Phoenix Website Design – 3 Ways in Creating an Effective SEO Strategy Using a Limited Budget (Part 4)

Yes, it’s really a struggle to achieve website success when the budget is only a tiny portion. Huge companies may have an endless pool of money. However, it doesn’t mean that success is an impossible dream. You can still create SEO strategies through being artistic and innovative.

Want to recap the series?

person teaching another person on a laptopDon’t Follow Every Tip You See.

Sometimes, the “best” tips just won’t work. It may have worked for others, but it won’t automatically do the same for your site. Remember, there’s NO definite checklist for your tasks. At the end of the day, it’s the results that count the most. You should be concerned with driving traffic and sales.

It’s time to stop overthinking if you wrote the “best” page title and meta description. When in fact, Google can very well edit them in the search results. So, stop being very technical. You don’t have to calculate every step you take. Try to take it easy and allow some space to breathe.

Acquire New Information from Your Rivals.

Study what your direct competitors are doing. It’s does not mean you are going to copy what they are. All I am trying to say is that look at what they are doing right. This will save you time and effort. Plus, it’s part of “competitor analysis” portion.

  • First, look at where they get their backlinks. Should you contact these sites also? Perhaps, you would want to pitch a guest post for their website?
  • Read their content. Use what you have learned to develop your own website content. Are there things they haven’t discussed yet? What are the topics no one wrote about? It’s time to fill this content gap!
  • If you want, you could also provide better answers than your competitors.

Remember, you don’t have to copy everything you see. Maintain a healthy balance of making original content and citing other sources. Dare to different and don’t just do it because everyone is doing the same.

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Call a Friend!

Limited budget? No problems because you could ask help from friends. Resources could also come from unconventional forms. You can do the following:

  • Ask for friend’s advice. If you need assistance in terms of SEO, you can do trade, and lend your skills to your friend as well. Of course, at this time, you won’t be able to pay due to budget constraints. However, you can barter your knowledge.
  • Use your friend’s data as your inspiration. You may use what you have learned as the source of your content. Provide reliable backlinks that will redirect to your friend’s website.
  • Work as a team. Designate the tasks among the members. So, no same group will work on a single task. It’s quite redundant if everyone goes through the same task. Don’t fight over who gets this or that. They are your teammates and not your competitors. Instead, divide the tasks and conquer the world together.