7 Key Features No Website Should Be Without

A good website is where visitors will stay. And that is a fact most of us know too clearly. This, then, affects the searchability and visibility of our website. Both of which are vital for your business and website to function.


So if you find that your website is not gaining many visits and is ranking lower than expected, then maybe it is lacking a lot of things. But there is no need to fret if you have no idea what to do. Because in this article, we will tell you the seven key features that your website shouldn’t be without.


Attention-Grabbing Typography

Most people overlook the value of typography when it comes to improving websites. But contrary to that, it actually does a lot more. An attention-grabbing typography helps your customers to immediately identify not only your content but also your brand from the rest of the competitors. A good example that you can learn from is Facebook. Once you see even just that one letter, you definitely know it is them.


A Good Background Video

Nothing is more attention grabbing and informative than moving pictures. By putting up a good background video on your website, you are not only doing yourself a favor but your customers also. When a video automatically plays in the background, it can significantly convey the purpose of your website in just a span of a minute or so. This will boost brand-recognition as well as dwell time.


A Responsive Web Design

We have reached the age where it is possible to access the Internet anytime and anywhere with the help of mobile phones and tablets. Now, people don’t need to reach for their laptops just to look up the web.


Therefore, what your website needs is a good responsive web design that will make your page adaptable to any screen size and devices. Optimize it well so that people can clearly navigate through your website and not leave before they even got the chance to read your name.


Your Business Information

If your website operates in business, then you should never forget to put your business information clearly for everyone to see. This may sound like obvious advice but it is one of the biggest failures people commit. As a result, visitors may tend to just visit and never navigate and react to the website. So keep in mind that your mission statement is clear and the business purpose is evident.


Your Contact Information

In line with the above, never ever miss putting down your contact information. This is one of your ultimate goals and you should not miss it. Place all the necessary information such as contact numbers, email addresses, location, map, etc.


Social Media Platforms

Incorporating your social media platforms on your website helps boost the visibility of your business. It is good and free advertising. So make sure that when people visit your website and they find your content worth sharing, then provide them the tools to do that.


Calls to Action

Finally, to complete the visitor’s journey, you need to provide them with something to do. And that is by placing Calls to Action. If you want them to buy, then make sure that you have the button that will direct them to do that.