5 Tips in Increasing Your Website’s Value

One thing a website can do to avoid penalties is to have purpose. Each publish content should be significant and useful to the website visitors. Having no goal will just weaken your rankings. If you have high-quality content, Google will surely give high rankings in return.

Your website visitors should clearly know:

  1. What your website can offer, and
  2. Why they should stay longer on your website.

To address the 2 points above, your content should have value. If your website is an e-commerce site, of course, you will present your products. Feature the different items you are selling, and group them by the top selling products, newly added products, and so on.

At the end of the day, Google will only reward your website if it provides relevant content. If not, then expect the opposite. Website rankings will surely drop, and your site won’t be among the top results in the SERPs.

paint brushes with different colors

Add color to your website

Five tips in enhancing the value of your website

Of course, you can’t control everything that happens to your website. The number of visits and the duration of how long a user stays in your website totally depends on the web visitors. You don’t have a say on these things. However, one aspect that you have total control is your website’s content. To make sure that your website has the value, follow these 5 tips below:

  • Stay on topic

    • If your website is about Korean culture, don’t talk about Germany, Russia, or Spain. Include anything about Korea food their traditional food to their own unique fashion. Be consistent with what you present to your readers. (Read: 10 Tips in Writing Better Content)
  • Relevancy is key

    • The goal is not just to create and create content. Remember, you should give the right content to the right audience. You can even start clever campaigns to keep your audience engaged. Ask yourself, “Is this what I am about to publish relevant to my users?” (Read: 10 Content Ideas For Your Website)
  • Subtract if needed

    • Often times, we are on the lookout for something new to add, something fresh to offer the audience. We tend to forget that part of polishing content is to delete unnecessary and irrelevant information. If you see it ain’t helping, then don’t hesitate to remove it from your website.
  • Check your links

    • You can’t just thrive on content alone. Your content needs resources and links to strengthen its value. Properly credit sources so that it won’t appear suspicious. Same is true with the links pointing at your website. Always check if it’s actually boosting your link profile or not. (Read: What are the Backlinks That Are Harmful to Your Website?)
  • Never ever copy someone else’s work

    • Of course, we all want to be our content to be top-quality to a point that we are tempted to copy and paste what we have researched. However, this is never a solution. Plagiarism is a serious offense and it could cost you money. To make sure you don’t violate or copy a content that isn’t yours, use an online plagiarism tool like Copyscape.

Never be afraid to make mistakes.

Lastly, I want to point out that Google has 200+ ranking factors. It’s only natural for rankings to get complicated. Don’t be too conscious if this strategy could get you penalized. Remember, even the most popular sites get penalized. If you are too afraid to make mistakes, you won’t go far.