3 Main Reasons Why Twitter Could Boost Your Business Online

Aside from Facebook, which I discussed on this post, Twitter is also helpful if you run an online business. If you aren’t using it, this is the sign you are waiting for. Do it now because you are missing on a lot of business opportunities.

Twitter app on an iPhone 6s

Of course, Twitter can’t just magically transform your business. Like any social media app, Twitter should be managed well. Account handlers can’t just carelessly respond on a tweet. Everyone in the team should follow the proper procedure. Handling it the wrong way will yield negative effects.

However, if utilized correctly, Twitter can bring you closer to your loyal fans, and broadcast you to new audiences that you never thought possible. With that, I am sharing 3 reasons why your business might want to expand and add Twitter on its list of social media channels.

Reason 1: Twitter Can Create Brand Awareness
  • For businesses, there are many reasons why they join Twitter. First, they want to pacify customers. In this day and age, it’s so easy to rant and complaint about products and services. With Twitter, you can alleviate your customers’ concerns. Whether they are your customers or not, your followers will admire your efforts of resolving any problems.
  • Second, Twitter is also used to have a unique voice online. No one wants to read automated tweets. When you are reading it, words seems generic and boring. So, some companies use Twitter to share their thoughts. The same goes for your company. You shouldn’t be afraid to express your thoughts!
  • Third, companies use Twitter to update their loyal followers about their products. Usually, when there’s a new (or upcoming) product, fans will know about it first on social media. Companies will release a teaser on their newest addition. Is it a positive or negative response? Well, it’s all up to the audience now.
  • Whether you stick to 1 focus or combine all 3 goals, it’s really up to you. At the end of the day, Twitter can really help spread the message. Whether it’s a new product or the juiciest details on trending topics, Twitter remains to be a great broadcast and advertising platform.

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Reason 2: With Twitter, You Keep an Eye on Your Competitors
  • The great thing about Twitter is that most businesses are on this channel. Using the search feature, you can easily look for similar businesses, and study how they market their products.
  • In other words, you can keep up with the competition. If you are keeping tabs on your competitors, I’m sure that they doing the same on you.
  • By focusing on your set of followers, you can build relationships with them. This creates a genuine bond rather than just tweeting about product links and other website articles.
  • Remember, Twitter is still a social networking platform. Don’t promote too much of your content. Take time to interact with your audience.
Reason 3: Twitter Helps You to Interact More with Your Customers
  • Talk to people often! If they mention you, reply back. If you get a positive review, say thank you.
  • Whatever message you get, try to genuinely respond to their tweets. Twitter is there to bring you closer to your customers. So, use it wisely.