4 Things You Should NOT Do on Social Media

I already talked about ways for people to notice your business page on Facebook. I also talked about the importance of Twitter in e-commerce. For this post, I want it to be quite different and share with you the things that you should NOT do on social media.

Person Holding a Smartphone With Various Social Media Apps Displayed

If you aren’t carefully, your online social media campaigns could backfire. So, keep in mind these guidelines listed below:

1.      Don’t too aggressive and combative

  • You know what’s everyone biggest pet peeve? For sure, no one like an obnoxious human being. It is such a huge turn off if people don’t filter what they say. Remember, this is social media. You have to be courteous at all times. Take your crude language somewhere else.
  • On social media sites, there is NO need to be rude and show off. In business, you should treat everyone with respect. Even if they are your competitors, being offensive is totally unnecessary.
  • Yes, it can be tempting to retaliate when you read offensive comments. The truth is that social media can be a toxic place because people can air out their frustrations freely. However, do NOT engage in any way. Be professional at all times because you are representing a brand. The company’s reputation is on the line here. So, if you have social media team, don’t forget to train them in handling the official business accounts with care and professionalism.

2.     Don’t say too much

  • In social media, it helps that you have your own character in order to stand out and be distinct. However, when you show your own personality, you can get carried away sometimes.
  • Remember, you are handling a business account. It really helps if you schedule your posts ahead of time. This way, you are able to carefully think about each post before publishing them to the world.
  • It’s always great to show a bit of yourself and form connections between your audience, but it can get out of hand. So, utilize the scheduling feature on Facebook. For Twitter, there’s Tweetdeck, and for Instagram, you can use Planoly.

3.     Don’t just self-promote

  • Of course, you are on social media to promote, right? You signed up because you want to advertise. However, that’s NOT the only purpose on social media.
  • It’s not called “social media” for nothing. Surely, it ain’t a one-way street, where only you get to broadcast what you want to say.
  • You also need to listen and interact to people. Take time to help others by sharing what you know and imparting valuable life experiences.
  • If you interact with your followers, they will be more receptive to what you post. This way, you won’t be having trouble in promoting because they will do it for you!

4.     Don’t go to battle without a plan

  • There are NO clearly defined rules in social media. At the end of the day, you are free to post what you want. However, don’t just dive into a vast world of pictures, posts, and tweets without knowledge.
  • Just because everyone is already active on social media, it does not mean you won’t plan and research. This is still considered a marketing activity. So, develop new ways of promoting your business, and follow the tips I posted here.