upon clicking your website link? A short explanation on the meta description will surely act as a sales talk geared towards your potential customers.
  • When you make persuasive meta descriptions, expect a higher click-through rate. Just make sure you make it short; work around the ideal 160-character description. This is your chance to convince people to click so don’t just neglect it. If necessary, don’t hesitate to delete the previous descriptions, and edit it to something new and fresh.

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  1. Add images and other multimedia files

  • If you start creating your posts, don’t forget to incorporate images, audios, and videos. In terms of click-through rates, images get a positive response from the readers.  In fact, getvero.com reports that posts with images received a 42% higher CTR than the posts without any images at all.
  • Not only that, images also influence user engagements. So, images are not just helpful on your website, but also across numerous social media platforms. According to venngage.com, 88% of the surveyed marketers revealed that they used visuals in more than half of their articles. The most used visual were visuals were stock photos, video and infographics. Take time to think about your visual content because the visual format that got the most engagement is the custom-made images.

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  1. Edit the URLs too

  • Aside from the meta description, the page URL is also visible on the search results. To attract more clicks, it should describe the contents of the web page.
  • For example, you are reviewing mobile phone and you decide to share your thoughts on the Nokia 3 V. Ideally, the URL should be something like this: https://www.yourwebsite.com/review/nokia-3-v or https://www.yourwebsite.com/nokia-3-v-review.
  • If you add gibberish texts, it will not attract page clicks because the readers will find it vague and ambiguous. For instance, https://www.yourwebsite.com/auywq981 will not tell them anything about the page. In fact, you are giving the searchers a reason to doubt. There will be lingering questions on their minds. Is this a review? Is this a product? Is this the answer that I am looking for? Of course, if causes confusion, people will NOT click.