4 Landing Page Must-Haves

Most people confuse landing pages as the home page. And this is where the downfall happens. A landing page just doesn’t work the same way as a homepage. A failure at recognizing these results to a number of missed opportunities, including conversion rates.

So what exactly is a landing page? Well, a landing page is basically a section of a website that is accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page. Therefore, it should not be your ordinary homepage. It must be an attractive and clean page that best showcase your business that immediately gets the attention of visitors to your site.

When you successfully create a good landing page, you will be able to reap its benefits. To help you with that, here are the must-have items present on your landing page:

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline

Nothing leaves an impression quite like a headline does. And if it is attention grabbing, the more you touch your visitors’ curiosity.

A headline is where you can get your visitors’ interest, attention, and understanding. This makes it one of the most critical elements that you must execute well. What makes a good headline involves the following:

  • It perks up interest
  • It informs the visitor of the product and/or service
  • It is the right amount of length – not more than twenty words but not less than seven
  • Another set of notes to remember about making headlines is that it should be:
  • Useful
  • Urgent
  • Commands attention

2. Convincing Subheadline

Since the function of the headline is to grab the attention, then the subheadline should convince the visitor to stay. It should complement the headline directly above it. A convincing subheadline is:

  • Persuasive
  • Slightly more in-depth and detailed
  • Concise

3. Brief Yet Informative Description

Once your visitor got through the first two, the next you must show them is an informative description or an explanation of your product or service.

You must remember that you get your message across directly. It should be straightforward. So remember to keep it benefit-oriented and functional. Make it known immediately how your product or service improves your visitor’s life in one way or another.

4. Supporting Pictures or Video

To complete the four elements, you must insert a supporting picture or video. The purpose of these things is mainly to entice the visual senses of your visitors.

For pictures, they must be:

  • Large
  • Relevant to your product or service
  • Attention-grabbing
  • High in quality
  • Not a stock photo

Make sure that the picture shows the functionality of the product and it helps in explaining it.

On the other hand, videos are great for making your visitors stay longer on your site. This is important in increasing the dwell time, which is a factor in Google’s search results ranking. It is found out that landing pages with videos can increase the conversion rate to almost 80%.

Videos provide visitors passive engagement. This means that it requires very minimal effort from them to discover what you want to convey. This says a lot about this day and age wherein people prefer comfort and convenience.

If you need help with landing pages, are team are happy to help. Get in touch today.