5 reasons you should add a chatbot to your site


Chatbots are a booming business sector in the online ecommerce world. In 2016, the US market for chatbots was worth an estimated $703 million with a CAGR of 35.2% from 2016 until 2002. Chatbots offer a huge amount of benefits to business owners and ecommerce stores so it is no wonder the market is growing so fast. If you’re wondering about the benefits of chatbots, here are five reasons you should add one to your site today.


Customers can get the support they need quickly

As your business grows, it gets harder and harder to respond to customers by phone or by email in a timely manner. But a chatbot can help with that A chatbot offers away to respond to users in seconds, particularly if it is an AI-based chatbot that can respond with accurate and relevant information. Even the most basic chatbots offer the users the opportunity to leave their question and email address quickly from the homepage of the site rather than searching for a phone number of email address for support.

Chatbots offers personalization

When buying online, people miss the human-to-human contact that used to come with shopping face to face. Personalization is a huge selling point that chatbots can deliver when interacting with customers. Chatbots also offer a level of warmth that is often missing from sites that have cold demands like “Register here” or “sign up now”. Your site’s chatbot could become your online store’s version of a retail salesperson who helps customers with their purchase. Think how much a good salesperson does for your store’s bottom line. A chatbot could be the same online.


Chatbots increase user engagement

Your website needs to engage users like never before if you want to be successful online. If your site can engage potential customers better than your rivals, you’ll get the business, not them. A chatbot is a great way to boost user engagement and keep the customer engaged throughout their time on the site. If they need to speak to someone, the chatbot is there for them.


Chatbots deliver real user insight

AI-based chatbots offer businesses the chance to collect incredibly useful data about their customers which owners can learn a lot from. Leave the chatbot on your site for a good length of time and let it interact with a large number of customers and you’ll quickly gather data that can be used to improve your products and service.


Payments become easier with a chatbot

No one wants to lose customers at the last hurdle and a chatbot can help reduce cart abandonment rates. You can now get chatbots that integrate into the payment process to offer help and assistance to customers when they need it.


If you’re thinking about installing a chatbot, our team of web designers can help you choose the right one for your business and integrate it into your site. Soon you’ll be reaping all of the benefits discussed above.