5 Most Common Web Design Problems

Having a website just doesn’t cut it anymore. That is why you have to make it effective. But unfortunately, not many people can do this. They tend to fall down the traps of web design problems.

So before you join them, it is a must that you know what these problems are in order to avoid crashing into them. Below are the five most common web design problems you must be wary of.

Not Utilizing Responsive Design

You may have a website that works perfectly on a desktop. But how about for those users who access the Internet through other devices like mobile phones and tablets? If you have overlooked this, then chances are you are losing a lot of conversions.

More and more people now actually prefer to go online through their mobile devices. There are over 40% of modern searches that are conducted on smartphones and tablets. However, a recent study shows how there are less than 17% of the world’s 876 million websites that use responsive web design. So if you know how to take a hint, then it is time that you make your site responsive before everyone else.

Poor Quality Content

Websites rarely put in the effort to write top-quality content. As long as there is content, no matter how bad it is, it should be fine for them. But this actually is not fine when it comes to your website’s ranking in search results. This could even harm it.

Search engines always look down on poor quality content. They prefer to rank those with top-quality content at the top of the search rankings.

Now, what does this have to do with web design? Well, to put it simply, website owners overlook quality content just so they could have the sleekest website out there. However, in actuality, no matter the look of the website, when the content in it is bad, then people are most likely going to leave. So design a website with top-quality content in it.

Lack of User Engagement Features

When designing websites, people tend to also forget user engagement features. These include customer service buttons as well as addresses, contact numbers, and emails.

If you want your business to receive conversions, then there should be a way for users to reach you. So don’t forget to include all the necessary information there is about you for them to keep in touch. Also, make your customer service available on each of your pages in case they have questions.

Outdated Web Design

For those websites who just can’t seem to keep up with the changing times, then you should consider redesigning. Not doing so may lead to cybersecurity risks, which is very harmful to your website and business. What you must do is keep your themes and plugins fully updated. Furthermore, a modern and fresh website tells the users how the business is growing and is, therefore, trustworthy.

Wrong Design Choices

There is actually a fine line between good and bad design. A bad one has overused stock images and icons. Also, it chooses to use too many textures and colors. This just makes users dizzy enough to leave the site. Therefore, you should maintain a thematic color scheme. Make sure that your design is minimal yet filled with necessary information.

If you think your website suffers from these common design problem, we can help. Speak to us today for a free consultation.