5 Subtle Changes that Will Transform Your Website

Competition is a big challenge in the online world. This means that for your website, keeping it well-functioning and at the top of its game is a must. If not, then you might be missing out on a number of things like higher conversion rates. for example. And this points to how adaptive it is to changes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make some drastic changes. Even the smallest and most subtle ones can do the job effectively. So if you’re still hesitant to jump into  big changes, then we have provided five subtle changes that will surely transform your website.


1. Responsive Design

Not many people will notice it, but a responsive design works like a treat. Your visitors may unknowingly just disregard the fact that your website seamlessly works through a number of devices. But this shouldn’t stop you from doing this. Because once you do, they will surely notice the incompatibilities and therefore would leave your website in a flash. So optimize your website well that its contents and functions are all working on any device.


2. Fresh and Updated Content

You may get tired of writing on your blog but never stop. Publishing fresh and updated content is the best way to keep your site visible and attract more visitors. Also, don’t just use the same old ones over and over again. People, now more than ever, get sick of seeing the same thing repeating. Offer new insights and offer some intriguing content. And make sure that they can share them by incorporating social media platforms.


3. Clear Mission Statement

This may sound cheesy now but a clear mission statement helps make a difference on your website. It basically tells the visitor what you do and why you do it, which helps foster trust between you and the visitors. Providing them some background of your business will enable them to feel comfortable interacting and staying on your website. So make your business be known. This goes for your products as well. Make sure that they know what they are for.


4. Good Website Navigation

Website navigation can transform and benefit your website for two main reasons. One is that it helps your visitors find what they are looking for. And two, it improves your search results ranking.


Website navigation is the feature your visitors will most likely scan immediately to see the content and features of your website. So don’t make it hard for them by using generic and incomprehensible terms. Be mindful and let them be understood.


5. Testimonial Page

To further build trust and foster relationship with your visitors, don’t miss out on creating a testimonial page. This actually helps build your brand reputation, which is necessary if you want your business to be known and acknowledged.

Furthermore, when your clients actually have something nice things to say about you, then you grab the chance and let them. Receive all the praises there is. After all, if you want your business and website to do well, then it should provide the receipts that it does.