What to Do after Being Penalized by Google? (Part 2)

On my previous article, I discussed the possible reasons why your website will get penalized by Google and some tips on how to recover from this. For this post, I will still focus on Google penalties and give tips on how to get through unexpected detour. When Google penalizes your site, your PageRank will automatically drop. This would mean that your website will not be as visible as it once was.

Wrong Way signage

Don’t go the wrong way.

A penalized website will be harder to find in the search results page. Perhaps from being on page 2, your site will be on page 8. Honestly, who browses until that page? Usually, people stick to the first 3 pages. Knowing several SEO penalties will help you save thousands of dollars. So, read about them below:


  • Like a usual cloak, it is used to cover something. So, when “cloaking” happens to a website, a different version is shown to the search engines than the web visitors. There will be an obvious difference(s) from what you show to search engines than what your visitors actually see.
  • Remember, cloaking is violation of the Webmaster Guidelines. Please be honest on how your present your web pages. If you show a bunch of wordy paragraphs to the search engines, it should also be the same for your web visitors. However, if you present images or Flash, there is an obvious discrepancy.
  • I am warning you to avoid cloaking any of your web pages because it will get you banned on search engines like Google. If you show a different version to the search engine crawlers, Google will surely know and your website could be penalized (or even removed from Google.)
  • Fortunately, cloaking can be avoided. First, you have to identify the pages of your website that are cloaked. You can easily search for a free cloaking tools online. One example is the https://smallseotools.com/cloaking-checker/.
  • After knowing that a website is cloaked, you can now compare the version you see on Google to the version you have. While making any changes, be sure to check for any broken links or any suspicious links that could affect your backlink profile.


  • No one likes to receive unnecessary messages. Spam emails or notifications annoy the most of us. Unfortunately, spam messages are still widespread.
  • Spam can take many forms, but the bottom line remains the same: it is a nuisance and no one wants to receive spam.
  • So, be careful on applying automated message systems, it could send out replies or messages to every email you receive. That would be embarrassing because it can be a bother for the receiving party!
  • When you are automating your system, be sure that you are in control. You can freely the frequency of your messages and you decide on when to send them. Always choose a reliable communication system for your website. Preferably, pick something with an anti-spam feature.


  • Lastly, you will be penalize if your content has NO value. Google values quality. Offer a relevant content to your web visitors. Give them reasons to stay on website.
  • If your website presents useful information, of course, Google will bump you up. It’s as simple as that! Help your users and Google will reward your website with better rankings in the SERPs.